The Big Bang Theory

Season 7 Episode 7

The Proton Displacement

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2013 on CBS
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When Professor Proton seeks advice from Leonard, Sheldon is hurt and contacts Bill Nye. Howard interrupts Raj’s girls night out.

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  • Too far / unsuitable for age group

    Although I am a terrific fan of tbbt season 7 episode 7 took the Rajesh and Howard moment with the belt buckels a little too far for the time slot IMHO .
  • Yes, this was funny!

    I have to say this episode was funny. Yes, it was a bit too many "old people jokes" (every thought that we may all turn old one day?) but the rest was a good one.

  • More Proton displacement please!?

    It is great that the writing in this season started very well and is simply getting better. Bob Newhart as before was excellent. His delivery (I refer to his comic timing) and acting of some superb writing was on the button. Of course everyone else was great even Bernadette. And the very cringe worthy Raj and Howard sketches are still working for me. Finally a big up to the writers for reminding everyone that being old does not means desire fades! Go Professor Proton!moreless
  • Aweful laugh track

    Laugh tracks never bother me but the one on this episode was so loud, extemely annoying.
  • Yet another solid episode !

    Writers must of woken up !

    Great humour, great plot, even raj couldn't bring it down..

    only thing i have to mention is again with sheldon needing to be front and centre and spitting his dummy out when he doesn't get it like the big baby he this time a rare occasion where he somehow does the right thing instead of making things much i sense will be retconned again soon..

    little note to the prop dept on the nano tube 'set up' that was the stupidest looking pile of crap ever.

Johnny Galecki

Johnny Galecki

Leonard Hofstadter

Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons

Sheldon Cooper

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco


Simon Helberg

Simon Helberg

Howard Wolowitz

Kunal Nayyar

Kunal Nayyar

Rajesh Koothrappali

Melissa Rauch

Melissa Rauch

Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz

Bob Newhart

Bob Newhart

Arthur Jefferies/ Professor Proton

Guest Star

Bill Nye

Bill Nye



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    • Howard: ...And an astolyne torch to melt it down.
      Penny: Oooo. That looks like fun.
      Bernadette: Maybe you should master glue before you move onto fire.

    • Leonard: If you would have told me when I was a kid that someday I would have been doing science next to Professor Proton, I would not have believed you.
      Professor Proton: If someone had told me that people would still be call me Professor Proton when I was 83 years old, I never would have quit smoking.

    • Leonard: Because it's just so happens I'm also spending the day with a beloved children television science personality. Isn't that right new friend and colleague, Bill Nye, the Science Guy? Sorry I replaced you with a newer model.
      Bill Nye: Wow, Arthur Jeffries. It's an honor to meet you. My show never would have happened without yours.
      Professor Proton: That's what I told my lawyers.

    • Amy: Have you ever thought about why Arthur didn't want you to read his paper?
      Sheldon: Yes I have. My only conclusion is the prescription he was picking up the other day was for cookoo pills.
      Amy: Maybe he found you a bit much.
      Sheldon: That's kind of a stretch. But when it comes to social skills, I've mastered the big three. There's the coy smile. There's the friendly chuckle. Ha-ha-ha-haaaa. There's the vocalization of sympathy. Ahhh. Well, that one's tricky. I'm still working on it.
      Amy: From what I saw the other day I can understand why he and…some people might find you…
      Sheldon: What?
      Amy: It doesn't matter.
      Sheldon: No. Go ahead. Say it. I know what it is. I've heard it my whole life. The word's annoying. Go ahead. Say it. Say it. Say, "I'm annoying."
      Amy: Sheldon.
      Sheldon: Oh, it won't hurt my feelings. Go ahead, Amy. Say, "I'm annoying." "I'm annoying." "I'm annoying." "I'm annoying." Now where are you going? You know you want to say it. Say it. Say, "I'm annoying." Go ahead. Say it. Say it. Say it, Amy. Say it. (Amy leaves the apartment slamming the door.) Well, she can't stand it when I'm right.

    • Sheldon: Using the sweet candy of science to trick children into loving him.

    • Sheldon: Look at him. Just standing in line like he wasn't moderately famous thirty years ago. Let's go say hello.
      Leonard: Maybe we shouldn't bother him.
      Sheldon: I'm not going to bother him. I'm going to talk to him.
      Leonard: He thinks there's a difference.

    • Professor Proton: So you have any single grandmothers?
      Penny: Sorry, they're both married.
      Professor Proton: Happily? (Penny gives him a "come see, come saw" hand expression.)

    • Professor Proton: Can I ask you a question?
      Leonard: Yeah, sure.
      Professor Proton: Why do you put up with Sheldon?
      Leonard: Oh, um, you know. Because we're friends.
      Professor Proton: Why?
      Leonard: Wow. You ask really hard questions. Look, I know he can be aggravating, but you have to remember he's not doing it on purpose. It's just how he is. Oh, but he's also loyal, and trustworthy and we have fun together.
      Professor Proton: You know, you're describing a dog.
      Leonard: He did bite me once. But in his defense I came up behind him while he was eating.
      Professor Proton: They hate that.
      Leonard: You, know what. Sheldon is the smartest person I've ever met. He's a little broke and he needs me. I guess I need him too.
      Professor Proton: Why's that?
      Leonard: You will not let this go.

    • Amy: (about Raj and Howard) I knew it! They're gonna have sex before Sheldon and I do!

    • Professor Proton: Back off, bow tie!

    • Bill Nye: Wow, Arthur Jeffreys, It's an honour to meet you. My show never would have happened without yours.
      Arthur: That's what I told my lawyers.

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