The Big Bang Theory

Season 3 Episode 18

The Pants Alternative

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2010 on CBS

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  • Drunk Sheldon

    Yet another Sheldon-heavy episode that was strong through the preparation, but petered out at the end. There were so many opportunities for what drunk Sheldon could have done that just didn't happen. Can't win them all, though, I suppose, and what we were given was entertaining enough. Not really hoping we get drunk Sheldon again soon, however.
  • The Pants Alternative

    And so The Big Bang Theory, a show that has been fairly clear of continuity errors during its run, has one here tonight. Remember when Sheldon gave a speech to, what I think was a college, about how none of them are going to make any worthwhile contributions to the field of science? There was also a minor little thing that bothered me as Leonard said the video was already loaded on Youtube, yet you could see it was loading as it played along when they watched it on the computer. But then again anything Leonard says usually bothers me.

    Why does every sitcom have to have the cliched 'guy comes out of the dressing room in a bunch of ridiculous outfits'? It hasn't been funny in decades. The highlight of this episode for me was when Sheldon turned the tables and was acting like the psychiatrist to Leonard. That's one of the few things the show does well: having Sheldon appear in various other jobs such as the lawyer and the electronics store salesman.

    As a whole though, this episode was just mediocre.
  • 318

    Wow, an unexpected absolutely hysterical episode. I really do not know where to start. I was bothered by the continuity with Sheldon not being able to speak in public when he's done it many times before on this show, but was just so funny here, I let it slide. Seeing Sheldon drunk, wow. Definitely didn't expect that coming in to watching this episode.

    We got Sheldon interacting with all the characters which is comedy gold in my opinion. From buying suits with Penny to the therapist session with Leonard or Raj's meditation, we just got some really hilarious scenes here.

    Although I did find Sheldon getting drunk hard to fathom (especially after only what it seemed like 2 drinks), the scene was hilarious. And when he got up the next morning, I could not stop laughing. Especially after the Youtube video. Great episode tonight.
  • Sheldon should never drink....

    In this episode we find out that Sheldon and a lot of wine do not mix well and he's still wearing whitey tighteys. He should really have a problem with speaking in public now. Leslie Winkle can now call him Dr. No Pants. Funny as it was ... Picturing Sheldon's mom coming for an intervention soon after someone from her church shows her youtube. Getting disappointed with the Raj character. You would think after almost two and a half years that he would at least be able to talk with Penny in the same room. What happened to Howard's girlfriend, we haven't seen her for quite sometime now.
  • Sheldon wins an award for excellence and then doesn't want to accept it as he will have to give a speech. It seems whenever he speaks to groups larger than 36 adults or 70 children (the number who could trample him) he becomes frightened and faints.

    This episode started off with such promise. I think I must have laughed out loud a half a dozen times in the first ten minutes. Unfortunately it got a little slow from that point on. I would say it was somewhat predictable compared to some of the really clever episodes of The Big Bang Theory they have had.

    I still really enjoyed the acting and Penny and Leonard's relationship has reached a really comfortable state. There is nothing boring about it though. Each zings the other regularly and they are awfully good natured about it. When one of Leonard's friends has a problem she is always the one person with the most practical solution to the situation.

    The solution to Sheldon's problem sort of just presented itself and the results were predictable as Sheldon doesn't drink. I enjoyed each of the actors performances and the story was enjoyable to a point. It just didn't have the pizazz that makes this show really special most of the time. Thanks for reading...
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