The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Episode 14

The Nerdvana Annihilation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

When the delivery of a full-size prop of 1960's The Time Machine makes Penny miss work, she scolds Leonard about his sci-fi collectibles. He decides it's time to give up such childish pursuits.

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  • Hypocrites

    I think that was the most character development I've seen in this show, as well as the first episode that didn't completely rely on Sheldon to convey its comedy. And to boot, there was a scene that bordered on touching between Leonard and Sheldon. I appreciate they had Penny apologize for what she said, but then to completely destroy any movement on her end, this Mike guy shows up. They're still figuring her out, but they're definitely getting somewhere with the boys.moreless
  • 114

    Wow, I have to commend Chuck Lorre for this one, I am so surprised that he could have wrote a show like this considering Two & A Half Men is half the show this is. This was just absolutely hilarious from start to finish, and the plot was surprisingly original. We all know what this show is about: It's about nerds, and this was heavily portrayed here.

    From Leonard using the time machine and the whole gang going in fast motion to Penny lashing out on Leonard after she had the worst day ever because of them. Kayley Cuoco didn't start out as one of the strongest links of the cast in the pilot, but I've come to realize she is really great here, and she's just been an enjoyable character as of late.

    Sheldon of course was amazing, what else is new right? Although the dreams of the monsters went a little too far, his reaction times were really great. We also got a sense of the dramatic side with the interactions between Penny & Leonard, and Penny and her boyfriend.moreless
  • Nerds. ♥

    When the delivery of a full-size prop of 1960's The Time Machine makes Penny miss work, she scolds Leonard about his sci-fi collectibles. He decides it's time to give up such childish pursuits. As always I love the start - I would love to lve their life. The boys are all Awesome and Penny is lucky as Sheldon is hot. I love the whole storyline with this time machine. The way the boys are so excited about it. I love the scene where Penny is late and flips out on them all and Leonard takes it to heart. I thought the scene where Sheldon is dreaming and has a nightmare and screams was the funniest thing I have have seen on The Big Bang Theory. I don't think I have ever laughed so much, hilarious. Another Awesome episode.moreless
  • This one will go down in the comedic hall of fame--a pure gem.

    This episode was just all kinds of awesome. The best new episode yet since the post-strike. If complaints had risen previously over the loss of "group geek dynamic" then this one certainly put an end to those complaints by restoring it. In my opinion, it was the 'throwback' to all the things that made this show wonderful in the first place: amazing character dynamic, fresh, witty dialogue, and all around five-star comedic acting. I was reminded again that the reason I love this show so much is not solely because of Sheldon, or Leonard, Penny, Wolowitz, etc, but because of ALL of them together...and preferably in the same room. It makes me look forward to the treasure trove of genius (no pun intended) material that the writers surely have waiting to showcase to us for the rest of the series. I can't wait.moreless
  • I want a time machine!!

    I really, really, really, really, really want a time machine like that!

    It's really hilarious that he actually bought this for a ridiculous amount of money! I also really love it cause it spins and the lights flash!

    Penny's adventures attempting to get to work where hilarious, as Penny always is, and the lecture she gives after was kind of harshed but probably well deserved.

    It seems that the face paced episodes I have grown to love near the start of this series have slowed down into a more slow paced, yeah still funny, but not absolutely hilarious every second of the show, which isn't a bad thing but because I was so spoiled at the start, and it hasn't always been like this, I now feel cheated in these slower episodes!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: When the boys are thinking about how to move the time machine, they mention that the elevator has been broken for 2 years. Sheldon asks, "Do you think we should call about that?" Even though, it is revealed in season 3's "The Staircase Implementation", that the 4 boys are responsible for the elevator breaking.

    • While suggesting the use of a cloaking device to use with the time machine, Sheldon refers to the the Star Trek episode "The Enterprise Incident", giving a date of January 10, 2328 as the pre-federation equvilant of stardate 5027.3 for the episode, but according to Star Trek Chronology: The History of the Future, the third season takes place in the year 2268.

    • When Leonard gets out of the time machine prop he has socks on the entire time Penny is yelling at the guys till she leaves the room, then he has shoes on although he never moved.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Koothrappali: Too bad, I called dibs.
      Wolowitz: You can't just call dibs.
      Koothrappali: I can, and I did. Look up 'dibs' in Wikipedia.
      Sheldon: Dibs does not apply in a bidding war.

