The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Episode 4

The Luminous Fish Effect

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

When Sheldon meets the new head of the physics department, he makes some cracks about the man's intelligence that leave Sheldon without a job.
Stuck at home, Sheldon ventures to the supermarket with Penny, where he quickly manages to annoy her. From weaving on a loom to trying to make night lights out of live fish, Sheldon expands his horizon with a slew of strange activities. Calling in the big guns, Leonard summons Sheldon's mother for help.
Sheldon's mom finally makes her son get dressed and brings him down to the University so that he can ask for his job back; luckily, sparks fly between Mrs. Cooper and the new department head, so Sheldon becomes employed again much quicker than he thought.
Sheldon's mother tells him that she is proud of him as she tucks him in to go to sleep; Sheldon curls up and falls asleep with the help of a fish night light.