The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Episode 6

The Middle Earth Paradigm

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2007 on CBS

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  • Such a Great Listener

    This was a wonderful episode - I want to see the Doppler Effect outfit again in the future. Everyone had their chance to shine in this episode, there was tension but not too much, there were character interactions that had yet to occur, and my god, Raj got lucky! It was sweet and just a touch funny and the laugh track/laughter wasn't deafening. Good solid episode.
  • I'm a HOBBIT!

    This was pure fun really. Something about costumes and these guys seems to be a perfect fit. From Peter Pan/Robin Hood to Norse gods to middle earth and a little Doppler affect. Simply great. This is one of those episodes that will stick with you. Minus the really fake crying provided by Penny.... There there....
  • This episode was well written and well played. And so funny. Spoilers inside

    I think that this episode can represent perfectly everything that this show has to offer. The nerd/geek stereotype is well played and so funny but never offensive and the natural comedy coming out from the clashes between the "beauty and geek" different realities is very funny. Sheldon adds something more to this mix, making the show one of the best new comedies since scrubs first aired. In this episode we see something that everyone was expecting: penny and leonard kissing. The authors, imo, played it very well blaming it on the drunkeness of penny, making it acceptable. The rest of the episode is a lot of first class comedy. I hope everyone enjoyed it as I did.
  • 106

    The best episode yet, and possibly one of the best out of the entire series according to, and there is complete truth to that. As I was watching this episode, I got all that I asked for in the last episodes review: a climax, something eventful happened finally. Penny & Leonard share a very eventful kiss at Penny's Halloween party, and I couldn't help but think of Friends as I was watching this episode. The ensemble manages to pull off great humor with everyone's costumes, and it just felt like something you'd see on that show. Trash talking for nerds, hilarious. The funniest thing about this episode was Leonard's clever and hilarious comebacks to Penny's ex, that was quite enjoyable. This was the best episode yet, and it shows here. A great episode of The Big Bang Theory, can't wait for the next episode. Even the supporting characters were great, Raj sleeping with someone would have to be as unexpected as Penny & Sheldon sharing a kiss!
  • Halloween episode. To sum it all up concisely: hilarious.

    At first, I was reluctant to like this show, since I was a fan of The Class. I'm glad I still gave it a chance, though, because I really enjoyed this episode.

    To me, Sheldon was the highlight of this episode. Nearly everything he said and did got a laugh out of me. And how about his Doppler Effect costume? If you knew what the Doppler Effect was, chances are you found his costume to be humorous. It was priceless! Props to whoever came up with that idea.

    The ending... didn't expect that to happen so soon, but I guess this means that things will get more interesting sooner?
  • Nerds.

    The guys are invited to Penny's Halloween party, first turning it down as they "don't dance" but changing their mind when costumes are mentioned. Once at the party, only Wolowitz and Leonard attempt to socialize - with mixed success. Penny's ex-boyfriend Kurt shows up and humiliates Leonard, causing him to leave. Penny goes to check on him and apologizes. Both drunk and upset, she kisses Leonard, which he refutes with the obvious reasons as to why she's doing it. Penny says he's sweet and wonders why all men can't be like him, with Leonard replying, "Because the human race wouldn't survive". Penny goes to leave and kisses him once more in the doorway. When Penny leaves the doorway, Kurt is standing there looking stunned and angry, prompting Leonard to inform him, "that's right, you saw what you saw, that's how we roll in the Shire" (as he was dressed as Frodo Baggins). Leonard quickly locks the door to his apartment with a satisfied smile. Meanwhile, Wolowitz can not find Koothrappali, who ends up going home and has sex with a girl he had met at the party, who found him to be a 'good listener' (as Koothrappali is so shy he can not speak to attractive women). I love the starting scene, I love those nerds so much they are so cool. Howard is a legend the way he talks to Penny. I also love the way the boys are about the party, Hilarious. I love the way everyone is dressed up as Flash, they are so cool. However, I love the way they end up dressing as. I love the scene with Sheldon and Lenny - cute really. I love the way they are early and just sitting on the sofa. I also love the way Lenny goes to talk to Penny and he has a go at Penny's ex. Sheldon and Lennys friendship is awesome. I also love the scene with Penny and Lenny, the ending is awesome too.
  • A very engaging effort

