The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Episode 4

The Luminous Fish Effect

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2007 on CBS

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  • Nightlight

    Still very disjointed, but getting into that routine. Sheldon's on the fence for me. Sometimes I feel like he's my favorite, but others I just hate him. This was one of those times I hate him. It's nice to see the facet of his and Leonard's friendship that allows mothers to be called in when one is being unreasonable. I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere down the line Leonard's is called as well. On that note, it was a bit of a wake-up call to realize that these people are supposed to be older than they appear. Not sure where we're going yet or when the terrible inserted laughter is going to end, but time will tell.
  • Great Sheldony Goodness

    I absolutely love this show and episodes revolving around Sheldon's strangeness just make me laugh that much harder. Also meeting Sheldon's mom was a big step forward in the overall depth of the show.
  • 104

    Another awesome episode of this show. Even though sometimes it feels like the plot doesn't go anywhere, I can finally say that I am a fan of this show. All the characters are just so intriguing even though I'm having trouble trying to find a reason why.

    The interaction between Penny & Sheldon was the most enjoyable scene throughout the whole episode. Finally it's not just Penny & Leonard interactions, and the writers decided to branch out. To be honest, they should get Penny & Sheldon together more often, easily some of the best character interactions I've seen in a while.

    Sheldon's mother was a bit over the top, but she was funny regardless. I'm just so intrigued with this ensemble, so far this show has done nothing but impress me.
  • Cool.

    Sheldon is fired from his job as a physicist at the university when he insults his (in his opinion less-gifted) new boss Dr. Eric Gablehauser (Mark Harelik). His change of circumstance sends him into a downward spiral of depression which Leonard tries to cure by sending for Sheldon's mom (Laurie Metcalf). When she arrives for a visit, the boys realize she is completely the opposite from what they expected. She is down-to-earth, sweet, and a devout Christian ("All that science stuff comes from Jesus"). After waiting it out his mother finally forces Sheldon to apologize and he is given his job back, after she flirts with Dr. Gablehauser (she is apparently widowed). Sheldon asks if Dr. Gablehauser will be his new daddy and his mother replies, "We'll see..." I love this show already, it is so interesting and of course it's a very funny and clever show. I always love the scenes in the stairway of their apartment and outside the doors. I find what the characters talk about interesting and it's always something nerdy. I love all the characters in this show they are all awesome in a different way. Some awesome scenes in this episode: Sheldon and Lenny especially, when Penny and Sheldon go food shopping, - hilarious. I love all Sheldon's experiments and also the scenes with Sheldon and his mother.
  • Sheldon loses his job at the university, causing him to take on hobby after hobby to fill his time. Ultimately, Leonard calls Sheldon's mother to get him back on track.

    One of the best episodes of Season One. Laurie Metcalfe is brilliant as Sheldon's mother and we see new (and even crazier) aspects of Sheldon's personality. We also get some more insight into Sheldon's childhood (i.e. he once tried to build a "sonic death ray" to shoot the "neighbor kids," he threw a fit when the government would not let him buy and store plutonium in his shed, and he has other siblings, who, of course, are not as smart as he is). Overall, this episode delves into all of the character's personalities a bit more. There are a lot of really funny one-liners and it is a definite must-watch for any fan of the show, any fan of Sheldon, and any fan of the wonderful actress Laurie Metcalfe!
  • We meet Sheldon's Mom who is a loveable, zany character and a total scream. The writers did a wonderful job on her character and the actress who played the part was fabulous. Sheldon is his usual hysterically funny eccentric self.

    This is fast becoming my favorite show. This episode is soooo funny and the characters are all written and cast so perfectly Good writing. Good cast.

    Sheldon is just so clueless when it comes to social skills. Gets himself fired because he is so arrogant (in a nonchalant way) about his intelligence when he insults his boss. Then we get to see him totally lose focus and start experimenting with eggs and making fish glow in the dark.

    Penny and Sheldon talk a completely different language. He just about drives her crazy shopping with her. Just about drives his roommate nuts so the roommate calls Sheldon's mother to help him re-focus.

    You can see some of the mother's personality in Sheldon. She is so "matter of fact" and truly a unique character herself yet she is so different because she is so sensible. The whole show is just refreshing and sooo funny. I was rofl. Love this show!
  • I can't get over how awesome their suits are.

    This episode started with the most awesome fashion ever - I mean Sheldon is the only person I know who could get away with whatever he was wearing. He completely pulls it off and looks absolutely insane.

    Sheldon looses his job! And the Sheldon/Penny conversation about tampons was absolutely hilarious!! Sheldons Mother is just - FUNNY! His experiments are just, hilarious as well. I love Sheldon! I really do.

