The Big Bang Theory

Season 7 Episode 18

The Mommy Observation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2014 on CBS



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    • Sheldon: (Getting out of the car in front of his mother's house.) Aren't you going to come with me?
      Howard: While you confront your mother about her sex life? I'd rather go back to that bar in assless chaps.

    • Sheldon: Do you any idea what it's like to see your mother ravaging someone?
      Howard: Does a brisket count?

    • Sheldon: I love my mother...even if she fornicates like a demonic weasel.

    • Sheldon: Hello.
      Mary Cooper: Hello. Are you ready to discuss this calmly like adults?
      Sheldon: I am. (Mary pats the sofa cushion for Sheldon to sit on and Sheldon looks at her pointedly, so she puts her blanket on top of the cushion)
      Mary Cooper: Shelly, I'm sorry that you saw what you saw.
      Sheldon: I think what most upsets me about it, Mother, is the hypocrisy. Doesn't this contradict all the religious rules you've been espousing your whole life?
      Mary Cooper: You're right, it does, and it's something that I'm struggling with these days.
      Sheldon: Then why are you doing it?
      Mary Cooper: Because I'm not perfect, Shelly, and that man's booty is.

    • Mary Cooper: (Sheldon has just told his Mother that he saw her having sex with a man earlier that night.) Um, maybe we should sit down and talk about this.
      Sheldon: Can you recommend a surface you haven't had coitus on?
      Mary Cooper: That's not funny. (long pause) Maybe we should sit at the table. (Mary and Sheldon sit down) Well, I'm sure that, ah, you have a lot of questions.
      Sheldon: Who was he?
      Mary Cooper: His name is Ron. I met him at my prayer group.
      Sheldon: How long have you been involved with him?
      Mary Cooper: A few months.
      Sheldon: And of those few months, how long have you been a demented sex pervert?

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