The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Episode 14

The Nerdvana Annihilation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2008 on CBS

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  • Hypocrites

    I think that was the most character development I've seen in this show, as well as the first episode that didn't completely rely on Sheldon to convey its comedy. And to boot, there was a scene that bordered on touching between Leonard and Sheldon. I appreciate they had Penny apologize for what she said, but then to completely destroy any movement on her end, this Mike guy shows up. They're still figuring her out, but they're definitely getting somewhere with the boys.
  • 114

    Wow, I have to commend Chuck Lorre for this one, I am so surprised that he could have wrote a show like this considering Two & A Half Men is half the show this is. This was just absolutely hilarious from start to finish, and the plot was surprisingly original. We all know what this show is about: It's about nerds, and this was heavily portrayed here.

    From Leonard using the time machine and the whole gang going in fast motion to Penny lashing out on Leonard after she had the worst day ever because of them. Kayley Cuoco didn't start out as one of the strongest links of the cast in the pilot, but I've come to realize she is really great here, and she's just been an enjoyable character as of late.

    Sheldon of course was amazing, what else is new right? Although the dreams of the monsters went a little too far, his reaction times were really great. We also got a sense of the dramatic side with the interactions between Penny & Leonard, and Penny and her boyfriend.
  • Nerds. ♥

    When the delivery of a full-size prop of 1960's The Time Machine makes Penny miss work, she scolds Leonard about his sci-fi collectibles. He decides it's time to give up such childish pursuits. As always I love the start - I would love to lve their life. The boys are all Awesome and Penny is lucky as Sheldon is hot. I love the whole storyline with this time machine. The way the boys are so excited about it. I love the scene where Penny is late and flips out on them all and Leonard takes it to heart. I thought the scene where Sheldon is dreaming and has a nightmare and screams was the funniest thing I have have seen on The Big Bang Theory. I don't think I have ever laughed so much, hilarious. Another Awesome episode.
  • This one will go down in the comedic hall of fame--a pure gem.

    This episode was just all kinds of awesome. The best new episode yet since the post-strike. If complaints had risen previously over the loss of "group geek dynamic" then this one certainly put an end to those complaints by restoring it. In my opinion, it was the 'throwback' to all the things that made this show wonderful in the first place: amazing character dynamic, fresh, witty dialogue, and all around five-star comedic acting. I was reminded again that the reason I love this show so much is not solely because of Sheldon, or Leonard, Penny, Wolowitz, etc, but because of ALL of them together...and preferably in the same room. It makes me look forward to the treasure trove of genius (no pun intended) material that the writers surely have waiting to showcase to us for the rest of the series. I can't wait.
  • I want a time machine!!

    I really, really, really, really, really want a time machine like that!

    It's really hilarious that he actually bought this for a ridiculous amount of money! I also really love it cause it spins and the lights flash!

    Penny's adventures attempting to get to work where hilarious, as Penny always is, and the lecture she gives after was kind of harshed but probably well deserved.

    It seems that the face paced episodes I have grown to love near the start of this series have slowed down into a more slow paced, yeah still funny, but not absolutely hilarious every second of the show, which isn't a bad thing but because I was so spoiled at the start, and it hasn't always been like this, I now feel cheated in these slower episodes!
  • Leonard buys a classic time machine through eBay, which accidentally annoys Penny.

    Finally, the show gets back to the main track. It focuses on Sheldon in a couple of former episodes and portray him as a arrogant and selfish jerk, way too much. I like how they depict him in Pilot and The Hamburger Postulate. This episode did a even greater job. Sheldon's dream is hilarious, but the scene they're imitating "time traveling" is funnier to me. I watch that many times and every time it makes me laugh. Just like Leonard said, "That was fun." The joke that Leonard threatens the guys with opening the toy is also amusing. Only diehard Star Trek fans would be threatened by that way. Their reaction is risible. It reflects their life. Other people may think that's stupid or pathetic, but they're content with their lot.
  • The guys buy a time machine, and Penny is annoyed

    Finally, the show gets back to what it does best, the interaction between Leonard and Penny. Leonard bids on a "time machine" on Ebay. He puts in a bid for $800, never expecting to win, thinking that it will go for thousands. But nobody else bids on it, and he wins it. He doesn't want to spend that much money, so the rest of the gang decides they will pitch in, each one putting up $200 for a "time machine time-share". They find out that it is a huge, ackward piece. As they try to get it up to the apartment, Penny rushes out saying she is late for work. But she can't get past the time machine on the stairs. Sheldon tells her to go up on the roof and jump across, saying it's only a few inches. But Penny finds out it is much longer, and skins her knee. She is late and misses her shift. She rails at Leonard because of this. Later that evening, Leonard has a dream where he "rescues" Penny by going back in time in his time machine, and she kisses him passionately. As they say "in his dreams"!
  • The geniuses buy a time machine online for $800, splitting the cost 4 ways. But after Penny yells irritably at them (mostly directed at Leonard) he decides that he is going to sell all his comic book memorabilia much to the distaste of his friends...

