The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Episode 16

The Peanut Reaction

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 12, 2008 on CBS

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  • True Colors

    That had the set-up to be a really good episode and then completely failed at sticking the landing. I love seeing Penny and Sheldon interact when they're actually working to accomplish something (and really loved seeing Sheldon in the electronics store - he definitely has a retirement career). Howard might have actually had his first redeeming episode, even if he was doing it for his own benefit. But then it went overboard and overshot the time and messily cleaned up in the last minute of the episode. Nice try, better luck next time.
  • Best episode this season.

    Penny, with the help of the rest of the gang, are throwing Leonard his first birthday party ever. Howard needs to keep Leonard away from his appartment, Raj needs to "entertain" the guests when they arrive, and Penny needs to help Sheldon buy a gift after he finally accepts the process of gift giving.

    Complications arise however when Sheldon gets a little too into the products he's sampling,

    Great character development happening here for Leonard. We learn about his childhood and sympathesize with him, and we get our first Penny/Leonard kiss!

  • 116

    A superb episode of TBBT tonight, I laughed almost all the way through and it was just a very eventful episode. This show has its off days sometimes but this was just a perfect example of what this show is capable of doing, and that is bringing the whole audience a barrel of laughs. From Sheldon spontaneously starting to work at the electronics store to Howard actually having an allergic reaction for Leonard, this was a hysterical episode, no doubt about it. Just some scenes were just unexpectedly hilarious, and I was completely blown away by this episode.

    The ending was a bit of a letdown since there was no party scenes but Howard & Leonard walking in to the apartment to find drunk Raj and Penny & Sheldon sleeping was hilarious. Penny kisses Leonard in the end, great eventful scene that tied the whole episode together.

    Superb hysterical episode of TBBT.
  • Penny attempts to throw a suprise party for Leonard.

    This is exactly why I watch this series. That was the only classification I can think to put of for this episode. Everyone was great, even Johnny Galecki was less annoying than usual. Simon Helberg continues to bring life to an excellent character in Howard. Kaley Cuoco isn't as good on this show as she was on 8 Simple Rules, but she was still funny as well this week. Rajeesh provided some laughs, but like always Jim Parsons stole the show as Sheldon.

    The scene where he was pretending to work at the electronics store was great. Telling the woman that it's out of stock but they can order it for her was great. Somehow he seems to get funnier every week.

    The Big Bang Theory continues to be the top comedy on Monday and is slowly rising in the rankings toward the top sitcom on television. If they keep producing quality episodes like this they might reach 30 Rock and Curb Your Enthusiasm one day.
  • Nerds. ♥

    Penny wants to throw a surprise party for Leonard, but Sheldon's indulgence at an electronics store throws her off-track. As always I love the start - I wish I was in ther friends group. I love the whole storyline the way Leonard has never had a borthday party - quite sad really. I love the way Penny reacts about the whole thing making sure everyone is up for a birthday party for him. I love the way Sheldon makes him and Penny later by being a nerd. I also love the way Howard gets Leonard out the apartment - love all the scenes with them. I love the way Leonard misses his own party. I also love the video at the end. As always, another Awesome episode.
  • A typical episode.

    The episode bigains in the cafe where Penny works, Sheldon and Rajesh are playing "Tresling" which is a combined sport between armresling and Tetris. Penny walks up to them and asks them to "Cut it the hell out" and walks away to another table to celebrate someone's bithday. She walks back to to the Leonard's table and they start to discuss wether or not Leonard is coming down to the cafe on his bithday witch is coming up later that week. It turnes out that Leonard never have had an birthday party before.

    Later on Penny desides to throw Leonard a supprise party but Sheldon doesn't really understand why because he is an social moron. Penny then tries to talk him into helping her by telling Sheldon that she will draw smilies on his most valuble comicbooks, but it takes a while for Sheldon to understand the consept of placmale. Sheldon changes his mind about the suppriseparty as soon as he gets it, and they start planning right away.

    Howard gets the assignment to distrace Leonard for a few hours, but he is having problem to get Leonard to leave the house so he fakes an alegic reaction so they have to go to the hospital where thing gets a bit out of hand.

    When they finnaly get back to the house they are to late, the party have already ended. They you will see this video with Rajesh drinking and accualy talking to girls without eny problems and there is alot of other crazy stuff going on.

    Penny fells bad and gives Leonard a kiss, and Leonard asks when her birthday is.

