The Big Bang Theory

Season 2 Episode 23

The Monopolar Expedition

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 11, 2009 on CBS

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  • Snuggie Hug

    And so the Bazinga is born. And they finally put it out in the open for us what Penny's feeling, but of course, not for Leonard. The end of this season reveals a vastly different show than the previous one and by now, I'm starting to feel glad I picked it up. It's not the best, but it's certainly not the worst and it's crazy relateable. Keep it up, guys (and gals).
  • Season 2 Finale

    A good and suitable finale for this series. I wouldn't say it was as good as last year, but I came in to this episode not expecting much, and I guess that was a good thing since I was pleasantly surprised with the Leonard & Penny interactions. I'm glad the writers have been focusing on relationship and character development as of late.

    We've got some emotion tonight, even though I did notice some filler scenes to let the time go by like everyone talking about the mono-polar expedition for half the episode. I loved Penny's reaction to the whole thing, and I'm interested to see what will happen next season.

    As far as season finales go, I was quite satisfied with this one.
  • An Awesome Episode !!!

    Sheldon'z Classic Bazinga Pranks, Out OF The World Nerdfull Jokes & And A Spice Emotional Experiences, All together mixed & presented in perfect timing & style. The Season 2 Finale Just simply Rocked.

    when the episode started I had a feeling Its would be of those Sheldon's Mind Boggling Ones, But 10 minutes later I needed a 5 min break to laugh the hell out & make sure i don't bang my PC. however I did thought of Penny's part being not used well in this episode. May Be Their Gonna Show In Season 3. ANYWAYZ ! ! !

    Can't Wait To See Season 3. Hope they Show some Of their Polar Expeditions. . .
  • Season Finale!

    The guys' prestigious offer to work over the summer at the North Pole-and Penny's resultant behavior-leaves Leonard unsure if he should go. I thought that this episode was very funny and a great episode to end the Series. I thought that the Chemistry between Leonard and Penny was very well thought out by the Director. Sheldon's Humour is the best and he deffinately reaches a new level in the funny episode. The Plot, story and places used for the episode are perfect. A particularly great scene for me is when Sheldon, Howard, Leonard and Raj are practicing their work in the Cold in the Freezer. The funniest Scene!
  • BAZINGA!!!

    last episode .. well.. i expected the episode to be better , though it was great.
    it combined everything, new scenes between Sheldon and Penny "knock Penny, Knock Sheldon ... " Hilarious !!, weird situation by Sheldon to go to the north pole and that he started to know sarcasm!! Bazinga !!! that was funny.
    also i liked like they did in the ending of the first season, that they showed the mystery loving thing between Leonard and Penny, which added the romantic touch to the show, plus the hilarious moment.
    i also loved the ending, how still Sheldon being a total ass , same spot, same type of the things he want when ordering the Tie food !! Can't wait for season 3, just to know what happened after the 3 months with the guys, and between Leonard and Penny.
  • This was NOT good.

    The guys' prestigious offer to work over the summer at the North Pole-and Penny's resultant behavior-leaves Leonard unsure if he should go. Last year The Big Bang Theory satisfied us with its season one finale butt for this season finale I felt like the writers were not bothered, nothing happened it was set out like a regular episode of the show but only the jokes were not that funny. I was very dissapointed but this is probably a one off next season I hope for a better finale and more of Sheldon in the next series would be better like in season 3.
  • Getting better, but not quite there yet.

    Well, people had been complaining about the show forgetting Penny and Leonard's "relationship" so that was restored tonight. I still don't think the show needs it as every series has been intent on forcing hookups between the major stars as of late (House, Bones, Fringe will do so in Season 2) so leave that to dramas. Sheldon was funny here, and an improvement over the past few episodes. I really hope Jim Parsons gets an Emmy nomination after being overlooked last year as he is right up there with Alec Baldwin and David Duchovny of 30 Rock and Californication, respectively, as far as lead actors in a comedy series.

    I do like that Bang tried something special with their finale, but the idea of Sheldon going to the North Pole for three months seems unlikely.
  • Damn it! we are out of ice!

    The Big Bang Theory has had a mixed 2nd season, with a lot of highs and some occasional lows. It would be a shame if Jim Parsons doesn't win or even get nominated an Emmy. Talking about things being shameful, I would kill myself if The Office gets nominated in any category.

    So this was a fitting season finale. We get an indication of Penny's feelings for Leonard, and Leonard's confusion as to where their relationship was heading. Though matters of love are not a central theme of Big Bang, having a small romance doesn't hurt things. Sheldon was out of control this episode with his pranks and his obnoxious way of training the other 3 for the arctic expedition. I loved the last scene, where their hut was exactly the same their apartment. Sheldon again has his spot on the couch. Nice episode. See you guys in 3 months.
  • Sheldon gets the opportunity to lead an expedition to the Arctic either because he's qualified or because he's annoying. So he's going for three months and asks the guys to be his team. After they agree Leonard has second thoughts because of Penny.

