The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 1

The Robotic Manipulation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2010 on CBS

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  • Sex Talk

    While the talk of sex Sheldon/Amy style was amusing the humiliation of Penny and especially the vanity of Howard was not. Will not watch this episode again. A series low point.
  • IT Crowd

    I really wanted more of the date and less of Howard's getting to know the robot hand. It wasn't the best episode, but it did get a decent number of laughs. Keep trying, give me more Amy!
  • Great episode

    This was a great episode, slap stick with a great story and flow. My only question is how did Howard get the robot arm on his scooter...
  • I only rated it lower because of the Howard plotline.

    I love Mayim and her character Amy. She mirrors Sheldon and I think she can be the one to allow him out of his shell a little of bring some insight on how his character treats his friends. The date (plus Penny) was hilarious but kind of cold toward Penny "Are you a slut?" The whole Howard Robotic masterbating plot was absolutely the wrong way to go. They could've done it in a more colorful family suited way or use the robot in a completely different direction. This is not Married With Children or Two and A Half Men. Don't go there. This show is better than stooping down to the level of mediocre comedy. TPTB don't be so lazy!
  • Amy: Penny are you a slut? Penny: No!

    Once again, the cast is split in 2 storylines so I'll review each story separetely.

    Sheldon-Penny-amy plot: Here Penny tells Sheldon that beofre they consider having an offspring, they should talk more in person, so he goes on a date with her and asks Penny to come help him. This plot offered a lot of jokes, most about Penny, like if she was lesbian or how many men has she slept with and if she was a slut.

    Howard-Raj & Leorand plot: So Howard stole this robotic arm and at first used it to serve dinner, but then he got the idea of masturbatikgn with it, but it got stuck on his penis After some mocking from Leonard & Raj, they take him to the hospital were the nurse fixes it but usign the emergency off button. The episode ends with Howard calling Leonard telling him it happened again.

    Title Reference: Ovbiously, the robotic arm.

    Overall: Great episode, both plots offered a lot of laughs. My favourite moment was in the beginning were Howard tries to give Sheldon the finger with the robotic arm but he gives him the peace sign instead. 8.5/10.
  • Season 4 Premiere

    So I was a little afraid that Big Bang Theory had lost it's touch after Leonard & Penny got together and broke up, and Howard & Raj both had had girlfriends for a period in time. Now Sheldon has a girlfriend, and this show has finally returned. With this season premiere, it let me know that Big Bang is still capable of delivering a superb episode.

    The Penny & Sheldon interactions were fantastic, and I loved the idea that Penny has had sex with 31 men, the way that Amy & Sheldon cornered Penny in the restaurant over that was absolutely hysterical. Howard and a robot arm? Now I really didn't expect to like this story line, but man, was it funny.

    The scene in the hospital was just hysterical and I love how they keep on bringing back that recurring doctor, she's hilarious. Overall, a promising premiere for this show.
  • Worth of waiting.. :)

    After waiting for some times.. It's great to be able to watch Sheldon and Leonard and of course Penny... :D

    The opening episode of Season 4 really Superb. I just can't stop laughing when hear Howard said " I slipped and fell on the Robot Hand with Penis first.."

    oh man.. it's really a great laugh.. and furthermore.. the calculation of Penny by Sheldon that she had 193 dates and 31 Sexual intercourse.. ha ha ha...

    lastly, a problem solver for Howard is a nurse by just switch off the computer.. ha ha ha... great Returning Series of The Big Bang Theory.. :D
  • Good episode, I don't know why people are complaining.

    Come on people. If your "Kids" are old enough to understand and laugh at TBBT, with it's smart, nerdy, complicated humor, they are old enough to understand the sex jokes, laugh at them, and comprehend that it's a normal thing and there's nothing wrong with it.
    Oh no...Howard is masturbating with a robot hand!!!. "Won't somebody please think of the children"
    Lighten up people, if you don't want your kids to see sex jokes or anything similar, don't buy a freaking TV...because EVERY show has can see at 8 half naked semi celebrities dancing...that's OK?.
    You have the pervert uncle making a sex joke every 2.7 seconds, and it's one of the most watched shows ( I really don't know why...but it's )
    and so on.
    Do as Ned Flanders from The Simpsons does and block every TV channel except religious ones =)

    Hey...even the best sitcom of all time had an episode about masturbation and it won a freaking emmy, I'm talking about Seinfeld just in case, and it's one of the top ranked episodes.

    I understand that it might be unconfortable to watch with your's a taboo subjet...still.

    If you don't want your kids to watch this stuff, don't watch TV...or put discovery or something...just be careful with Mythbusters, in one episode they show Kary Byron's fine butt.

    The episode was hilarious.

    BTW: I really want to know how these people explained their kids what's In vitro fertilization.

    IMO...a must watch episode.
  • Ho hum sex jokes. This show is much smarter than that.