    There was notning special with this episode but i think that the directors messed up the ending, they could have made somthing romantic instead of humour, i mean that's what the show is about, humor.

    Otherwise a good episode!
  • Leonards Birthday! :)

    The first dork birthday. The fact that Sheldon didn't like parties - totally thought that would happen.

    This whole episode really does again centre around the fact Sheldon has no idea how to handle his friends or himself. His trip to the electric store to find a gift, and the gifts he wants to give are something I would actually like to recieve (And the gifts from Raj and Howard then Penny's jumper made me really laugh!) but Penny wants him to get something from the heart.

    The disaster attempting to arrange the party then him missing it was sad but awww the ending with Penny and Leonard was adorable!

    (Sheldon's tee shirt. wannnnnnnnnt!)
  • Sheldon in an alternate life could have worked in a computer shop

    This was a very fun episode. It's also one of the funniest in a few weeks. This comes from Character development and although bizarre (given how normal he seems) Leonard has never celebrated a birthday. This is a marked difference to Sheldon's mum who actually seemed normal.

    Still, leaving the oddness behind we have some great character moments the best of which is Sheldon helping people pick their computer products. 'What make is your computer, and please don't say White!'. His non-understanding of what a present is rings so true with his character. In the end due to Howard creating a distraction (eats a peanut bar that he is allergic to) Leonard may miss his party but still the party is not always the fun part and they have already done that in an earlier episode - it's the build-up that matters - as this episode shows.
  • Great episode, one of my favorites!!

    This was another of my favorites. I like the birthday part of it and and that Penny wants to throw a surprise party for Leonard. I liked that Howard risked his life to keep Leonard from the apartment (sort of). I also thought that Sheldon's shopping at an electronics store is absolutely hilarious. What I didn't like was that Leonard didn't get to have his birthday party after all. It would of been better if he could of at least for a couple minutes. I did like Penny and Leonard kissing at the end, I really think that they would make a cute couple!
  • Penny decides to give Leonard a kick ass birthday party.

    Not as fun as the former episode, but pushes characters' relationship forward. The Tresling idea is great. Once again the show presents the geek fun to us; I like things going on between Penny and Sheldon. Their "antagonizing" adds more tones to the show. I feel sorry for Leonard that he misses his first birthday party which everybody works hard on. Maybe he should change his parents with Sheldon's~ The ending is a bit disappointing. I expected something humor but got romance instead. Is it because the next episode's story so they arrange this plot to give us some hint? Maybe. I look forward the next episode.
  • Nothing exceptionally funny, but adds up to create a consistent episode with a nice touch at the end.

    Penny discovers that Leonard's never had a birthday party, so she decides to throw him a surprise one. Sheldon is less than willing, so she blackmails him by threatening to scrawl on his mint comic books. Unfortunately, Sheldon doesn't have a big immediate grasp of blackmail.

    But when they can't get Leonard out of the apartment, Wolowitz has to fake a reaction to peanuts that becomes a little too real at the hospital. Meanwhile Sheldon channels his genius into assisting customers at the computer store where he's ostensibly gone to buy Leonard a present.

    All the best elements of the show are present here - the dysfunctional relationship dynamic between Penny and Sheldon is one of my favourite parts of the show, and Raj's telephone message at the end (under the influence of alcohol, of course) is pretty funny. And a nice touch at the end is enough to garner a near-perfect episode that may lead well into next week when Leonard finally asks Penny on an official date.
  • Penny throws Leonard a surprise party

    This was a fun episode. I liked the way they focused on Penny through much of this episode, and Sheldon was his usual deadpan self. Howard had a lot of the great lines in this episode, and him trying to figure out how to get Leonard out of the apartment so Penny could throw Leonard a surpise party was funny. Howard finally fakes a peanut allergy, and then at the hospital tries to convince the nurse in charge to go along with his fakery. Finally, he eats the peanut bar and his face blows up. Also funny was Sheldon at the electronics store, how he starts to pretend to be an employee. Another great episode from TBBT team!
  • A great episode, exactly why I watch the series.

    No one was left out, they did a good job with everyone in this episode. Penny and Sheldon's stare down was hilarious, Howard's reaction to penny telling him she'll point out her slutty friends to him, Rajesh and the video camera, the Kiss... all this stuff was classic moments for the series. And did a I mention Penny looked absolutely amazing? I'm so glad this show got renewed, it has a great cast and writing. This episode would be a great one to show people for the first time to get them hooked on the show. It really highlighted the characters well.
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