The Big Bang Theory

Season 2 Episode 15

The Maternal Capacitance

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2009 on CBS

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  • One of the best episodes of the series!

    This was a classic! There isn't a single wasted line, and all the scenes are hysterical - while also being clever and occasionally disturbing (in a good way). Christine Baranski deserved an Emmy for this guest spot, and her psycho analysis of Raj and Howard is awesome. Not to be missed.
  • Yes, Mother

    I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this episode. It didn't rely on Sheldon because there was a female Sheldon running around. Penny and Leonard almost bonded, except for Leonard's inability to keep his mouth shut. I got excited for a moment thinking this would finally be when Raj had his muteness beaten out of him, but was obviously disappointed. I really didn't care of Leonard's mother; she was more a cringe factor than anything else. A decent episode, I guess.
  • Leonard's mother visits.

    Having Two and a Half Men air before this will certainly help the ratings, but it also exposed how much better the show is than Chuck Lorre's newer series.

    Christine Baranski did an excellent job as Leonard's mother, and her exchanges were great, but everything else about this episode just felt, sort of there. There was no need to have the "two friends, let's pretend their gay subplot with Kuthrapali and Wolowitz. We clearly know they are not, and such a generic concept is beneath this show.

    I did laugh a lot though, so I cannot discount that, but not the best half hour of the year by a long shot.
  • 215

    Probably the best by far. Maybe I'm being a little biased and a little too generous with my rating but this would definitely have to be one of the funniest, most eventful half our of television I have seen. Other sitcoms should watch TBBT and take notes, seriously, this is what a good sitcom should be.

    Not only was it absolutely hilarious with Leonard's mother and Sheldon interacting but it was also surprisingly eventful. We haven't got a Penny/Leonard hinting since the beginning of the season. Mostly we've been getting Sheldon-based episodes which isn't necassarily a bad thing when it comes to comedy but it looks like this show mastered both the continuity and comedy tonight.

    Penny & Leonard almost having sex was big, not to mention the events leading up to this occurence was hysterical. Knowing this show, the almost hook up wont change much, but it was still great to see. Perfect TBBT tonight, best by far.
  • American comedy at it's best!

    The Big Bang Theory is one of my favourite shows on telly at the moment. It's so original and funny! All five of the main cast work so well together and have amazing chemistry with each other and guest star Christine Baranski fitted in superb and was extremely believable as Leonard's mother.

    This episode was hilarious from the beginning with Sheldon, Raj and Howard playing on Guitar Hero (I think) and continued throughout. Sheldon and Leonard's mother made a absolutely hilarious couple - so alike and had amazing chemistry together as actors and characters. Also I loved seeing Penny and Leonard drawing closer together especially when Leonard explained his 'hugging machine'. Although I'm glad they didn't go all the way as it is defiantly too soon for Leonard and Penny to become a committed couple.

    I haven't got much to say because I can barely control myself with laughter as I keep thinking of Sheldon and Leonard's mother singing on the karaoke.

    Overall a truly amazing episode that I could watch over and over!
  • Hide feelings shows up

    I loved this episode, beside the fact that Leonard mother is in for visit, she is like the female older version of Sheldon! Also, it always is funny how the guys share his friendship between jokes and situations. I particularly loved of this episode that Penny did has some feeling towards Leonard, and he, as a nerd, does not knows how to act and react for it....he keeps messing opportunity with Penny, but obviously, Penny does like Leonard beyond as a friend. Also, it was funny to watch how Sheldon bonded emotionally with Leonard's mom, as he is one character that seem to never have a date on the show, it was funny to see how "almost" he did has a date. I love this show!
  • rock band, Leonard mom mocking Raj and Kothrabali !!! Sheldon with Leonard Mom, Penny and Leonard Kissing!!!

    ok ok ok a lot happened in this episode, first it was Hilarious xD
    i mean come on wasnt it hilarious when the guys was rockin!!!! hahahaha i think they can break it through lool
    and Leonard MOM!!!she is semething .. i loved how she made Penny cry and how she Mock the Raj and korthabali about that they are married and stuff that was crazy man !!!!
    and the best part Sheldon loved Leonard mom, and he actually wanted her, for the first time in the show we see Sheldon into someone and it was Leonard mom !!!! hahahaha the way the sang stupid!!!loool xD
    and how Leonard and Penny was about to have sex sweeet stupid Leonard he cant help he just need to act stupid.
    one of the best episodes ever!!!
  • Leonard's mom pays a visit..

    Did anyone notice this is the second time there is a 2-1/2 men reference. The first time, we saw Charlie Sheen making a cameo, and this time we see Leonard saying 'swell'.

