The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 17

The Monster Isolation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2013 on CBS

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  • That beautiful girl on bench!

    When Raj was running down the sidewalk in his undies there was a gorgeous lady with reddish hair sitting on the bench. You should find her and do a screen test she is beautiful.
  • Poor Isolated No-Monster Raj:(

    Man, it's about past time Raj gets a find it weird (over-thinking a sitcom about nerd staple) that she agreed to go on a date with him in the first place instead of just calling venturing into the comic book store and approaching the stranger a night on the whole putting self out of comfort I totally loved it. Made me think about making a similar goal for my life.

    As usual, Sheldon, Amy, Penny, and Leonard were right on the money with laughs. Penny's amusement and disbelief over Sheldon's awkwardness on camera and interpretation of her advice, Amy yelling at crazy monkeys, Sheldon's blatant, uncensored honesty and satirical love all of it.
  • Kate for Raj

    Man, I was getting so tired of the "pseudo-gay" and "almost trans-gender" jokes that lumbered Raj's excellent character. I often thought that the jokes just sat flat with contemporary perceptions. So now Raj can have a gf yay! More charcter development, enlarged cast and greater scope for humour... I wonder if Raj will take a "breath freshener" with him on every date so he can concverse easily...
  • More flag fun but nor for Raj

    This was a relatively good episode. We got to see more of Sheldon's fun with flags show featuring Penny this time. It was great when she told him he should hang loose and relate to his audience and then he most definitely hangs loose! And how he handled Penny's offer to see the play she was starring in was classic Sheldon which along with his actions at the play were quite funny. They also had a continuation of Raj with Kate and how he turned her off at the coffee shop. He then went into a rather hilarious funk which got even worse later in the show. However it ended on a rather sweet note with Kate coming to see Raj and both of them relating to just how "down" they are! It appears this relationship may continue on future episodes which should be fun.
  • Great Episode!

    I so happy them did another 'Fun With Flags' , I love those episodes, the whole episode was hilarious!