The Big Bang Theory

Season 3 Episode 12

The Psychic Vortex

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2010 on CBS
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Leonard is aghast to find out a secret of Penny's: she believes in psychics. Meanwhile, Sheldon tries to assist Koothrappali in picking up a girl at a university party.

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  • Double Don't

    Just hinting at Sheldon as a possibility with the ladies only to have him go all Sheldon on them and shut them down unintentionally. The double date was kinda a snooze fest, but I really do want to see Leonard with Penny's psychic.
  • Howard and Leonard are going on a double date which ends disastrously when Leonard makes fun of Penny and her Psychic. Raj doesn't want to sit around so he bribes Sheldon into going to a mixer at college and being his wing man where they score.moreless

    An entertaining episode of The Big Bang Theory. I personally enjoyed the Raj/Sheldon part tonight more than the Leonard/Howard part. I will say the conversation in the lab between Howard and Leonard was very funny though. Especially the graph Howard drew on the white board.

    Sheldon is so funny. When dealing with Martha you almost felt like her reactions to him were going unnoticed by him except it became obvious in the last little part that he understood more than he was letting on to what was happening. The bit with the Green Lantern Light, the Hulk Fists, and finally the Rock Band scene ("We scored, I'm the Wing Man!") were great.

    Poor Leonard. You'd think he would have a better grasp on things than he does. Don't laugh at your girlfriend! Don't make fun of her funny ideas! Also apologize really quick! He did act very poorly at dinner and deserved the cold shoulder. One thing I wonder about Howard and Bernadette? How many bases do they have? "Almost to eighth, but definitely to seventh base?" Interesting system.

    An enjoyable and entertaining episode. These guys are really funny and it was interesting to see Sheldon explore the female relationship angle. Obviously he can't be a complete dunce as he helped Raj get Abby and Martha seemed pretty willing as well. It will be interesting to see if they explore this relationship more in the future and how Sheldon handles it. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • 312

    Although I definitely would have to say that not too long ago, none of these guys had girlfriends, and they could hardly talk to a girl, much less date one. Now only 3 seasons in, almost everyone is paired off. Usually I would be bothered by this, but this episode was so hilarious, I think I just might let it slide.

    After Sheldon's interactions with Leonard's mother last week, it only made sense to get him to have interactions with another woman, and it was absolutely hysterical. From him misreading Martha's signals to him playing with toys. (green lantern, the hulk).

    The Penny & Leonard fight definitely could have been better though. Penny believes in psychics. Leonard doesn't (who cares?). Just felt like filler to me. Good episode with some great comedy tonight.moreless
  • I didn't laugh once.

    Well, that's never happened before during this show, but I did not laugh a single line. Not a Sheldonism, not a Howard sexual innuendo, nothing. And I was in a good mood, I had my cereal and my laptop and was excited about watching The Big Bang Theory, but it was just not funny.

    It's hard to dissect comedy and try to explain why one person or one joke might be funny and not another, but I think it might be that this show has run its course. Are they so out of ideas that they have to give Leonard, Howard and Raj girlfriends? Remember the old days when they were awkward and could barely talk to a girl? It was only 2008, it wasn't that long ago.

    I'm not writing off this show yet, but this episode was really, really bad.moreless
  • Later Review. Not agree with the @thefanof, for good episode descrition read @jyarter.

    Is later review well but i want to show my point. I agree that the Raj/Sheldon team was very funny, they were the GreenLantern/hulk team of this episode. But the point is, the double date fail, and Leonard fail and had an exagerate cientist reaction about Penny beleaving in psychic words. The dinner was disconforting and we felt that. So for this was good acting, well writed episode.

    Me too, hope to see more situation like sheldon wingman and 'female' relationships. -"We scored, I'm the Wing Man!"

    Perfect one, showing good on all characters, entertening episode with a lot of diferent emotions and news situations for them.moreless
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