    I really like the episode because it shows what Leonard and Sheldon's friendship is all about. They're really best friends who when it comes to socialising with others rely on each other to work through it. This time we get to see Leonard confronting Kurt, Penny's old Boy Friend who arrives unexpectantly at the party. Hearing the banter was engaging and you could just see that a C-O-N-frontation was about to occur and it did, which essentially brings Penny and Leonard closer. Sheldon is his anachronistic best here. 'I'm the doplar effect'. Once again Raj exhibits why his character is so funny. 'Or maybe we could walk behind each other the whole night and look like one guy going really fast'
    Howard is at his annoying best as well. Thiking he knows women..but he doesn't. Great Ep.
  • This is a great Halloween episode! I loved it!!

    This is a great episode, it was a bit predictable but great any way. I thought this was one of the funniest I had seen, it was sad, romantic and funny! I really loved it and I hope everyone else does too! I loved the ending and I thought it was very character building. I cant wait to watch more of the series and next season! Hopefully everyone else enjoyed this as well. I loved the little touch of halloween in it and I think that there should of been a little bit more of that in it. O Well!!! :)
  • Penny throws a Halloween party and the guys attend, but find that they don't exactly fit in with Penny's friends. When they attempt to break out of their shells the hilarity ensues.

    This was a good episode, it was nice to see Penny in her environment for once, and the guys out of theirs for a change.

    Upon returning from paintballing, where they were beaten by a Barmitzvah party, and in Sheldon's case his teammates; Penny invited the guys to her party. Sheldon's reaction to this was great, until learning it was a Halloween Party where they were full of questions about costume themes, something Penny was not prepped to handle. Then they retired to their sewing machines, very funny that they all decided to be The Flash, but even funnier when Howard suggested they walk behind each other to appear that they are really fast and then Leonard shot it down.

    So they all change, I still do not know what Sheldon was suppossed to be. Howard's costume was funny, it was definately Peter Pan.

    Now while at the party the four of them kept to themselves, and when Leonard tries to start up conversations with the various groups, Sheldon's observation on the typical conversation starter was great, another why I think he is the funniest character. It was great to watch Howard strike out with the nurse, with all of his lines about her stethoscope. Though the highlight was Raj hooking up with the drunk girl, who commented "You're a good listener" which is great seeing as how he can't talk to women. It was painful to watch Leonard's confrontation with Kurt, you just knew that it would end with Leonard being humiliated, but I really didn't predict the kiss between Penny and Leonard at the end.

    One last highlight, the girl that thought Sheldon's costume was making fun of a learning disability.
  • This episode was silly and fun. But then again, as a nerd I understand exactly what the characters are talking about and are going through. Jim Parsons continues to be hilarious as Sheldon and I'm beginning to watch just for him...SPOILERS

    This show brings some interesting character development. First Leonard wants to impress Penny and does his lovable best but in the end he is humilated by the large brainless ex. And then there is the Kiss. Yes. A drunk and upset Penny comes over and kiss Leonard, much to his suprise. And his large unintellectual brain won't just let him enjoy it as he ferrets out the real reason for the kiss.
    Jim Parsons is soooo funny. He is my favorite character by far and I watch just for him. His Doppler effect costume and attempt to comfort Leonard were beyond hysterical and i was practically crying from laughing at his "no child left behind" comments.
    Overall an amazing episode.
  • A good Halloween episode!

    The summay of this episode is simply this. Penny invites Sheldon and everyone to her apartment for a Halloween Party and most of them all seem excited about it. Leonard tries to be social with Penny's friends but that doesn't really work out too well. Then he is surprise to find out that Penny's old boyfriend is also attending the party and he discovers that Penny maybe getting back together with him! I won't spoil anymore of the episode!

    Overall, a very good episode and a lot of funny moments, but none that really raising the bar set by previous episodes of the series. I enjoyed it.