    Sheldons Mother is just... I don't know! You really don't expect her to be his Mother! But the scene with his boss was just funny - Sheldon is just utterly clueless and the best character on the show!

    The glow in the dark fish at the end - was just perfect and ingenius!
  • Sheldon (Jim Parsons) loses his job as a University physicist and is left to his own, hyperbolic devices. This requires a radical intervention by Leonard (Johnny Galecki), who calls Sheldon's mom (Laurie Metcalf) to try to straighten things out.

    This may be a pivotal episode in what we hope is a long run for creator Chuck Lorre (Two and a Half Men, Dharma and Greg) because it features co-star Jim Parsons in the lead, putting the Leonard/Penny 'will they/won't they' storyline in second chair. The energy that Sheldon brings to this series is what makes it for me. His ability to 'paradoxically' deliver high-strung, deadpan lines is genius. Johnny Galecki (Leonard) was supposed to be the name star of this ensemble, and he is doing a good job playing his character. But, Sheldon has taken the show over in the manner of Ignatowski (Christopher Lloyd) emerging on Taxi and I guess, to some degree, Lenny and Squiggy being what you really tuned in for on Laverne and Shirley. Penny and the nerdy friends are important to the overall success of this show as well, so we wouldn't want the chemistry of the show tampered with too much. Maybe just a little re-focus with Sheldon taking the forefront a tad more. For those who haven't seen 'Theory', either catch all of this season in order or watch this episode in particular.
  • Sheldon Rules and so does Laurie Metcalf!!!

    This shows seems to get better and better and this episode was a prime example and a true show case of the character Sheldon. After getting fired, we get to witness the level of his scientific of eccentricity.

    This was also a great episode that showed his chemistry with Penny rather than focusing on the ongoing crush of Leonard. Laurie Metcalf was a highlight of the episode as Sheldon's mother. The Luminous Fish ending was perfect and the whole glow-in-the-dark tampon idea was great. This was completely Sheldon's episode and true showcase of Jim Parsons's talent as an actor. I loved the way Sheldon's mom was treating him like a deer -- "don't spook him". I was laughing throughout this episode.
  • This show just keeps getting better week after week. It may be the glue that give's cavemen the edge to last a season. They're going to get rich with fluorescent gold fish, and bulk tampon sales.

    I watched this 3 times before calling it a night. This thing with Leonard needing cue cards to identify sarcasm, may turn out to be a running joke. It was definitely going strong with his shopping trip with Caley. Caley was just dripping with sarcasm from the moment she asked Sheldon if he needed anything. I laughed all night. may re run it several more times tonight. This has to be the best written show of the season. It was definitely a surprise from the 1st episode. If you think this is Caley slanted, I couldn't stand 8 simple rules. Saw maybe 1 or 2 episodes.
    This is a show you'll kick yourself for not recording while it's on now.
    Caley is both adorable and sharp with how she delivers her lines. She's not the bimbo originally thought to be. Sheldon [what a maroon] and Leonard [you'll never get the girl].
  • When Sheldon loses Physics from his life he begins to explore new options, driving all insane, Leonard calls Sheldon's Mother to apease the situation.

    I thought tis episode was hilarious.

    The opening dialogue between Leonard and Sheldon about Sheldon's time travel theories was great, and the spelunking and Hawaiian consonents comments were also very hilarious.

    The the brunch buffet where Taj commented that while they do have buffets in India, they are full of Indian food, so schmear me.

    The downward spiral Sheldon entered after losing physics from his life was great, experimenting on scrambled eggs, goldfish, and making ponchos. I really like Sheldon, he is great comic relief, plus his knowledge of useless things like the difference between ponchos and something else, explaining that ponchos do not have sleeves. Then when he went with Penny to the grocery store, I wonder why she is still friends with them, they have to drive her nuts. His whole comment about vitamins, was just great.

    When his mother showed up, I loved her, she was just great explaining how to best handle Leonard, just like a deer, you do not want to spook him. The she got his job back by seducing the new Dept Head.

    I really think Sheldon is my favorite character.
  • Not as funny as the last episodes sadly.

    When I compare this episode to all the ones before it, this one just didn't make me laugh as much as I did with the other ones.

    That doesn't mean it wasn't funny. It had some funny moments, I liked meeting Sheldon's mom and learning a bit about his past where he almost built a death ray. The scenes with Penny with limited and ok, but just not laugh out loud funny as normal.

    Overall, this episode just didn't hit me as much as it did with all the other episodes. That doesn't mean that it is going to stop me from watching all the other episodes in this series. When you reach a low, the only way to go from there is up and I am sure that is what's going to happen in the next episode.
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