The Big Bang Theory

Season 3 Episode 17

The Precious Fragmentation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2010 on CBS

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  • Props

    It was a bit strained here and there, but they managed to pull off the idea rather well. Gollum Sheldon was a nice touch, as was the final showdown between him and Leonard after discovering the ring hadn't been shipped off to New Zealand. Not the best episode but not the worst by far.
  • 317

    Not an awesome episode. I just really didn't like the plot. The guys hold on to a ring and the last one holding it wins the ring. I couldn't help but be reminded of That 70s Show. That show did a way better version of this plot with the "Hands on a Van" episode. Penny was definitely the funniest here, and I found myself rolling my eyes at Sheldon's dream that I didn't find very funny.

    Nevertheless, I was still somewhat amused by this episode, even if I didn't get a lot of laughs. The best scene was definitely when Penny punched out Sheldon, that was absolutely hysterical. Yet, I know there are worst episodes out there of Big Bang, so I should probably appreciate this episode as an entertaining watch.
  • The Precious Fragmentation

    There is a time when this show can be a bit too geeky: this is one of those times. This show started off as a brilliant commentary on a lot of Americans. The vast majority of the population is like one of these characters and they have three friends like the others. But this was just too weird. They would never do this (a contest to see who could hold a ring for the longest); I just was not buying it. The show has been on a downward spiral as of late. I must admit though, I expected Raj to end up winning, so I was a bit surprised to see Mr. Unlikeable Leonard ending up with the ring.
  • Best episode of the third season...why...cos its an ensemble again

    So this episode we return to the group dynamic. One story line that doesn't involve Sheldon and Sheldon only but rather Raj, Howard and even Leonard gets the one-liner of the episode. Holding spock's body with mr. t's head
    'I pity the fool who is illogical'
    That was hilarious
    It was great to see all the guys sitting around the couche, trying to distract one another!!!
    'I'm going to make you want to pee' Sheldon's face was ridiculous.
    Then Raj talking about Sheldon's grandmother; he gets sooo upset.
    Then when Sheldon thinks he'd won the ring and then turns into the famous Lord of the Rings character, was ridiculously funny. The conversation was great
    Leonard - You want patience...Penny made me watch all five seasons of sex and the city
    Raj - Dude there are six seasons
    Leonard - Ahh Crap!!!!
    It was a great episode
  • An instant classic. The boys stop and buy a box of junk instead of dinner and find what they believe is one of the original rings that was a prop from Lord of the Rings. A major problem about ownership ensues. An instant classic.

    A predictable and humorous episode of The Big Bang Theory. The boys find all sorts of "treasures" in this box they paid $60! dollars for from a yard sale.

    The key plot device is the finding of this ring from the movie. After studying it, Howard's "dangerous" friend announces to him that this is from the original movie. This was that was one of the nine props for the movie. Three were given as gifts and the other six were destroyed. Of course we find out one was stolen before it could be destroyed and this is that ring. Of course you know with these four nothing good is going to come of this. In the end Penny holds it for safe keeping. You had to love the references to the "first piece of jewelry my boyfriend gives me" and "I should date dumb guys from the gym" or my favorite, "I'm going to go peruse E-Harmony on my computer!" I especially enjoyed the results of Sheldon trying to steal the ring from her in the night and his explanation of this not being the first time he was beat up by a girl!

    A fun episode with a lot of whimsy. Well played and written. This episode should be fun to watch again and again. Thanks for reading...
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