    Usual entertaining and fun episode you expect from the Big Bang. The finale explores the difficult feelings that both Penny and Leonard have for each other and the fact they still have difficulty opening up. The guys are their usual funny selves especially in the freezer scene when Leonard finally points out that they can put their equipment together before they go outside so why are they doing this in the freezer. Sometimes Sheldon is so dense for being so brilliant. Actually most of the time he is dense!

    Somehow this episode left me wanting something more or some other conclusion but I guess we have to wait till next season to see what direction they go in. We know how Penny feels and we know how Leonard feels so we are just waiting to see how and if they really get together. Thanks for reading...
  • I have to say that this episode left me unsatisfied. Sheldon learns that he's being shipped off to the Arctic for the summer. How will this affect everyone else? Although it was a good episode ... what it didn't feel like was

    I have to say that this episode left me unsatisfied.

    Sheldon learns that he's being shipped off to the Arctic for the summer. How will this affect everyone else?

    There's no way to say this without SPOILING it, but he decides to bring along his fellow brain trust as his expedition crew members. This results in Leonard having to say goodbye to Penny for the summer.

    Although its apparent from previous episodes that Penny has developed feelings for Leonard and that he KNOWS about it, he is still unwilling to act o HIS feelings for HER. There comes a time if you circle around something for too long, you get sick of it. Its starting to feel like that for Penny and Leonard's relationship. I was hoping that SOMETHING would happen here that would affect the outcome for the start of next season's premiere, but NO.

    At the start of next season one of two outcome's is inevitable, Penny will have moved on after they come back or she still likes him and HE's moved on.

    I'm not saying that this can't be changed and the premiere CAN'T be good, but if they could have given us a HINT of what was to come, then it would have created an anticipation to see the start of the next season.

    Although it was a good episode, funny and smart. What it didn't feel like was a season finale. The only question it left me with was, will there be ANY change in the next coming season?
  • Great episode. The nerd meets girl paradigm still works, but it left me wondering if Leonard will ever trust his instincts enough to finally get together with Penny. Spoiler alert!

    First, the usual kudos to the writers for the unusual situation our resident geniuses find themselves in. Of course, the classic Sheldon out takes regarding his one track and oblivious mind add to comedy. The scene in which he asks Penny for access to the freezer was priceless. However, Howard's mom stole the show. Her question regarding and Outback Steak House in India had me laughing well after the show was over.

    The Leonard/Penny saga continues. I thought this was well done with respect to Penny's reaction. The Snuggie was a nice touch. With respect to continuity, this episode ties back nicely to this seasons first episode. It is becoming clear that she is the one that doesn't feel that she is good enough for Leonard. What puzzles me is Leonard's reaction to her gift and hug. Women, in general, are a mystery to most men, but he has all the information he needs to put the pieces together now. Why he continues to go to Sheldon for advice on Penny is getting harder to understand.

    Overall a great little cliff hanger for a show of this type. Nothing earth shattering. Here's hoping for continued fun and laughter in season three. I hope they resolve the P/L saga early next season and we get a view of the nerd and non-nerd worlds colliding as they try and make it work.
  • Very touching episode, but it felt like it needed an extra 5 minutes

    The Big Bang Theory has delivered another season of great comedy, so here's to hoping the next two seasons deliver even more great moments.

    As far as the episode went, it had it's funny moments, but I got the feeling as if everything was being rushed to fit into the half hour. It was very nice to see the moments between Penny and Leonard. This episode was a nice step in the right direction for the development of their relationship. I guess I'm being a little too hard on this episode because it's going to be another 3 months before we see what results from this. In the end, the best thing this episode did was what all season finales should do, and that's make you want to tune into the next season. So congrats to the producers and writers of another season well done.
  • Rather touching episode. Season 2 Finale delivers, but the episode altogether wasn't as funny as some others throughout this season.

    I found myself actually rather emotionally moved by this episode and some of me was hoping that Leonard would stay behind and finally "be" with Penny. But, again, there were so many great parts in this episode. The reaction that Raj, Leonard and Howard have when they initially hear that Sheldon was accepting the appointment at the North Pole was one of my favorite moments in the show, and had me laughing for a solid few minutes. Raj's parents interacting with Howard's mother was hysterical, as was some of the moments while the entire gang were inside the Cheesecake Factory's freezer.

    Overall, I adore this show, but am left with a bit of sadness as this season ended with this episode and we are left with the ever-present, non-answered question of "when are Penny and Leonard finally going to be together"? September (and the beginning of the 3rd season) cannot come soon enough.