The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 4

The Re-Entry Minimisation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2012 on CBS

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  • Awesome Episode !!!

    This is my fav Episode of this season. my fav is Game Night! it was Hilarious. I loved the way Sheldon fell over. It was hilarious & when penny & Amy started kissing Sheldon. sheldon's reaction was priceless. Love TBBT <3
  • This is the show I know and love. It's finally back to it's old standard.

    I'm glad Howard's back, but I doubt Howard's glad that Howard's back. His wife has a bad cold, Sheldon and Leonard are competing against their respective ladies in various things, his mother is sleeping with his dentist and Raj and Stewart are best buds and, to quote Raj, they "fill each other's holes now" ...... yeah.

    Sheldon and Leonard are looking more like the nerd kings in this episode, which is how it was meant to be no matter how much character development you throw in.

    Writing this on the night of the new episode's airing, I did not grimace at the idea of a new episode, instead I look forward to it. 8.5

  • Continues with the episode by episode improvement

    It's still mostly amusing rather than laugh out loud funny, but each episode has bettered the last, which is something I haven't been able to say for at least the whole the last two series. The script seemed sharper this time, some decent sight jokes, Sheldon on form, Leonard actually working as a character, all pretty good. The Howard plot line felt a bit flat in comparison, and I'm still not convinced by the Raj/Stuart pairing, but overall not bad.

    i finally remembered the reason why i started watching the big bang theory. it SHOULD be this funny ALL the time. not just once or twice, but always. this show got me laughing from start to finish. this is the reason i fell in love with the show and this is what i need after a long days work - a good laugh from sheldon and howard. :)
  • back with a Bang!

    since the season started i was looking for this hysteria. the previous 3 were pretty dull actually they were rather mediocre. this one delivered the Bang! Yes Sheldon is back with his amazing but cute eccentricity and most of all Penny handing him his a**. LOL

    i don't know if everyone would agree but i guess it took bringing Howard Wolowitz back to earth to make it rocking again.
  • Re-entry of Big Bang Theory

    It was really refreshing to see such a nice episode after a long time.... It had been a while since BBT had an episode with the potential to initiate rib cracking laughter.....ya...there were a few with some gags but this episode is a class apart.... one of the best episodes of Big Bang Theory... 10/10....

    By far one of the best episodes of The Big Bang Theory, I love season 6, the Sheldon & Leonard vs Amy & Penny was hilarious! LOVE IT SOOO MUCH!
  • excellent!!

    For me that's the best episode so far. Back to back hillarious.
  • Genuinely funny!

    Absolutely well written and original. I loved game night especially Sheldon's ignorance about the most trivial things. I laughed so hard when Raj was talking about filling each other's holes.
  • Hilarious!

    The best episode of this season. I laughed a lot. Raj's comment about holes was priceless, Bernadette was amusing as well. I loved Battle of the Sexes and Sheldon's way of thinking. And the dentist! Overall, it was an amazing episode!
  • This was fun!

    Good episode. It was hilarious, funny and by all means - it was NEW! No recycled jokes, nothing we have seen already. GOOD JOB!

    Despite Raj and Stuart playing this "on/off gay thing" too often and too obvious - which create some bore - it is a fun to watch episode.