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The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 9

The Parking Spot Escalation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2012 on CBS

Episode Fan Reviews (16)

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  • Disappointed

    Really? Fighting over a spot he doesn't even use? Sheldon may have weird habits, but a genius wouldn't bother about something as stupid as that. He'd may care about Leonard's spot since it's one he actually uses, but this? I'm deeply disappointed with this episode. Even more because Amy and Bernadette got into that clich girlfriend fight. Raj is my favorite but oh my goodness, that zombie story was the most boring thing ever. Whenever he used to think of those weird things... they were always clever and funnier... this one was simply boring. The sixth season had been great... until the 8th and this one. Both sucked really hard. Sheldon used to act like a genius but sadly he's now acting like a child. The rest of the characters are too stereotyped and even the jokes aren't that funny anymore :(
  • my favorite episode of the season, so far

    I don't know why a lot of people are bashing this episode. This is one of my favorites of the whole series. It broke up the cliche and overdone themes of the series to try something new. And so far, the whole season has just been a back and forth between Penny-Leonard and Howard-Benadette. The pacing and progression was perfect, with Sheldon and Howard each out-doing each other in revenge. And the ending was hilarious.

  • I think I hate Sheldon

    Just when you thought the Big bang theory had bounced back due to excellent previous episode, It falls down even worse. Sheldon once again is Annoying, Childlike and irritating. I can understand him obsessing about hygiene and his spot on the couch but about a Parking spot you don't even use? I was glad to see Sheldon and Howard fight but things took a dark turn when Howard tries to run him over. WTF!!!!!! I fight with My friends but I don't try to run them over. I know it was supposed to be funny but that was a step to far.
  • Confused

    How do I actually watch a show on here? Do I have I pay?
  • Love it <333

    great episode xD I love Sheldon <3333
  • didn't like this episode

    This show has really gone down. its time for it chuck to throw in the towel and call it quits.
  • Character Development

    Evolution of the characters' personalities have made the show more interesting and hilarious.
  • Average

    Not to sound like a troll or something, but this show isn't as good as it used to be. Sheldon isn't Sheldon anymore. He becomes whiney, sticks out his tongue to others to express disapproval. He isn't the one he was in earlier seasons.

    Amy scenes are boring as usual. I'm ready for 'thumbs downs' but let me tell you one thing, all that I've said is a cumulation of the experiences of recent seasons.
  • The Parking Spot Escalation

    This season has been great and its improving i cant wait for more TBBT is becoming the best comedy of the season for me. This episode was hilarious i have missed the fights between howard and sheldon as its always entertaining.
  • I have strongly mixed feelings...

    It was interesting to see how it turns out if the writers start separating the boys from the girls plot. Worked out partly at least. Still, to quote "Fruit Loops": "I have strongly mixed feelings".

    With the current setup of the situations the show is in the process of losing its edge.

    Amy (who was a refreshment when she showed up first) turned into a paperweight. Bernadette (who killed at least my nerves right from the first sentence) has not changed much and thus does not do any good either. Penny somewhat stays Penny - good.

    I wish I could say the same for the boys. While Leonard and Howard seem to still do fine, Raj and finally Sheldon start to move into mediocrity. Raj is somewhere caught in this gay/not gay thing (which is not funny anymore but rather discriminating) and has a weird Zombie crush (again). But the worst part of it is Sheldon - the pillar of this show is now terribly different. Repetitive jokes (that dirty couch pillow thing again, seriously?) and other weird but formerly unknown traits give him less and less edge. He starts turning into a normal and boring guy. Nothing interesting there.

    I need to say it straight and clear. The Big Bang Theory is heading down a path where none of us wants it go - Washy Mediocrity.
  • At last! I have something in common with Sheldon Cooper!

    Without doubt, the funniest 20 minutes since the Halloween episode in series 5.

    The boys and girls having separate fights (not sure which was the cat one), with Sheldon as usual causing mayhem.

    Absolutely loved Amy and Bernadette battling over their respective mate's superiority and both ultimately losing.

    Truly evil Bernadette was a revelation when she took great delight in telling Amy it was she who scratched her car and had it towed. Priceless!

    The high spot (no pun intended) has to be a naked Howard on the couch with Sheldon's laptop on his "junk". The look on Sheldon's face was worth a fortune. Even better than a naked Sheldon in Howard's car.

    The one thing that annoyed me was not finding out what happened when a Zombie bites a Vampire, as Sheldon wasn't "giving it away".

    Poor Penny ended up looking like a Racoon after Amy accidentally whacked her in the mouth and played a lesser role in this episode, letting the other two girls shine.

    I was in hysterics for most of this show and can't wait for the next episodes.


    the common factor with Sheldon is that my nipples don't work either, by the way
  • Another Meh episode

    The Sheldon/Howard war should have worked (it did when they used the same plot for Sheldon/Penny and Sheldon/Raj), but it never really took off. Raj just seemed to be going through the motions. There's nothing particularly new in the plots, but that wouldn't matter if the scripts were sharper, but they just aren't sharp enough any more.
  • Average....

    The jokes were kinda bad and there was nothing that makes this episode stand out against the others. Although, I didn't enjoy Howard's and Sheldon's competition (They're grown men!!!), I did however enjoy the girls competing about who has the bigger man.
  • Bad as was the pilot

    Really, I don't like it. Howard has been the treasured acquaintance of Sheldon, not even a friend !. That's unbelievable the silly behavior of Sheldon.
  • Sheldon is just as childish as ever

    I thought this was a good episode, 8.5, but I guess I am still put off a bit with some of Amy's sexually related statements. Somehow they grate on me being so direct. The rest of the episode was quite hilarious with Sheldon and Howard fighting about the parking spot. The nude scenes were great and thinking of Howard sitting nude on Sheldon's couch spot was certain to absolutely blow Sheldon out of the water with his hypochondria about his health. But then to see Sheldon do the same to Howard in his new car was perfect. The girl's cat fight was fun too. A very good episode in my opinion.
  • Big Bang at its best

    This is the kind of Episodes that makes me love this show so much, Its brilliant when they are going up against each other and trying to out smart one another. This Episode was about Howard using Sheldon's parking spot, which incidentally didn't go down well with Sheldon! It was hilarious the way both of them tried to out do each other which then led to Amy and Bernadette fighting as well. On the other hand we have Raj arguing with Leonard about Mummy's and Zombies been the same thing!!