    It was brilliant! The humour was just great as always and again I loved the Penny+Leonard interactment!
    Sheldon never fails to crack me up too...his nightmare is just hilarious and as for Leonard's dream of getting Penny to work, wow, absolutely classic. A typical nerd-dream: save the day, get the girl ha!
    As for the actual plot, it was rather entertaining watching the four friends fight over the time machine. The silly friction between Sheldon and the others is amusing as always.
    I hope the partiular humour keeps up for the rest of the series as if the rest is like this, I'll never stop watching! =]
  • Leonard buys an old movie prop that ends up tearing him between his friends and Penny. He then decides to shed his geeky items in order to grow up in Penny's eyes.

    So we are now getting back to the core story, Leonard and Penny. I am very glad that we are shifting back to this storyline, while I have enjoyed the forray into all that is Sheldon, it was a distraction from what we have all been waiting for, Penny and Leonard.

    So Leonard bought a movie prop of the internet, this is a concept I have never really gotten, collectibles, I only collect those state quarters, but I only get them through financial interactions. It just seems like a lot of effort and money to put into something that you can only look at it, I guess if you have the cash.

    What was a good move was Leonard's willingness to lose his dorky toys to impress Penny. However when he realizes that his efforts go unnoticed as Penny has a new boyfriend. What I thought was funny was the bidding process for Leonard's goods, the ensemble really does work well together, also Sheldon's dream of time travel was hilarious. I am glad that this episode got us back on track of the Leonard/Penny story.
  • Leonard purchases a time machine.

    While the internet may disagree, The Big Bang Theory is clearly the superior CBS comedy in the 8:00 - 9:00 hour. Instead of relying on cheap jokes, unfunny cutaway scenes and stunt casting, Bang gives the viewer well-scripted comedy.

    Sheldon continues to be one of the funniest people on television. He plays perfectly off Leonard, often mocking and berating his actions. Even better than that are his insults hailed at neighbor Penny, just because she is not as well-versed in science as he is.

    Howard Wolowitz continues to play a funnier version of Ed Helms' Andy Bernard character. His desire to use the time machine to impress women was amusing. Rajesh also provided some solid laughs in the program.

    To get back to an earlier point, there's a reason Bang was renewed for a second season much earlier than How I Met Your Mother. The show has well-created characters, that are written to perfection and are relatable. HIMYM features completely unrealistic behavior and horribly-scripted jokes. Their plots go nowhere and/or take bizarre turns, where each episode of The Big Bang Theory takes the viewer on an exciting half hour ride and proves that you don't need Britney Spears to get attention.
  • After that one episode I hated, the rest have been good, and this one was great.

    Bidding on the Time Machine was funny enough, winning it was OK, but getting it up to the apartment was comedic genius. The fact that someone found that prop laying around somewhere and put it to good use was even better. How many things like that are just laying around Hollywood. If there are more and nerdy or Sci Fi these guys will find them and use them in their scripts.
    Yes, it was funny, even better was the Leonard's collection of things that showed what a super collector he is. We all know people like that, that are super collectors, whether it is Sci Fi, Elvis, or their favorite sports team, there are avid collectors.
    I know one guy who is that way with the old football starting lineups. I met someone who had a special one that was not available to the public, it was for a special show and only sold there. I got two, one for me which this NFL star signed for me and another for my friend. He had been trying to buy one for the longest time but most people that had them were collectors.
    I put the one I got from him, with a note from the player in a big box and mailed it to him. He thought the note was a fake, then I sent him the picture of me and the guy with the lineups in our hands.
  • Timeless fun with a time machine prop.

    Every week I look forward to this show and this week definitely did not disappoint. The episode starts out with Leonard bidding $800 for movie memorabilia, namely a "mini" relica of a time machine. He's suffering from bidders remorse but wins the item. The four friends decide to all chip in and they will all take turns keeping the time machine at their houses. That is- until they actually see the time machine. It turns out not to be a mini replica but actually the real prop. The evelator still doesn't work (it's really funny how four scientific geniuses can't figure out how to fix it) and so the 4 have to lug the thing up the stair. It takes up the whole walkway, preventing Penny from leaving and getting to work on time. When they finally get it into the apartment, they are like little boys on Christmas. I absolutely loved the scene where Leonard set the machine to go the the future and the rest of the guys ran around to simulate time speeding up. It was hysterical. However, the best line of the show was when Penny sees the time machine and says it looks like something Elton John would drive around in a swamp. I competely lost it. The jokes on this show put all other shows to shame!