The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Episode 10

The Loobenfeld Decay

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 2008 on CBS

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  • Knock Knock

    And so the knock is born. Not quite on the same level as the past few episodes, but still a decent one for Sheldon. I loved that it all came back around and Leonard had to watch Penny anyhow - delivers the message while still being amusing. I think that's a big part of what's been missing: nothing on the show has been doing double duty, as all things do in good writing. Hopefully this becomes a lasting trend.
  • The Chicken

    Why did they have to throw away the chicken?!?
  • 110

    Not the same quality as the past couple episodes we've been having and maybe the last episode was this season at it's peak, but this was still a good episode of TBBT. Here we are on the tenth episode of this show, and I have not been disappointed with TBBT's ten offerings the past couple weeks. This episode was no different. Although I did think that this episode was lacking it's group dynamic that we saw a lot in the last episodes, we still got great interactions from Sheldon, Penny, and Leonard. Basically this episode shows us how nerds lie. Sheldon actually getting an actor to play a part in his "well thought out" lie was absolutely hilarious, and this season overall has just been really great so far, lets hope a clunker of an episode wont ruin things for this great season.
  • Nerds. ♥

    Leonard and Sheldon each lie to avoid hearing Penny sing in a production of Rent. However, Sheldon's lie becomes a bit too complicated for its own good. I love the start, with Sheldon and Leonard running away from Penny singing and then they lie - which basically starts the whole storyline off. I love Sheldon in this epsiode, actually I love Sheldon in ever episode. I love the way he freaks about the whole lying situation and then comes up with a conpletely new one - which is hilarious. I also love the way Sheldon knocks on everyones door. I also love the way Sheldon goes over the top with the lie bringing home ''Leo''. I love the way Penny believes the lie. Plus the fact that Penny makes Leonard watch her show, so the whole lying situation was pointless. Great ending.
  • The two geeks attempting to lie!

    Penny singing is really unfortunate and I totally understand them not wanting to see her perform, but I'd totally go just because if I was them!

    (Leonard was totally wearing the same boxers as he was in the last one and does Sheldon ever change his PJ's?)

    Sheldon waking up Leonard up - well Leonard has some patiences that is all I am saying! And Penny too, Oh my.

    Sheldon telling a lie to cover another lie was just hilarious. I mean, his completely lack of sociable ability makes an appearance in every episode and it shouldn't be so funny because, well, a lot of people struggle with this but it really is!

    His hiring the actor to play his cousin was just hilarious! The actor did brilliantly and the whole thing was just so funny!
  • Leonard and Sheldon don't want to hear Penny sing

    Leonard and Sheldon don't want to hear Penny sing on the musical version of Rent, so they lie and say they have to go to a science convention. Sheldon believes that penny may uncover the lie, so he tells her that Leonard was lying and lies, saying that they're actually going to his (pretend) cousin Leo's drug intervention. Sheldon doesn't want to get found out, so he puts a facebook page for Leo and pays a guy to pose as Leo. Leonard then has to watch the video of Penny singing in the musical with her seeing his reaction. What hilarity.
  • Sheldon constructs a lie that gets out of hand - and I mean 'constructs'

    Sheldon is a great character although when he loses touch with reality as much as he does in this episode it can be quite frustrating for the viewer. It all starts when Leonard lies to Penny about going to a conference just so he doesn't have to hear her sing (badly out of tune) in a local production of Rent. Sheldon thinks Penny, if she did her research (yeah right), would suss the lie so he creates one of his own about helping a cousin who snorts paint thinner, which starts to get outta hand.

    One thing that comes good from this is introducing the lab assistant who Sheldon enlists to play his Cousin Leopald. I hope this character appears again on a semi-regular basis because he was really funny and a great foil for Sheldon even more so than Leonard. Speaking of foils for other characters what happened to Leonard's foil Leslie, the character benefited from her presence.
  • Leonard and Sheldon overhear Penny practicing her singing for her role in a local production of Rent. They're invited to the performance, but Leonard lies to get out of it, rather than tell Penny she can't sing. Sheldon makes the lie more elaborate.

    This episode felt... hollow. It had some nice laughs at the beginning, but it fell apart about half way through. First, Leonard acted really out of character, I thought. Then, there didn't seem to be any resolution at the end. The credits came up, and I thought "that's it?" I checked the website to see if DJ Qualls was going to be a guest again this week, but apparently he won't be. Since it's not a multi-episode story arc, this episode is just a waste. It's really a disappointment, too. After last week's episode, and the first half of this week's, I'd thought the writers really came back strong from the strike. Hopefully they get back on track next week.
  • Poor! This is the worst episode yet!

    The show has gone considerably downhill since the writers strike. The first 9 episodes (before the strike) went well, but recent episodes have been mediocre at best. Last nights episode was very poor and just wasn't fit for peak-time TV. It just wasn't funny and seemed very contrived. The show seems now to last only around 20 minutes. There is no way after last night this show will retain its share of the audience at this time slot. I do not believe this show will reach a further season.

    Sorry, it started out well, but I think it would be better to end with this season. Seems old already.
  • This was just poorly done. No laughs, nothing special. If this is the best the writers could do, they should go back on strike.

    This was just bad, badly written, poor concept, and all in all awful. I know people will disagree, but I know they could do better on the back of a napkin at a long drunken lunch.
    Ok, Penny sings like a cat in a blender, but to try to make 24 minutes out of a bad joke, is just bad TV.
    If this continues, put a fork in this show. It has to get better, for if it gets worse then it will rival such wonderful shows as Pirate Master and Caveman.
    I loved when people told me how good Pirate Master was, only to have it pulled the next week. Another episode like this and Pirate Master move over.
  • In order to get out of hearing Penny sing Leonard lies, Sheldon however finds fault with his lie and creates one of his won, that begins to unravel by his own doing, and involves him hiring a colleague, guest star D.J. Qualls

    Oh Sheldon, this episode was classic Sheldon, after being introduced to a new social concept he finds fault with it and creates his own reality, in which he can control it.

    First off Penny's singing was not great, at all, seriously, but it served its purpose, the lie was great, but Sheldon taking the chicken out of the trash after Penny left, and his facial expression was too hilarious. Howard and Raj were great, insisting they go for a dinner show on the Queen Mary, then we see they all bought hats and t-shirts, this is why I love them.

    D.J. Qualls was too funny guest starring as Lee, Sheldon's made up cousin. What was great is that we actually found another Sheldon type out there, but then to top it all off, Sheldon told him that his parents were right about his acting. Their bickering scene was hilarious, I almost wish we could see more of him, but I feel like this will be a stretch.

    All in all this was a good episode, it was hilarious, and focused on my favorite character Sheldon, and had some good Penny/Leonard scenes.
  • This is what happens when a good lie goes bad.

    This show has turned out to be one of my favorites. It's a half hour jam packed with laughs. At the start of this episode they are horrified when they hear Penny belting out a song from the hit musical Rent. In fact, they are so horrified they try to run from her voice. She catches them on her way out and invites them to hear her sing at a one-night showcase. Leonard quickly makes up a lie to avoid going. Sheldon can't seem to wrap him brain around Leonard's simple lie and by the next morning, he has created an elaborate lie involving an imaginary drug addicted cousin named Leopold. The humor just doesn't stop. Leonard and Sheldon, along with Rajesh and Howard, end up taking a road trip to Long Beach to keep up pretenses. Sheldon then hires someone to play the role of his cousin. Leonard is completely overwhelmed by Sheldon's lies and ends up having to hear Penny anyway. It's definitely an episode not to miss.