The Big Bang Theory

Season 2 Episode 7

The Panty Piñata Polarization

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2008 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • While everyone else is watching "America's Top Model", Sheldon points out that the word "Worf" appears in the boggle tray. Before Sheldon mentions this, Wolowitz is looking at the TV watching "America's Top Model". When Sheldon mentions what he sees, we see that Wolowitz is already looking at Sheldon before he speaks, and in the very next frame, Wolowitz is watching "America's Top Model" again. There was no time for him to turn his head at either point.

    • The onion ring that Penny picked up from Sheldon's plate is much bigger than the one she placed back.

    • The two models featured at the end of this episode, Analeigh Tipton and Samantha Potter, were both contestants and finalists in Season 11 of America's Next Top Model. Season 11 was airing at the same time this episode first aired and the model house was located in Los Angeles for this season (as indicated in this episode). However, though the guys continually referenced a contestant named Giselle, no contestant by that name has appeared since Season 1.

    • The correct spelling of "Qochbe'" (klingon for "To agree") is with a "Qo", not a "Ko".

  • Quotes

    • Sheldon: (to Penny) I trusted you with my e-mail address, and you betrayed that trust by sending me Internet banality.

    • Sheldon: You have two strikes. Three strikes and you're out. It's a sports metaphor.
      Penny: A sports metaphor?
      Sheldon: Yes, baseball.
      Penny: What was my first strike?
      Sheldon: March 18th: you violated my rule about forwarding email humor. You know, the photo of the cat who wants to "has cheezburger?"
      Penny: Oh, come on, everybody loves LOLcatz. They're cute, and they can't spell... 'cause they're cats?

    • Penny: I am going to introduce your friend to a world of hurt.
      Leonard: You don't want to get into it with Sheldon. The guy is one lab accident away from being a super villain.

    • Sheldon: (on a video message on Penny's computer) Greetings, Hamburger Toucher! You're probably wondering why you aren't able to IM with your little friends about how much you "heart" various things. Well, this recorded message is alerting you that I am putting an end to your parasitic piggy-backing upon our WiFi. If you want to remedy this situation, you can contact the phone company, pay for your own WiFi, or just apologize to me! (grins)

    • Leonard: Just apologize to him, okay?
      Penny: What? I'm not going to apologize to that nut-case.
      Leonard: Come on, it's easy. He'll even tell you what to say.

    • Sheldon: The entire nation dedicated a decade of effort and treasure to put a man on the moon.
      Howard: Well, my fellow Americans, before this year is out we will put a Wolowitz on one of America's top models.
      Raj: And a large number of people will believe it never happened.

    • Leonard: Put it on the agenda.
      Sheldon: You have to make a motion to put it on the agenda.
      Leonard: Oh, I'll make a motion, but you're not going to like it.

    • Raj: We now have the address of the Top Model house.
      Howard: God bless you, Google Street View—registered trademark.
      Leonard: Okay, for the record, what you guys are doing is really creepy.
      Howard: You know what? If it's creepy to use the Internet, military satellites, and robot aircraft to find a house full of gorgeous young models so that I can drop in on them unexpectedly, then fine, I'm creepy.

    • Howard: Giselle's hanging by a thread.
      Penny: Good, I hate her.
      Howard: Then you're not invited to our wedding.

    • Penny: Wait, Sheldon. This has gotten way out of hand. Okay, I've done some stupid things; you've done some stupid things. How about we just call it even and move on with our lives?
      Sheldon: I've done no stupid things.
      Penny: Look, you've got to meet me half way here.
      Sheldon: I am meeting you half-way. I'm willing to concede that you've done some stupid things.

    • Sheldon: Woman, you are playing with forces beyond your ken.
      Penny: Yeah, well your Ken can kiss my Barbie!

    • Sheldon: I am very sorry for what I have done. Here's your laundry. (gives basket with laundry) I rescind your strikes, and you are no longer banished from the apartment.
      Penny: Can I sit wherever I want? (Sheldon starts twitching) No, no, no, never mind, that's not important. This was very big of you. I really appreciate it. Goodnight, Sheldon.
      Sheldon: Penny? Well played.
      Penny: Thank you.
      Sheldon: Just remember: "with great power comes great responsibility."

  • Notes

    • This episode's end titles has Chuck Lorre's Vanity Card #225.

    • The German episode title is "Dessous auf der Oberleitung", meaning "Lingerie on the Wire". The French title is "La Vengeance de Sheldon", meaning "Sheldon's Vengeance". The Mexican title is "La polarización de la piñata de ropa", meaning "The Clothing Piñata Polarization". The Italian title is "La polarizzazione della pignatta", and the Spanish title is "La polarización Panty Piñata".

    • International Airdates:
      Latin America: December 16, 2008 on Warner Channel
      Australia: June 29, 2009 on Channel 9
      Turkey: October 19, 2009 on CNBC-e
      Finland: November 23, 2009 on Sub
      Czech Republic: November 2, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: September 22, 2011 on Markiza

  • Allusions

    • When Leonard tells Penny, "It'll shorten the war by five years and save millions of lives," he is making a joke that relates to the dropping of the atomic bomb. In the mid-1940s, the bomb was dropped in Japan by the U.S. and is said to have marked the termination of World War II.

    • Sheldon tells Penny, "With great power comes great responsibility," borrowing a mantra from the Spider-Man franchise.

    • When Howard chants "One of us, one of us" he is referencing Tod Browning's 1932 film, Freaks.