    Coming back to this episode, what we've witnessed was a slight change in the usual dynamics. Though this is not the material that made the show funny, nevertheless this installment managed to produce a lot of funny scenes. I certainly didn't like the subtle buildup given for the Sheldon-Leonard's mom relationship and all the flirting using indirect scientific jargon. The storyline also jumped the shark with Leonard and Penny making out in a drunken stupor. Some scenes like Raj and Howard being queer and Sheldon examining his brain scans to remark how his brain looked good in pictures was a good change from the usual comedy.
  • Leonard and Penny...almost there...not

    Leonard's mother comes to town and turns everyone's life upside down except for Sheldon. In the first couple of minutes upon her arrival, she has Penny in tears with her psychological analyzing. At the university she has Wolowitz and Koothrappali laughing at Leonard because of his mother's criticism and comparison of Leonard's failure compared to his brother and sister. When Leonard points out that Koothrappali cannot talk to beautiful woman and Wolowitz still lives with he mother, Mrs. Hofstadter points that they must be in a homosexual relationship. Later that evening when Leonard's mother takes Sheldon for a brain scan at the hospital just for pleasure, Leonard ends up at Penny's where he joins Penny drinking alcohol. After getting pretty drunk, they end up in bed only to have Penny throw Leonard out because of references by him of him sleeping with his mother and her sleeping with her father. Pretty sick stuff, the alcohol talking!!! Leonard walks in on Sheldon and his mother doing karaoke. When Leonard's mother leaves the next morning, she is walking down the stairs with Penny, whom she has crying again with her psychological analyzing.
  • The best episode yet.

    A visit from Leonard's mother ends up bringing him and Penny closer. Leonard's mother really made this episode refreshing, when she said that Raj and Wolowitz where a gay coupke I couldn't stop laughing and when they begun to argue I was gone never laughed so much at the show. The episode start with the gang playing Rock Band or whatever it was very funny. Leonard and Penny getting closer was great and then it ended all so badly LOL the whole episode was so funny I couldn't stop laughing right the way through it.I give it a easy 10 out of 10.
  • So close for Leonard and Penny. Why'd they have to take it away so quickly?!

    I thought this episode was really funny, and tremendously frustrating at the same time. Christine Baranski's appearance as Leonard's mother was very well done. Her varied interactions with the different regular cast members added spice and laughs to this episode. The romantic scene she shared with Sheldon was awkward by itself. However, when juxtaposed with the simultaneous flirtations going on between Leonard and Penny, the awkward scene became hilarious. I was so upset when Leonard blew yet another chance with Penny. By now I get that he is a nerdy scientist. That doesn't mean he has to mess it up every single time he and Penny come close to hooking up. Just let it happen producers!
  • Terrific Episode.

    Big Bang Theory writers bring a new peak for the series. Writers cleverly uses the odd couples to bring jokes in this episode: Sheldon and Beverly, Leonard and Penny, Howard and Raj. I find that every time they introduce a new character, the show becomes more interesting, active and funny. Of course, different character brings different funny way to the series. For me, the most funny part is the "chemistry" between Sheldon and Leonard's mother. If the show was not Big Bang Theory, I would think there's something gonna happen between this two, you know, other than just singing crazy together. It's really fun to see Sheldon using "tempting" eyes staring Beverly, and hear them using scientific words "flirting" with each other. Who can say it's not a clever joke? Maybe someday Sheldon will enlightened by Beverly's reproduction theory, and find himself a woman for breeding. I bet his pillow talk is gonna be funny as hell. The scene that all of them eat together is also remarkable. "You brought your husband to work. You know the rules." Best retort.
  • Excellent. So incredibly well done, as usual.

    Wow, what an amazing rush of endorphins I experienced while watching this episode, it really was exhilerating. Leonard's mother was hilarious, every line she had was better than the last. "You must be so proud Dr. Hoffstater" -Howard
    "Why they aren't my accomplishments" -Leonard's Mother
    It was also fascinating how perfectly Sheldon and she got along. "Can I make you a cup of tea?" -Sheldon
    "I doubt it, but if anyone has a chance, it's probably you" -Leonard's mother.
    Leonard and Penny doing shots to cope with her presence was also excellent. If only Leonard had listened when she said "shush"... so sad.. but very entertaining.
  • Leonard's mom brings back the mojo of this series!

    As Leonard mother's appears in scene, so does the excellent writing staff!! The whole episode is filled with quick shotgun jokes! The mom's ability to dig deep into each one of the characters intimate fears and limitations opens up a very refreshing joke-a-thon that has been missing from previous chapters. Penny and Leonard team up in misery, only to have a crash course in Electra and Oedipus complex... Sheldon find the visitor very likable and connect with her in surprising ways, being able to connect in ways that he has never done before ... And the pseudo marriage of Wolowitz and Koothrappali is just the cherry on top!

    If the writing keeps coming at this level, we'll probably see season 3,4 and 5!
  • Lets be honest, it will take a lot to top this brilliant episode as the Big Bang Theorie's best.

    Words cannot describe this episode so im just going to describe my feelings after the episode. There is a saying that talks about side-splitting humour. That saying is entirely relevant to this episode of the Big Bang Theory, my sides quite literally felt as though they would split, from jokes about Howard and Raj's marriage, to scans of Sheldon's brain, this episode had it all... and most notably Leonard has taken once step closer to Penny's and his relationship culminating into something serious. This is an episode not to be missed, and if you have not yet jumped on the Big Bang Theory bandwagon, now is the time, as this is not only the Big Bang Theories best episode, but one of the best episodes of television that you will see this year
  • Season 2, Episode 15.

    A visit from Leonard's mother ends up bringing him and Penny closer. Haha, I love Leonard's mother. Haha, I love how she's like a scientific therapist. LMFAO! She made Penny cry! I usually can't stand this show, but my friend said the episode was good, so I just decided to watch it. LMAO the mom likes her tea a certain way and then it was cold. Then she thought that the two guys were married! Haha, I hate how she says it like "Urine...ate." LMFAO her and Sheldon or whatever her son's weird roommate's name is. Haha, he was so close with Penny! Good episode! :)
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