The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 Episode 23

The Launch Acceleration

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 03, 2012 on CBS

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  • One episode before the Season 5 finale

    Howard's space mission is moved up, conflicting with the wedding. Meanwhile, Leonard mentions something in the bedroom that freaks out Penny. I thought that this was an excellent episode of "The Big Bang Theory". It wasn't a perfect episode since it was a tad weak and a tad boring in a few parts but it was still a highly enjoyable episode. There was a few humor that was a MISS but for the most part, there was a bunch of HITS and I laughed a lot. The storyline was just terrific and how it was build up to get the Season 5 finale ready was just well done. It was hilarious how Leonard proposed to Penny in bed and Penny's reaction to it. Leonard and Sheldon confessing to each other about their situation was funny to see as well. I also enjoyed the scene with Leonard telling Bernadette's father about him postponing the wedding due to him going to his rocket launch to space. I kinda didn't like how Bernadette's father ruined the heartwarming scene by popping up the joke "And don't worry, Bernadette will find someone better" (or something like that). But as a whole, it's very enjoyable and hilarious as I just said. Overall, an excellent episode of "The Big Bang Theory". 9.5/10
  • This episode was why I love this show

    I laughed out loud so many times during this episode, probably especially the look the others gave Amy after what she said during the ceremony. Then, during the epilogue, when Bernie took Raj's hand, I said, "Ahhh...." Then, Penny took Leonard's hand, and I said, "Yay!" Then, Sheldon took Amy's hand, and I said, "Damn! Why am I crying?"

    Then, Howard yelled, "Oy vaaaayyyyy!" and I laughed out loud again.

    Very few shows get to me like this one. Well done.
  • The new date of Howard's space mission conflicts with the wedding and Leonard proposes in bed.

    I have to say, The Big Bang Theory has had several predictable moments, but this was a great setup episode to the season finale where a whole bunch of different things will happen. There's always some obstacle to hurdle in TV weddings, and Houston, we have a problem. Howard's space mission is originally cancelled to his secret pleasure, but then called back on for an earlier date that conflicts with his and Bernadette's wedding. He admits now that it's here, he's scared and he doesn't want to call off the wedding. He talks to Bernadette's father and he says it's okay if they called off the wedding, but not in the way Howard wanted him to. So this will create more excitement and suspense for next week's Season 5 finale. In the B plot, Leonard and Penny start taking things fast again, but Leonard ruins it [again] by proposing to Penny in bed. I like Leonard and Penny together so even though Penny eventually said "no" to the proposal, I still see them together when the show ends, whether they're married or just in a basic relationship. But I could also see this being discussed again in the next episode. If Howard does end up staying and marrying Bernadette, I would place my bet on Leonard and Penny talking about the marriage thing and Penny sort of coming around to it while they're dancing. I think that's a safe bet. And in the C plot, Amy's trying to make Sheldon "love" her and while he loves everything she's doing for him, he doesn't want to love her back. This was a funny little minor storyline but I could see it being carried over to the season finale as well. Overall, a great episode and Season 5 will go down as one of the best.
  • Fun episode

    I couldn't help but laugh with this episode. I liked it because it gave the laughs I would want and it moved along some story issues.

    People can't complain about Sheldon not opening up. Amy's way of getting him to do so may be odd bu it makes great TV and works well with the show. Great job

    Leonard is a loser. But you get an idea of where Penny is with him at the end. I'm not much of a Leonard fan so I don't care about the whole on and off and on and off and on.... Infinite relationship loop is infinitely boring.

    Howard is great in this one as well. I like the evolution of his character. The overall acting done to bring Howard to life is great.

    Raj was pretty much non existent in this. There needs to be something done with his character. Has potential and is likeable but it seems to be the same story with him.

    Personally I can see myself easily enjoying story lines that are new and not a rehash of past stories. Which is the reason why I find myself not enjoying the Leonard and Penny story and the Raj development.