The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Episode 15

The Pork Chop Indeterminacy

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 05, 2008 on CBS

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  • Missy

    Once again, we have Sheldon making sure the show goes on. Missy was obvious from a mile away, the humble-bumble from Sheldon's office all the way to the end of the episode was paced terribly and wasn't interesting at all and I really wanted something more worthwhile to happen with Raj. Also, Leonard was a complete douche to Penny. There's no sense of time passage in this series and that's really starting to bother me. Not a great episode overall.
  • Sheldon's twin sister visits.

    This is another strong episode of The Big Bang Theory. Rajesh's character continues to rely on not being able to talk to girls, and it's not getting old anytime soon. His character is trumped though by the greatness of Sheldon and Howard, who continue to become two of the funniest people on television. Leonard is kind of the downfall of the show, but popular sitcoms are often ridiculed with unfunny leads.

    "My people invented circumcision." "We took quite an unnecessary detour from what I now think is your thesis." Some of my favorite quotes from the episode.

    Too often in today's TV society shows rely on cheap tactics, and sex jokes instead of captivating storylines and well-designed characters. The Big Bang Theory is a quintessential example of the latter and continues to produce one of the top shows every week.
  • The show proves its quality once again. The Sheldon family again wreaks havoc - first it was the mother, and now the oh-so-lovely sister. Of course the brains of the family seeks only wisdom in his ignorance of life! [Only 9.9? - It was over too soon!]

    Just when we thought the show was losing a little of its magic the unthinkable happens - it actually gets even better!

    The arrival of a mysterious woman in Sheldon office causes flutters in the gang. To find out its Sheldons twin sister only makes her even more delectable and Leonard quickly finds cause to invite her to stay over.

    Of course the guys become obsessed with her and bid for Sheldons approval as to why each should be the 'chosen one'. Chaos ensues as even Raj makes an effort with an experimental drug in order to win over Missy.

    Best bits, of which there are so many include:

    1.Raj grabbing the drug experiment notice after his first failed attempt at communication,
    2.The fight between the suitors to see who should have first shot - done via a virtual boxing match of course!
    3.The fact that Leonard is completely oblivious to Penny, and Penny actually looks a little disappointed
    4.Horror when Raj knocks on Pennys door to ask Missy out - and it looks like he could be the lucky one - at the exact moment his 'confidence' drug wears off. (i almost cried for him!)
    5.....any one of a dozen other worthy moments Of late it seems to have become somewhat Sheldon centred but this was a return in style, and more so. Some may miss the more Penny/Leonard lines but I feel this was touched upon in a very subtle but important way by Penny's reaction to the way she was almost in the way of his new goal. The best so far....more of this quality and a few awards could be on there way!!!!!
  • Nerds. ♥

    The rest of the gang fall for Sheldon's twin sister, and Leonard's plan to win her heart is derailed when Sheldon declares he'll be the one to decide who can date her. As always I love the start - the way everyone surrounds Sheldon's office because there is a ''hot girl'' in there, who turns out to be Sheldon's twin sister. I love the way the others are with his twin and Sheldon. I love the way Sheldon doesn't realise he has a good looking sister. I love the whole storyline the way the other nerds are being competitive with Missy. I love the way Leonard is with both Penny and Missy - hilairous. I love the storyline with Raj and the shyness drugs and side effects. I love the scene between Missy and Shelond, I also love the ending the way they all knock for Missy one at a time. Awesome ending, another amazing episode.
  • 115

    Great episode of Big Bang Theory here, we get to delve in to Sheldon's character a bit more when we meet his twin sister: Missy. It's a good thing that this character was introduced earlier in season 1, not at a random episode in season 3 or something, this managed to not hurt the continuity which was good. Raj taking medication was hilarious and the fact that it was wearing off just when he realized Missy liked him was absolutely hilarious. TBBT continues to be one of the strongest comedies on prime time, and one of the most promising shows that I've seen in a while. Sheldon, Howard, and Raj playing Wii for Missy was absolutely hysterical.

    The hug between Sheldon & Missy at the end was nice, and it's nice to know that Sheldon has some feelings, so overall great character development, and since Sheldon is just about the best thing about this show, it really helped this episode that it was focused on him.
  • The making of Sheldon 2.0....or not.

    Words cannot begin to describe this episode. It is, by far, the funniest episode of ANY show I have ever seen. I couldn't stop laughing the entire 1/2 hour. Normally, this show is funny and each character, on their own, can be quite humorous. However, in this episode, every character was abolutely brillant, including Courtney Henggeler guest starring as Sheldon's twin sister, Missy.

    My favorite character tonight was Raj. He takes a "miracle drug" to overcome extreme shyness as a test subject in a drug trial. He then competes with Howard and Leonard for Missy's attention. The involuntary hand movements were just hilarious. I loved Raj's boasts about his people being responsible for the Kama Sutra and pajamas. Howard, not to be outdone, takes credit for his people being responsible for circumcision. Of course, poor Raj's medication wears off at the worst time. When I stopped laughing, I actually felt bad for him.

    This is a MUST SEE episode!
  • Sheldon's twin sister visits and the guys become obsessed with her, and make points to Sheldon as to why they should date her over the others, in order to fulfil his ideal of having her produce genius offspring.

    Ok so we have had an overdose of Sheldon lately, but this episode did return to some of the orginal dynamics. Sheldon's twin sister could not be more different from our favorite geek, as we could see she befriended Penny easily. What I think was funnier was the way they viewed each other, him saying that she has the stereotypical features that men in western culture find attractive, and that she tells people that he is a rocket scientist.

    Onto the three geeks and their pursuit, nothing could have been funnier than Raj and Howard arguing over their cultural contributions to society, pajamas and circumsion. Then to see them fighting each other and Howard proclaiming he was the strongest kid at math camp.

    While this detoured a bit from the Leonard/Penny, will they won't they dilemma. I thought it was very funny, a highlight to allow Raj to talk to Penny and Missy by putting him on experimental drugs. I really do think that this is one of the most well written comedies on TV.
  • Sheldon has a twin sister!?

    Did we know this? I think we might off. I remember an episode where the Mother comes down and talks about a non-smart daughter although did we know it was a twin?

    Well - you have to expect another half to Sheldon - some of his social skills clearly went to his twin sister xD

    The most hilarious part of this is when Sheldon and Leonard go into the room and have that talk - the scene before it where Raj and Howard have that little one liner session - hilarious! Won't spoil it but seriously best bit of the episode!

    Leonard making Sheldon all over protective of his sister in a really awkward way was kind of sweet and funny at the same time!

    Plus I love Howard. Have I ever mentioned how much I love his wardrobe!