The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 Episode 13

The Recombination Hypothesis

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2012 on CBS

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  • One word... filler

    Perhaps the most mediocre of all episodes this season. It did almost nothing to advance the story of the characters' lives. This is typical of all shows that attempt this "what if" trick without telling the readers until the end. It is nothing more than "it was just a dream" except that the end of the episode loops back to the episode's opening... as if you just spent a half hour going nowhere so that the network could throw ads in your face.

    All it said to me was that the writers couldn't figure out how to get Penny and Leonard back together... or not. There's something very symptomatic here, considering other shows created by Chuck Lorrie have all had a similar problem. The "couple" if together move forward learning about each other as if they never did while they date. That's liveable, since its at least interesting to see the process. If the couple is not together at the beginning of the show, chances are they never will be, because the writers appear to have very little knowledge of how that process really works... and from the shows I've watched, I don't think Chuck does either.

    Don't get me. I love his work. I look for his name on any new shows coming out. But is a problem I've seen in almost every production he is involved in.
  • Finally a good one

    The Big Bang Theory [5x13] The Recombination Hypothesis

    TV com Rating-8.2

    RJG Rating-8

    Leonard asks Penny out...Will it lead to anything or fail?

    Finally,a good episode for the Big Bang...The story was just about Leonard & Penny and had just the right amount of Sheldon .Hope it doesnt lose track again...

  • mistake doing again..

    leonard.. penny relation is finished.. its over.. why they are starting it again..??

    sheldon's part is good.. 100th episode... disappointing.
  • Wrong direction

    Leonard and Penny is over. It was a mistake to make the 100th episode about them. It should have been about Sheldon and Amy's relationship, and how it develops.

    As an episode, it was okay. The only fun thing about it was the game between Sheldon, Howard and Raj.
  • Very disappointing

    I really didn't like this episode. The only funny thing was the game Howard, Raj and Sheldon were playing. Leonard and Penny just shouldn't be together. They work better as friends. Their scenes just annoyed me to be honest. For the 100th episode is was very disappointing.
  • 100th episode

    I really did want to love this episode based on the show's accomplishment but it was really hard too. It's sad to see that the only 'big' thing that can happen on Big Bang is the possibility of Leonard & Penny getting back together. It just was a hit and miss for me, especially since the show began to deteriorate once these two got together.

    So basically the entire episode was in Leonard's head? Not only was this a bigger disappointment but it seemed like the writers just scrapped this together to produce shock value but really nothing happened, which is probably for the better int he long run, but its still not worth it, especially if the same thing could end up happening in the episodes that follow.

    Sheldon has been... off and the rest of the characters aren't really as interesting as they used to be unfortunately. Big Bang still has its moments, unfortunately, this wasn't one of them.
  • The episode that didn't go anywhere

    While this episode was very funny, especially the Settlers of Katar scene, I didn't like the fact that really nothing happened other than Leonard asks out Penny. I can see now why the blurb simply writes "Penny asks Penny out on an impromptu date".

    They could have spread the episode out with a real side story that could have been just as funny, and ended with Penny and Leonard going off to their date.

  • The 100th Episode of "The Big Bang Theory"

    Leonard asks Penny out on an impromptu romantic date. I thought that this was an excellent episode of "The Big Bang Theory". It was very funny and it had a well developed storyline that made me feel satisfied by how the writers handled it. This is the 100th episode of "The Big Bang Theory" and I must say that it was extremely impressive for a 100th episode of this show so congratulations on reaching to your 100th episode writers. It was very cool to see Leonard and Penny get back together again and I loved how they would sex then argue and then have sex. Also, Penny looked extremely hot in that green dress (you know what I mean)... that part opened my eyes because of how hot and beautiful she looked in that dress but it's too bad that she didn't wear it to her date with Leonard. There were a lot of funny parts that made me laugh such as when Sheldon said "Aw, they sent me the wrong Spock.... Suck it and fall Zachary Quinto" (best line of the episode), Sheldon catching Leonard walk in the apartment at 3:00am and then Sheldon asking Leonard where went and all that especially when Sheldon asked Leonard "Did you bring your inhaler?" and then Leonard said "Yeah, right here", and more. My only nit-pick about this episode was how the entire episode with Leonard and Penny getting back together was all in Leonard's head by the end of the episode. But in reality towards the end of the episode, Leonard asked Penny on a date and Penny said "yes" to it. It kinda has me wondering how the next episode will turn out between Leonard and Penny. Overall, the 100th episode of "The Big Bang Theory" and it was excellent.... definitely one of the best Season 5 episodes I've seen. 10/10
  • Hilarious

    Okay so I really like the Leonard and Penny situation a lot as I have been hoping they would get back together but I laughed out loud when Sheldon reacted the way he did to his Star Trek Spock cut out. I am a fan of Star Trek so it just struck a funny bone with me. I then preceded to laugh out loud and continue to chuckle as the boys played Settlers of Katan. My boyfriend is addicted to that game and so I have first hand knowledge of the game and it just kept me giggling. All in all I was amused throughout the whole episode and felt that it really accomplished a lot.

  • Leonard overthinks another date with Penny.

    In The Big Bang Theory's hundredth episode, Leonard spontaneously asks Penny out on a date. While we see the two share some laughs at first at dinner, followed by an argument, make-up sex, their mutual agreement to see each other behind their friends' backs, another argument, and then Penny's words, "You always overthink things..." gets Leonard out of his fantasy world as we rewind back to the opening scene of the episode. This kind of disappointed me a little bit, but mostly because this was near the end so we'd have to wait another week before we'd see how their date actually goes. And I'm really excited. I've been waiting for a while to see Leonard and Penny get back together, as this season has been surpassing expectations, as this was arguably Season 5's best.