The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 22

The Proton Resurgence

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 02, 2013 on CBS

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  • I love Professor Proton

    The best episode of this season. Hilariously funny. Eyes watering moments between Sheldon and the got long in the tooth TV host Prof Proton.
  • The Best Theory Episode

    Why this isn't rated higher, I'll never know. I laughed so hard. Bob Newhart is hilarious in this. Love it.
  • Bob is back!

    I've always been a big fan of Bob Newhart as I watched his shows and loved them back when and my wife and I checked out DVDs and rewatched some of them recently. I didn't know he was in this episode until we watched it last night. He did a great job as an old guy portraying Professor Proton although at times I wondered a little if his age wasn't having some effects on his lines. However in this story line it actually fit perfectly. Sheldon was like that gleeful, amazed little kid I sometimes would like to be again, unaware of this messed up world and just amazed by a childhood fantasy. And Penny's zaniness was perfect, duh, can the potato help with your pacemaker? LOL The parallel story line with Raj, Bernadette, and Howard was great as I know what it would be like to lose a friends or relatives dog. Bernadette slamming the computer lid shut really ended that story line perfectly. A very good episode, not as hiliarous overall as some but quite good and it did have Bob Newhart as well!
  • Love this show!!!

    My family and friends record every episode. when we all get home from work, Big Bang makes a really long day laughable! I save them for later viewing as well! Sheldon reminds me so much of my boyfriend, genious with no common sense, Leonard and penny and raj and Howard.... an absolute pefect blend. I often wonder how the writers come up with their lines! Hilarious! Oh, and it wouldnt be complete without Bare Naked Ladies; their theme song is my mantra LOL
  • Funny

    Im a surgeon and I thought I was going to die of laugh when Seldon said that he could have been a hobbo or a funny episode, but I dont like that they make Penny look soooooooooo dumb
  • finally an episode worth watching with only a few bug bears hence the almost perfect score

    what a start penny on a computer ?? and then i notice the usb launcher toy AWESOME!! and then i see sheldon she isn't is she ? hell yes she is ! she shoots she SCORES and then leonard goes over and checks sheldon isn't going insaner than usual and i wonder will she aim at leonard ? she does !!

    but then on the final bit of this scene she doesn't shoot again. 0.1 off

    Then a random insight into raj pampering his pooch 0.2 off cos that dog is fugly...

    the proffessor is late !!! oh noes !! but wait a phone call !! he's just old and can't manage stairs the day is saved !

    the next mistep is penny being dumber than usuall but it goes two ways was she merely being like a young kid that the professor would normally do a show for / his original audience just to keep things moving along while sheldon creeped the guy out, or the second more likely they made penny dumber just to get cheap i can believe penny wouldn't of figured out the egg going down or the potato's chemical make up produces a small voltage and electrical current to power a watch or small light out portal 2) for some others lol 0.2 off

    the final 0.1 is raj not telling bern and howard till they tried to lie.. and then bern guilting raj for taking so long..

    but the main thing is no next week...
  • Bob stole the show!

    I have to admit I was expecting very little from this episode. I had originally missed any reference to Bob Newhart being in the show this week.

    He was absolutely fantastic! His comic timing and is quiet bewilderment at being with Sheldon etal was immaculate. A master class in comic timing!

    Hence my 9/10. The one-lines the interplay between him and the main cast who all did a great job in these scenes. Only Bob Newhart could pay Penny a lecherous comment and get away with it... so sweet both him and Penny! Penny just using facial expressions to sympathize - great.

    "Is he dangerous! You still haven't answered my question?", "Am I awake?", " The blonde girl is really your girl; You're the genius!" some of the excellent one liners delivered superbly by Bob and the writers(lets not forget the writers!).

    Now my complaints - sorry (Brit Here)! Please did the episode have to dumb down Penny? Penny is a smart cookie and she has been with the gang for years. She does get a lot of stuff! Shame on the script writers - cheap laughs! Wrong! wrong! wrong!

    And the Raj Dog subscript - what was that! Certainly not funny! It can only be forgiven if it is prelude to Howard and Bernadette finding out they are going to have a baby and how they will handle that!

    And why are the scripts making Raj so irritating these days... or is it just me?
  • Amazing

    MUCH MUCH better than the last 3 episodes, I loved both of the story lines!
  • Newhart rocks!

    Bob Newhart continues to be one of the funniest guys on the planet, goodness only knows what the other reviewer was watching. Funniest episode by quite a long way for me and also full of pathos. And cotrary to other reviewers it plainly did give more background to both the Leonard and Sheldon characters. Keep up the good work guys
  • Awesome episode

    This episode was broken into two story lines:

    1 - Raj asks Howard and Bernie to babysit his dog, in the process they lose the dog and panic ensues.

    2 - Sheldon hires his favourite childhood television personality to perform in Sheldon's apartment. Bob Newhart plays the roll of a washed up version of Bill Nye the Science Guy. The back and forth between Sheldon and Newhart was great.

    This was one of the more fun episodes of this season.