    • Sheldon: Why'd you set it for the day before yesterday?
      Leonard: Because I want to go back and keep myself from getting a time machine.
      Sheldon: You can't. If you were to prevent yourself from buying it in the past, you would not have it available in the present – travel back and stop yourself from buying it, ergo you would still have it. This is a classic rookie time travel mistake.
      Leonard: Can I go back and prevent you from explaining that to me?
      Sheldon: Same paradox—if you were to travel back in time and, say, knock me unconscious, you would not then have the conversation that irritated you, motivating you to go back and knock me unconscious.
      Leonard: What if I knocked you unconscious right now?

    • Leonard: Come on, guys, push!
      Howard: If I push any harder I'm gonna give birth to my colon.
      Raj: I can't feel my fingers. Hurry up!
      Sheldon: It's the same amount of work no matter how fast you go—basic physics.
      Raj: Sheldon, if my fingers ever work again, I've got a job for the middle one.

    • Leonard: The elevator's been broken for two years.
      Sheldon: I've been meaning to ask you. Do you think we should make a call about that?
      Howard: Not necessary. I have a Masters in Engineering. I remotely repair satellites in a regular basis. I troubleshoot space shuttle payloads. When the Mars Rover started pulling to the left I performed a front-end alignment from 62 million miles away. (pushes the button of the broken elevator and then listens if it comes down) No, that baby's broken.

    • Leonard: Girls like Penny never end up with guys who own time machines.
      Sheldon: I disagree. Your inability to successfully woo Penny long predates your acquisition of the time machine. That failure clearly stands on its own.
      Leonard: Thanks for pointing it out.
      Sheldon: In addition, your premise is flawed. In the original film, Rod Taylor got Yvette Mimieux with that very time machine. In Back to the Future, Marty McFly got the opportunity to hook up with his extremely attractive young mother.
      Leonard: Those are movies.
      Sheldon: Of course they're movies. Were you expecting me to come up with an example involving a real-life time machine? That's absurd.

    • Sheldon: You hypocrite!
      Penny: What?
      Sheldon: Little Miss 'Grown-ups don't play with toys', if I went into that apartment right now, would I not find Beanie Babies? Are you not an accumulator of Care Bears and My Little Ponies? And who is that Japanese feline I see frolicking on your shorts? Hello, Hello Kitty!

    • Sheldon: Are you upset about something?
      Leonard: What was your first clue?
      Sheldon: Well, it was a number of things: first, the late hour; then your demeanor seems very low energy; plus your irritability...
      Leonard: Yes, I'm upset!
      Sheldon: Huh, I don't usually pick up on those things. Good for me.
      Leonard: Yeah, good for you.
      Sheldon: Oh, wait, did you want to talk about it?
      Leonard: I don't know, maybe.
      Sheldon: Wow, I'm on fire tonight.

    • Sheldon: I propose we add 'pants must be worn at all times in the time machine'.
      Leonard: Seconded.
      Howard: I was gonna put down a towel.

    • Leonard: Hey, if you wait for us to set up the time machine, I can drop you off at work yesterday—time travel joke. It's not—never mind.
      Sheldon: For what it's worth, I thought it was humorous. (fake laughs)

    • Penny: (to Leonard) Look, you are a great guy, and it is the things you love that make you who you are.
      Howard: I guess that makes me large breasts.

    • Leonard: (about the time machine prop) The lights flash, and the dish spins. You wanna try it?
      Penny: No, I don't wanna try it! My God, you are grown men! How could you waste your lives with these stupid toys and costumes, and comic books, and-and... now that-that...
      Sheldon: Again—time machine.
      Penny: Oh, please, that's not a time machine. If anything, it looks like something Elton John would drive through the Everglades.

  • NOTES (4)

    • The German episode title is "Die Zeitmaschine", and the Italian title is "La macchina del tempo", both meaning "The Time Machine". The French title is "La Machine incroyable", meaning "The Incredible Machine". The Spanish and Mexican title is "La aniquilación de Nerdvana", an exact translation.

    • International Airdates: Latin America: May 13, 2008 on Warner Channel; Turkey: December 16, 2008 on CNBC-e; Germany: September 19, 2009 on ProSieben; Slovakia: September 7, 2011 on Markiza

    • This episode's end titles has Chuck Lorre's Vanity Card #206.

    • Alternate Titles: The Nerdmabelia Scattering; The Hello Kitty Instability


    • As Leonard attempts to take his memorabilia away to sell, Sheldon grabs a toy sword, wields it, and blocks the stairway, declaring "None shall pass!", imitating the Black Knight's declaration to King Arthur when he tries to cross a small forest footbridge in Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones' 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.