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The Big Bang Theory

Season 7 Episode 18

The Mommy Observation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2014 on CBS

Episode Fan Reviews (5)

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  • mind blowing comedy

    Sheldons comedy is sometimes unreal..

    Absolutely outta this world
  • big bang

    Getting sick of the penny is drunk jokes can't they do something else with her character.
  • Penny's an alcoholic, she fights with Leonard over nothing, Raj's still pathetic, Stuart's still useless

    Anything new? Oh! No, it's The Big Bang Theory, nothing is ever new.
  • My beer's not flat, my rack's not saggy. So far the future's looking good!

    Penny, right to the heart of the matter, as usual.

    The gang were split up this week, with new BFF's Sheldon & Howard of to see Sheldon's mother and what a shock he got, seeing his Sainted Mamma doing the horizontal tango, naked as well.

    Poor guy, he couldn't fathom why his mum would do such a thing and it was so heinous, he couldn't sit anywhere he thought she'd had sex.

    However, his mention of his mum needing to use latex proves once again, that he very definitely knows the mechanics, if not the pleasures of the flesh. There's hope for Amy, yet !.

    Raj proved, yet again, that he is pretty much the saddest man on the planet with his "murder mystery" that he already knows the rest of the gang avoid at all times. However, Penny had my line of the episode with her saggy boobs comment.

    A fairly solid episode and given the guys will have been boosted by the news of the latest three year extension to the series, I hope for steady improvement over the recent lacklustre shows.
  • A good episode 'but' !

    Funny moments, story/plot a bit thin but continues on from previous episode,

    more penny being drunk jokes

    more pennard fighting but with some actual progress in the relationship

    raj's yet another 'theme night' goes wrong,

    even before they started i figured penny was the 'killer'

    the end scene '20 yrs' later could've been so much better as it was it was a predictable funny-ish joke.

    imho they shouldn't of bothered with it.