The Big Bang Theory

Season 2 Episode 7

The Panty Piñata Polarization

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2008 on CBS

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  • Penny vs. Sheldon! Game on!!!

    This episode is an instant favorite, one of the best of season 2. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's thought Sheldon was a nutcase (not to say it doesn't come with some good laughs), but it's always fun when of the cast has fun with it. This one is a perfect example of that. Howard and Raj's side plot was okay, but it wasn't as funny as Penny and Sheldon squaring off with Leonard trying to act as referee.

    Penny innocently makes a mistake that earns her a strike in Sheldon's insane head. We learn here that Sheldon keeps track of everyone's strikes and after 3 strikes, that person is given a punishment and has the option of taking Sheldon's class in order to have them removed, just like when you get a ticket while driving. After learning that Sheldon had given her another strike for forwarding a funny email to him (funny for normal people), Penny decides to make a stand against Sheldon's ludicrous rules, which earns her her final strike and banishment from the apartment. It's never understood how he got her to leave since she's stronger than he is lol.

    Now, Leonard, Howard and Raj have already made a habit of looking the other way when this situation happens to them, but Penny stays firm to her stand and treats Sheldon in a similar way and banishes him from the Cheesecake Factory. It's here that I found myself totally on Penny's side. When Leonard tries to get her to apologize just so the whole ordeal would be over, she says she's not going to apologize for something that's not her fault, and she's right. I mean, I'll admit Sheldon is funny is the non-tradition way, but he has some irrational tendencies. Penny even makes a point that her stand isn't entirely about her; it's about not encouraging Sheldon's tendencies so he always thinks he can do them, which is true, just like when you give a crying kid a toy so he/she will stop crying. Eventually the kid is going to think he/she will get something for crying.

    Anyway, back to the episode. Because of Penny's banishment, Sheldon makes an off-camera discussion with her manager, who like everyone else probably gave in so he'd stop, and Penny has to serve him. She one-ups him by putting the idea into his head that she's done something to his meal. We don't know if she actually did but it's funny either way. This sets off a chain reaction. Sheldon responds to Penny's alleged tampering with his food by kicking her off the guy's WIFI, which is accompanied by a video of Sheldon basically saying she can have access again if she apologizes to him. To keep Penny from resorting to physical violence, Howard tried to get her access, which triggers another video of Sheldon giving everyone an additional strike for trying to help her.

    While Sheldon may have the advantage of technology, Penny takes an old-school approach and takes advantage of Sheldon's neurotic schedule by occupying all the laundry machines in the building on Sheldon's laundry day, to which Sheldon retaliates by hanging all the clothes from the machines on the telephone line outside the apartment. It's at this point that Penny is willing to call a truce, but as we all know Sheldon will never admit when he's wrong, so the war continues.

    Leonard, wanting this to end, gives Penny Sheldon's "kryptonite" - his mother's phone number. This was my favorite scene when his mom calls him and all you see is Sheldon looking depressed and trying and failing miserably to voice his stand. I love Leonard's reaction in this scene, especially after Sheldon asks him if he gave Penny his mom's number. Sheldon returns Penny's clothes and finally admits he's sorry to her. She accepts his apology and apologizes back. The war is finally over.

    I love episodes where the main cast is the focus without really any guest stars. I feel those are the best stories, just the main characters being themselves. Sheldon's idiosyncrasies are funny with just seeing the ones he has but are even more funny with someone calling him out on them. Plus, watching someone do something that makes Sheldon's eye do that twitching thing is always hilarious!
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