The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 Episode 23

The Launch Acceleration

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 03, 2012 on CBS

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  • The new date of Howard's space mission conflicts with the wedding and Leonard proposes in bed.

    I have to say, The Big Bang Theory has had several predictable moments, but this was a great setup episode to the season finale where a whole bunch of different things will happen. There's always some obstacle to hurdle in TV weddings, and Houston, we have a problem. Howard's space mission is originally cancelled to his secret pleasure, but then called back on for an earlier date that conflicts with his and Bernadette's wedding. He admits now that it's here, he's scared and he doesn't want to call off the wedding. He talks to Bernadette's father and he says it's okay if they called off the wedding, but not in the way Howard wanted him to. So this will create more excitement and suspense for next week's Season 5 finale. In the B plot, Leonard and Penny start taking things fast again, but Leonard ruins it [again] by proposing to Penny in bed. I like Leonard and Penny together so even though Penny eventually said "no" to the proposal, I still see them together when the show ends, whether they're married or just in a basic relationship. But I could also see this being discussed again in the next episode. If Howard does end up staying and marrying Bernadette, I would place my bet on Leonard and Penny talking about the marriage thing and Penny sort of coming around to it while they're dancing. I think that's a safe bet. And in the C plot, Amy's trying to make Sheldon "love" her and while he loves everything she's doing for him, he doesn't want to love her back. This was a funny little minor storyline but I could see it being carried over to the season finale as well. Overall, a great episode and Season 5 will go down as one of the best.