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The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 23

The Love Spell Potential

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 09, 2013 on CBS
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    The Big Bang Theory "The Love Spell Potential" Review: Let's Talk About Sex... Dungeons & Dragons-style

    After a somewhat lackluster-aside-from-the-wonderfulness-of-Bob-Newhart return to the worst aspects of TBBT in last week's episode, this week's quest pulled us back into the sudden love of character development the show has apparently developed during its sixth season.

  • Episode Summary

    After an aborted girls' trip to Vegas, they are all playing Dungeons and Dragons together. Raj leaves after he finds that Lucy is free and he pushes her to do things that scare her. In the game, Penny casts a love spell on Sheldon and Amy's characters which gets Amy very upset because they are treating her and Sheldon's relationship as a joke.moreless

    Who was the Episode MVP ?

    • I almost puked...

      When Sheldon and Amy went for D&D sex games I have to admit I almost puked. "Sheldon is nippeling in my 14, yes!".

      It is WRONG, WRONG and nothing else.

    • Not sure why people are complaining...

      For me, this episode didn't fall flat at all. It's about time we saw some progression with the Shamy, and they managed to do it in a way that was sensitive and yet still funny - kudos to the writers. As always, there is the real comedy with the D&D game, particularly with Howard's voices.

      Personally, I think Raj and Lucy are cute - they are as damaged as each other and they compliment each other. I think, if it lasts, the relationship will do them both good. And, let's be honest, it's about time Raj had some luck in the relationships department - please don't shut this one down just yet, writers!moreless
    • Absolutely hate raj's storyline and his girlfriend!

      He was my fav character until lucy came in ... he is much better than her in multiple ways but somehow writers think otherwise and are degrading him get him a better girlfriend or none...

      Other than that episode was ok.
    • People Don't Know What They Want

      When the fans demanded Li'l Abner marry Daisy Mae; when people called the number to kill Robin in that warehouse... the first thing they did was bitch about it. We ask for a lot. We have no idea what we want. Please don't make Sheldon a real boy. No one wants that... especially Sheldon.
    • Best episode in ages

      Some great examples of "Wolowitz's" ability with voices, great playing on the characters, even the Shamy bits were quite touching. Maybe slightly fell away towards the end when it went for drama rather than laughs, but an excellent episode

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