The Big Bang Theory

Season 7 Episode 13

The Occupation Recalibration

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2014 on CBS

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  • Chuck and Bill screwed up a once great show


    You really think that "Chuck and Bill will think of something new"? Really? Come on! It's been Chuck and Bill that have maneuvered this show into today's trap. A genius show was turned into a freaky boy-girl on-off bore with occasional fart, fat and gay jokes.

    But thanks anyway, at least your "Chuck and Bill will save the world" idea gave me a good laugh! The Big Bang Theory surely doesn't anymore

  • Something new anytime soon

    Please think of something new. Been so long since and episode made me want to watch a marathon of the show.

    Hopefully during the Big Bang Theory's quiet week, Chuck and Bill will think of something new
  • Okay ep.

    Not the best episode, it was still good but the only parts I really liked were sheldon/penny parts
  • There is nothing intelligent about it anymore!

    This show is just a shadow of what it used to be! Where is the intelligence? Where is the intelligent humor? Where is the innovation? Where is the unique appeal this show used to have? Gone!

    Sacrificed on the altar of mainstream boy-girl relationship poop. Instead the main characters evolved towards no good - as Sheldon turns into a doggy douche, Leonard into a washy character, Penny into a touchy bully.

    This show visibly starts to jump the shark. The evolution into a relationship saga has gone all too mainstream. Boring. Why start an intelligent show with a great concept and finally turn it into this predictable nonsense? Why, oh why?
  • A bit of help

    does anyone know the song we can hear , while bernadette and stuart enter the new comic store?
  • Sheldon and Penny, LOL

    Had to laugh when I noticed that, when Leonard came in and was talking to them, Sheldon also checked out Penny's rear-end (not once but TWICE, ha!) in a most un-Sheldon-like manner. A bit of a "Jim-the-man" moment. Loved it! :-)
  • Pretty much what kiwitocome said

    Repetitive boring jokes, Sheldon going even lower into mankind, now being a dog (you remember when he was a genius? ah the good days!), vulgar jokes symbolizing the free-fall this show is in.

    I would had to the "already seen situations" Bernadette being over-protective. Already done at multiple times with Howard, and now with Stuart.

    5/10 because it has to be a better rating than last week (I was quite nice rating last week's 3.5/10)
  • The recalibration is already working...

    This was a much better episode than last week. The subplot of replacing a damaged comic worked well. It is always great to see Stuart Bloom in the story. And Bernadette at least was tolerable this episode showing a more human side. Rajesh had some great LOL one liners that Kunal Nayyar delivered very well. Brian Posehn as Bert was a refreshing story line and was very sweetly cringe worthy... poor guy! Other story lines worked well enough though I still feel there is too much dumbing down. Leonard in particular is just not that stupid so why portray him that way?
  • One or two funny moments...

    Yes, I admit, this episode was funny in one or two moments. Yes, "Rocks show" and "Cappuccino" was funny and more or less unexpected. Two smiles for this.

    Everything else though was again repetitive and boring.


    - Leonard / Penny On-Off

    - Sheldon not wanting to take a vacation

    - Raj and Howard unable to get girls

    - Leonard and Penny being Sheldon's "parents"

    We've seen all that before. Nothing new to come from these "recycled jokes".

    On the "drink milk shake through genitals" joke I think that the writers again are taking a disturbing trip down vulgar road. That's neither funny nor classy. Sorry.