The Big Bang Theory

Season 3 Episode 21

The Plimpton Stimulation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 10, 2010 on CBS

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  • Brown and Spicy

    Moving right along, Leonard clearly doesn't realize that just because it's offered doesn't make it right. I might be a bit biased regarding the hookup culture, but regardless, it just doesn't make for decent viewing. Of all the things to move the story forward, having Sheldon of all people know a sex kitten just doesn't seem to work. There were a few continuity blips as well, but I don't come to this show for that, so...
  • 321

    Great episode of Big Bang Theory tonight. The laugh ratio was definitely high while I was watching this episode. Every character was funny, each and every one had at least one line that I cracked up at. Raj was definitely the funniest from him drinking Nyquill from a flask to him sleeping with Dr. Plimpton, he was just hysterical.

    Howard was also great as a supporting character tonight and I loved the scene where they all discussed the possibility of them all having a foursome with Dr. Plimpton. Dr. Plimpton's character was definitely hilarious, did not expect her to do that, if anything I thought she would start liking Sheldon.

    Sheldon was Sheldon, he was hysterical as usual, just a great classic Big Bang Theory.
  • Okay episode

    Sheldon houses a guest tonight, which predictably leads to Howard, Raj and Leonard not believing him. His guest is a scientist, however, it is quickly revealed that she has a strong sexual desire.

    The episode had some high parts such as Raj saying, "I understand that you cannot pay your rent," but compared to shows like Two and a Half Men, Modern Family, 30 Rock, Bang just does not measure up anymore. The days of Sheldon being far and away the funniest character on TV are long gone as I think we have seen just about every quirk you could possibly get from him and the writers aren't giving us any new ideas.

    I think it is time for Sheldon to have a relationship on the show.
  • Judy Greer guest stars as the lascivious Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton!

    I just reviewed a movie with Jeff Bridges and Timothy Blake Nelson called The Amateurs, and Judy Greer was in it. That reminded me of her performance in Two and a Half Men where she was Myra, Judith's smart, sassy, sexy sister who hooks up with Charlie. That is kind of how she is cast, as the smart but sexy girl, but when she does it so well, why not type cast her? I looked it up to make sure it was really her, and then read that she was also in Arrested Development and some other shows, and she will be a guest on How I Met Your Mother next week. Great episode of BBT. But at the risk of going above and beyond the call of Judy, just let me say that Judy Greer is smokin' hot, and she deserves to be in a series of her own.
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