    Such a disappointment. The show sometimes gets too hung up on sex. Kids love to watch the show but I just never know if it is going to be appropiate. The characers are so good - quit going the predictable sex route. Think a little more. They could have a great audience as a family show- since it is on at 8- but it needs to be a little more family friendly. I though the time was changed to get a wider, younger audience. You will lose your audience with episodes like this on at 8 pm. While I might watch it without the kids at a later time. We won't be watching as a family at 8. If they go low brow at 8 pm the show is doomed.
  • Strong premiere

    Big bang theory is one of the most popular comedies one there. First 2 seasons were great and while the 3rd one was the weakest, the show still remained quality to my eyes. Meanwhile Jim Parsons finally won that so well deserved Emmy award.
    BBT returns with a pretty strong premiere centering on Sheldon`s first ever date. That right here is a winning cocktail. 3 seasons in the making, that date didn`t disappoint and provided lots of laugh. This show depends heavily on Sheldon, so when he is on form, the show is on form. Amazing how 4 seasons in I feel the character is as fresh as ever.I like his girlfriend and the interactions they have and very nice to have Penny in between...specially for what it brought.
    Wolowitz`s part was pretty good too..classic stuff from him even if he came up as pretty worn out last season. Hope they use him well. Leonard was meh as always and Raj clearly not as funny as he could to be before. Kudos to CBS for the Thursday move btw, was not really for it personally but apparently it worked great rating wise. Hope this stays the same. Will wait maybe half seasons before watching in marathon...weekly comedy never worked for me. Overall great start.
  • Things are going down. Lacking the ability and the creativity to write a smart script, writers have resorted to lowbow humor.


    Things are going down. Lacking the ability and the creativity to write a smart script, writers have resorted to lowbow humor.

    This episode of TBBT is a typical example, having nothing funny to say we are served a show depicting the pitfalls of mechanical masturbation It this humorous? I do not think so. It is pathetic, silly, stupid.

    Besisdes, I thought TBBT was supposed to be a family show in a time slot kids can watch it. I hope things improve, because TBBT has reached a really low point. What comes next? Sex with animals? Bouts of diarrhea? Projectile vomiting?
  • Waiting time until season 4 seamed to be endless, but now I finally could laugh again. I really loved this season opener. Every character showed us what makes this sitcom so funny. No doubt, a perfect 10!

    Waiting time until season 4 seamed to be endless, but no I finally could laugh again. I really loved this season opener. Every character showed us what makes this sitcom so funny. No doubt, a perfect 10!
    I watched this episode together with my girlfriend, who hasn't seen The Big Bang Theory before and she really liked it. So for all of you who are looking for a great sitcom, start watching The Big Bang Theory. However I would recommend starting from the beginning, as there are some jokes related to earlier episodes.
    This season opener only shows us a short recap of what happened in the last episode of season 3: Sheldon having met a woman, who could probably become his new girlfriend, as she is the female version of Sheldon...
    I think season 4 will mainly be about this new relationship, or what do you think?
  • 401

    The Big Bang Theory kicked off its 4th season with a lot of laughs. There were some ever familiar gags, like the check engine light, the three knocks, Leonard being so annoying etc. etc. but there was some fresh material thrown in as well. Jim Parsons, fresh off his diva-esque negotiations and Emmy award, had a great episode here as we saw him have his first ever real relationship, an element this show has sorely been missing out on.

    Bang disappointed me a little bit last year, but if this season premiere is any indication the show will be back to high quality in no time.
  • Howard uses a robotic arm for his own pleasure. Penny assists Sheldon with his first date.

    How to start a good day? Watch this episode and you will be in a great mood for the rest of the day. It was so funny, I was laughing all the time and this is so great! I was expecting a lot from Sheldon's girl friend and I wasn't disappointed at all. She was the perfect match for him. But they scared me a little bit with their procreation plans! (lol) But the funniest part was the one with Howard and his robot and his little pleasures! the hospital scene was hilarious. I wasn't expecting less coming from him.

    That episode is one of the best of this show!
  • Sheldon has his first date with Amy, because he finds out that it might be best to spend some time with the mother of his future offspring, and Penny has to chauffeur. Meanwhile, Howard built a robot arm that makes him happy in more ways than one.

    The Big Bang Theory is back, and, so far, it seems funnier than ever. Although it was over-the-top with both Sheldon's plans for offspring with Amy Farrah Fowler because they are intellectually compatible (in fact, the only thing that they don't seem to be identical is how much "sexual experience" she has had.) Of course, with Penny having to chauffeur both of them, it's an awkward evening--for Penny.

    Penny continues to crack me up. You really get the feeling that she's the only sane person in this little world. Of course, Leonard comes close to her in terms of sanity, but you have to feel sorry for Penny while laughing at the extremely funny quasi-give and take between Penny and Sheldon.

    If Sheldon is trying to get to know the mother of his future children, Howard seems to be doing his best to assure that he will never have future children. He builds a robotic arm that gives him so much pleasure that he fiured it can give him even more pleasure. It ends up getting locked onto a very sensitive part of the male anatomy. And, this plot had me laughing until I cried. Leave it to a level-headed nurse who is not as "intellectually" smart as they are to figure out how to solve the problem.

    This was a great start. I can't wait for the rest of the season!