The Big Bang Theory

Season 3 Episode 4

The Pirate Solution

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2009 on CBS

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  • Deported

    There was a very different dynamic in this episode that was really and truly working for the show. It wasn't the 'serious' plotline and the 'comedic' plotline this time, but two plots that were both equally important for character development that put different groups together and shook up the established rhythms. It felt like it went somewhere (except for the whole Eye of the Tiger bits that were clearly wasting time). More of this, please.
  • 304

    This episode didn't start out very well and I almost was expecting to not like the episode considering episodes that have been focused on Raj didn't set well with me in the past, but this was actually a great installment of Big Bang. Both story lines were hilarious, and we got some cool montage-esque scenes with Sheldon & Raj.

    Sheldon of course was the best thing about the episode with his arguments with Raj, and just his obsessions like his board or changing "with" to "for" every time Raj said "working with you." The Eye of The Tiger scenes just made the episode all the more memorable and just made it a great episode in general.

    The Leonard & Penny relationship is already taking a toll on me, I was worried in the beginning of the season that their relationship would ruin the chemistry of the show. And even though it's not ruined, it seems like it's getting there. Though I did like the scenes between Howard, Leonard & Penny. We got some great one liners. Overall, great episode.
  • Very funny, very entertaining episode.

    Very good episode with Raj as the central character. Raj, up for deportation needs a new job. After several unsuccessful attempts, including one with where he hits on a female co-worker resulting in a "complaint", after he realizes he cannot talk to her and drinks several glasses of alcohol. Sheldon finally offers him a job. However, it turns out to be a comedic matching. Indeed, Sheldon doesn't even offer him the job right away, just a chance to get the job, interviewing him in the process. However, when the two get together, a hilarious scene (possibly one of the best sequences I have seen in a while) takes place where they squabble over the theorems of physics to the tune of Eye of the Tiger (Rocky theme). After days of work - where you can actually see the beard growth on Sheldon a little - Raj cracks and quits. Later, without even sorting their differences, they agree to work together again. Sheldon however, immediately asks for a ride home (so typical for Sheldon! but genius!)

    Meanwhile, Penny and Leonard are stepping up their love life. But Howard becomes a third wheel. After almost leaving to hang out with his mother, Lenny and Penny decide that Howard can stay but that they also need some time alone. Their scenes were also pretty funny. I liked the back and forth between these three and Sheldon and Raj.

    I have to say, this was a great episode all around. It was entertaining, funny, original. Sheldon funny as usual and Raj steps it up in this episode, showing that he too can be funny when he's not inhibited by females in the room. However, the female-in-the-room thing is kind of getting old, and I kinda wish it would just be done with. Either way, I love this show and this episode was very funny and well done.
  • Raj faces deportation and Sheldon comes to his rescue..

    The hot topic of immigration has been dealt with in a number of shows. But I distinctly remember the one from HIMYM, where Robin faces deportation to Canada and must get another job in something like 2 weeks or so.

    Nevertheless, this was an excellent episode. Usually the ones where Raj is made the central character, the episode generally doesn't invoke that many laughs. Here, a new chemistry using Raj and Sheldon is experimented and the result is 30 minutes of top class comedy. Kunal Nayyar has evolved really well from a sidekick actor to one who can make or break an episode with his lines. The parallel track involving Leonard, Wolowitz, and Penny could be noted as a low point in this episode. Except for the SATC joke, which was hilarious.

    Nice going BBT.
  • Raj faces deportation

    How funny was this episode, it was freaking hilarious. Raj is facing deportation after hitting a dead end on his work 6 months ago, so Sheldon offers him a job. This episode really had some great line where Sheldon always thinks he's right, Raj "Do not tell me about my own religion Sheldon, I swear to cow I'll take you out"

    The Eye of the Tiger montage was the highlight of the episode. Elsewhere Penny and Leonard were trying to get some alone time but Howard was always there, he had nowhere else to go as Raj was working with Sheldon.
  • Good after a slow and unfunny start

    Facing a return to India, Raj needs a job desperately enough to consider working for Sheldon. Meanwhile, Howard becomes a third wheel to Leonard and Penny. I always hate watching a Raj episode they never make me laught and this one is no exception I dont know, Raj is my least favourite character on the show because he is not very intresting anhe very rarely makes me laugh. It didnt help that the episode resolved around him and there was nothing else going on but then came the second part filled with and eye of the tiger montage and funny Howard momments it really picked up and I'm glad it did this was one of this wasnt one of the best episode ever but still at least it wasnt the worst.
  • My english is not very good but I'll try to write right. I loved this episode, I love Sheldon, but Raj is improving a lot in this season, I hope he becomes a more importan character. On the other hand, Leonard character is getting boring!!!!

    My english is not very good but I'll try to write right.
    I loved this episode, I love Sheldon, but Raj is improving a lot in this season, I hope he becomes a more importan character. On the other hand, Leonard character is getting boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never liked him but this season he sucks.
    My favorites characters:
    1- Sheldon
    2- Raj
    3- Wolowitz
    4- Penny
    5- Leslie Winkle
    6- Sheldon's mom
    and last Leonard I think the reason Leonard is sooooooooooooooo boring is because the main qualitity of the character is that he loves Penny, may be if he could do more stuff it could be different, but for now, I think is the worst character of the show.
  • It's the eye of the tiger....something something something...rising up to...something...of our rivals...something something

    Very enjoyable episode of The Big Bang Theory tonight. The uber-annoying Johnny Galecki was downplayed and the man who got robbed at the Emmys, Jim Parsons, got the spotlight in this installment.

    While deportation episodes are about as cliched as they come, at least this was better than when How I Met Your Mother did it last year (being deported to CANADA, come on).

    Raj excelled given more screen time and material to work with tonight and I love how they incorporated his inability to talk to women into the job interview. Even after three seasons that is still funny.

    Speaking of cliched storylines, Howard as the third wheel is another plot that is overdone in sitcoms, so I did not much care for that, but at least it did not last long.

    The highlight of this episode, outside of Sheldon's dialogue, had to be when he and Raj were staring at the board with "Eye of the Tiger" playing. Just a great incorporation of a classic song and proof that despite unprecedented success for the series, it has not varied away from its nerdy premise. That shows extreme loyalty to its fanbase.
  • Raj is going to be deported as his research is crap, so his financing is running out. The boys decide to try to find him another position. He ends up going to work for/with Sheldon which spells trouble. Howard gets lonely and bugs Penny and Leonard.

    Started out slow but picked up steam very quickly during the course of the half hour. Working for Sheldon. I enjoyed how Raj described what he would do to himself before he worked for him.

    You knew Raj was in trouble in the first interview when the women walked in the room. He was done, stick a fork in him. It wasn't surprising then when he agreed to go to work with/for Sheldon. The Eye of the Tiger montage was very clever and it was great fun. It was shocking when Sheldon basically admitted Raj was right on the equation.

    Poor Howard, left all alone when Raj went to work with Sheldon. The scene when he was making breakfast after Leonard and Penny came out of his bedroom was funny. Especially how he congratulated Leonard on a job well done.

    A really fun and enjoyable episode of The Big Bang Theory. I always look forward to this every week. Thanks for reading...
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