The Big Bang Theory

Season 7 Episode 15

The Locomotion Manipulation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 2014 on CBS

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  • Loved It

    I think some people blew this episode way out of proportion. There were way too many people who were worried that Sheldon would become some sort of sex machine now that he likes kissing Amy. But come on it was one kiss! Sheldon will continue to take baby steps in the relationship and that's great because that's who he is. There was some general disappointment because on the show of all the characters Sheldon comes the closest to being asexual, but if you really watch the show you notice that's not how he identifies. Sheldon himself has said that sexual desire is a cross we all must bare (including himself).

    As for this episode. It was great and shocking and so so sweet. Sheldon and Amy both made concessions for each other and found out that they both enjoyed trying something new and Penny and Leonard proved what terrible parents they would make which is always good for a laugh. :)
  • New developments DESPERATELY needed

    It may seem weird but I agree with "Finally" and "50bucks". Yes, "The show is becoming a little bit boring and repetitive", thus TBBT needs new developments, new plots and a new mix of character development. But, it does not need these developments in the traditional way as every other damned sitcom. Why can't you leave this boy-girl-crap out just this one time?

    You have had the best start with a show about weirdos why do have to turn into normal, boring or annoying people?

    Why does every sitcom revolve around the same topic? Love, love, loveit made TBBT special as it did not revolve around that all the time and if, it only did in a weird and twisted way. Now the "new developments" of the TBBT turn this show into a boring show like all the others.

    Writers seem to think this is an "evolution" for the show BUT IT'S NOT!

  • finally

    I disagree with 50bucks comment. This series desperately needs some growth, some character - development, some new plots. And in sitcoms that usually means relationships. Even Amy ain't gonna wait forever for Sheldon to grow up and become an adult. I liked this episode much more than recent ones. The show is becoming I say little bit boring and repetitive.
  • It's just wrong...

    Sorry guys, maybe I'll be one of the few that does not want Sheldon to turn into a lovey-dovey. To me that ruins everything!

    If I want love, sex, relationship blabla with 5% science I watch Grey's Anatomy. I find it wrong, wrong, wrong to see Smelldor kiss with "passion" - Uagh!
  • greatest episode ever!!

    i loved this episode, i was freaking out when sheldon and amy kiss :D

    i also would very much like to see raj and the hot vet to get together for the rest of the show. i see some every good moments coming our way.

    and this guy below (kiwitocome) is a sheldon in real life, so you all know what i mean :-) raj is absolutely hilarious!!
  • Very good episode with some nice moments

    While a bit of the plot line was somewhat off putting, mainly Sheldon's total self absorption and his total disregard for Amy, I thought overall it was a very good episode with a lot of humor. Eric the train expert and Sheldon's camaraderie was hilarious at times. Amy, Bernadette, and Howard's reaction to it was funny and very funny at times. I always love Bernadette's reactions and actions to Sheldon and the others, particularly her placating Howard and his idiosyncrasies at the dining table. The parallel plot with Raj's dog was funny and looks like they might be setting Raj up for another relationship with a hot vet. The ending with Amy and Sheldon was actually starting to really piss me off about Sheldon, even knowing that his total sexual obtuseness is usually funny, but his attitude and remarks to Amy were pathetic until, that moment, when he actually kissed her and continued to kiss her. But then within seconds the train was once more the thing of his dreams. Oh well, Amy got a brief moment. Very good episode overall with more humor than some of the latest.
  • The abyss and end is rapidly approaching

    I guess most fans that used to love TBBT as it once was can see its abyss approach rapidly.

    And we all know that the "relation" between Sheldon and Amy is the key to the final collapse of the show. It seems to me that writers steer TBBT towards the point of no return with relationship, hugging, cuddling, kissing and finally to coitus.

    Then this show is officially dead. The latest episode therefore is just one more nail in the coffin of the big bang theory.

    And finally, please erase the Raj character from this show. For several seasons he only did one thing - SUCK!