The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Episode 11

The Pancake Batter Anomaly

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 31, 2008 on CBS

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  • Kitties!

    They're relying far too heavily on Sheldon to deliver the comedy in this comedy. It needs to be more spread out among the characters for the series to really shine. That said, it was a decent episode, if a bit jarring in its pacing and more than a little jumpy in its action. We did get the kitty song, though, so I suppose that's a plus. Makes me wonder how many Big Bang meme-type things are packed into this first season.
  • 111

    The best TBBT to this date. This show is just getting better & better and I hadn't laughed this hard in a while. Everyone in this episode was used perfectly and there was a perfect balance between all the characters. I've come to realize the show is at it's best when Penny & Sheldon are interacting and we surely got a lot of that here.

    A plot as simple as Sheldon being sick can have the potential to be the funniest plots of the season so far, that's great, and I'm really glad I got in to this show because of it. Kayley Cuoco has been downright likable these past few weeks, and I can finally say she's doing good with her character.

    The best scene was definitely when Leonard was trying to sneak back in to get his glasses, just great interactions between all the characters. The vapor rub scene was also absolutely hilarious.

    This show is getting really good and it's slowly but surely climbing up on my list of favorite shows.
  • Nerds. ♥

    With his friends knowing how sour he acts when sick-and avoiding him as a result-Sheldon is nursed for by Penny, who hasn't a clue what she's in for. As always another Awesome start to the episode. I love the whole Sheldon and Leonard friendship - they are pretty Awesome together. I also love Sheldon and Pennys friendship. I love the way Sheldon freaks out about Penny's family being sick. I love the way Sheldon gets sick and the rest of the boys basically run away from him - leaving Penny to look after him, which is hilarious epsically when Sheldon asks Penny to sing to him and rub his chest. I love the scene with Leonard, Howard and Raj, when they are back in the apartment. Awesome episode possibly my favourite out of season one.
  • Sheldon is sick so everyone except Penny senses DANGER.

    If I ever have children and they ever get sick, I am totally singing "Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur!" to them. But Sheldon's singing voice wasn't the only great part of this episode. Leonard scientifically crawled into his apartment to steal his second set of glasses, only to discover that the footstep censor worked. No other show could get away with this kind of a plot! Not to mention the Q-tip for Sheldon's throat. Jim Parsons made this stance funny several times in a row, and I couldn't get enough of it. Oh, and Howard's impersonation of his mother? Priceless. This was a great episode for every character!
  • A sick Sheldon is a very... cranky Sheldon!

    "It must be humbling to suck on so many different levels"

    Oh Sheldon! I love you! Marry me, Please!

    I understand why people ship Sheldon/Leonard because of this episode!

    Anyway - Sheldon getting sick and woah he gets cranky! I mean Sheldon is normally difficult to deal with and normally men are difficult to deal with when sick but put together the fact it's a male Sheldon then well, you definitely have a serious case of man flu!

    The scenes with the monkeys in the cinema was so cute.

    Penny looking after Sheldon then putting the responsibility on Leonard was so Penny-like! Would of done it myself to be honest with Sheldon!
  • A more vulnerable side to Sheldon's character.

    This episode shows another dimension to Sheldon's character. On the one hand he is the very self sufficient highly intelligent being that we know and love but on the other hand, we see how a simple cold renders him almost totally useless. We see his more vulnerable side come out in his need to be looked after as his mother would have done at home. The hilarity of the situation comes from Sheldon's complete lack of awareness of how unreasonable he is actually being of the fact that Penny is in reality doing him a huge favour by being the only one to put up with his demands. Sheldon is incredibly demanding in his own trying way and in this episode his brilliant portrayal of the vulnerable invalid, has us seeing once again how charming he is even at his most annoying to those around him!
  • i have never laughed so hard.

    i have never laughed so hard. this is by far the best episode of any sitcom i have ever seen, and i have seen many, this episode was hilarious from the start (spoiler alert) just the fact that he was measuring everything was funny so he doesn't have to see doctors and it only got better when he got sick and started calling people and seeing Leonard run out the door with his pants half down and going to work on sunday made it a complete package, until the moment that he wanted the vapor to be put on him counter clockwise. i literally laughed for 5 min non stop while i had to pause the video just to get a napkin and dry my eyes and rest.
  • Sheldon has the Flu - everybody Run

    Sheldon gets the flu and Leonard and the other's peg it leaving Penny to look after him.

    No surprise that Sheldon is germophobic but what follows is the funniest episode so far, I laughed so much. There was a joke every 5 seconds and unlike in some previous episodes none of them actually fell flat. The planet of the apes Marathon was fantastic - get your hands off my popcorn you goddamn dirty ape. Even funnier was Sheldon and Penny who make a very good double act, something that has never actually been explored that much. Him insisting she sings a specific song to him and not rubbing the vix vapour rub clockwise otherwise his chest hair would matt. Very, very funny.
  • An almost perfect episode.

    The only key ingredient missing was more air time for Raj, who seems to only have a very few moments on screen during this episode, and who, I also remember, had only about 5 total lines. But this is a minor quibble. This episode was absolutely hysterical, and I found myself being so absolutely grateful that the writer's strike ended and that this show returned with new episodes, as the 3 that have aired since the return have been excellent. You can read the summary for this episode if you would like to know what happens, but the main idea I wish to portray is that this show is incredibly well cast, incredibly well acted, and incredibly well written. So very much to love about this episode, especially. Sheldon had his best performance thus far out of any episode. Wonderful!
  • As soon as the summary was released for this episode, I knew it was going to be good. The story line was pure genius. Sheldon getting sick and nobody wanting to take care of him.

    This show had so many great things in it last night. It was great that it bounced back from last week. I mean I did enjoy it, but this week definetly lived up to mine and many people's expectations. It was also good that the episode was longer last week. When I check all the boards, that was a big problem that people were complaining about. To me personally, it doesn't really matter how long the episode is, I'll still watch the show anyway. Also, to all the people who bad mouth this show, whats so wrong about it. It has a different story line than most of the shows on tv and it shows a part about real life. When a geeky girl/guy wants to have a pretty or handsome girl/guy. I see it all the time and I just don't understand how people can even bad mouth this show.
  • A lightyear better than last week.

    What I found funny is I know people that are almost as bad and that made it even funnier. While the people I know are not the egghead variety, one sits at home all day reading articles on the internet and when he get sick tells the doctor what he is doing wrong, about a treatment he read about that works better and calling him an idiot. In every case he has to change doctors and is still sick.
    I also know for one of them to call first if he is remotely not feeling well, going there is a form of torture we should use to interrogate prisoners. After all the whining, complaining and everything else that my friend says, I would gladly give up the battle plans and the location of headquarters just to shut him up. This show tonight will keep me watching, another bad one and I will reconsider.
  • The best new episode since coming back. Absolutely hysterical. Terrific job by the cast and writers. The funniest new sitcom of the year. I love this show.

    Absolutely hysterical humor. I loved this show. Wolowitz doing his mothers voice was hysterical. Sheldon was hysterical, as usual. Penny was sweet as always. Love this show. Leonard hanging out with the other guys was really good, too. The cast really interacted well together. This is simply the best new show of the season, and anyone who has not seen it does not know what they are missing. I think this show has such great possiblities moving forward. I am so glad it is renewed for next year. The cast interacts so well.