The Big Bang Theory

Season 7 Episode 6

The Romance Resonance

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 2013 on CBS

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  • Absolutely abysmal!!!!!

    Do yourselves a favor and do not watch this embarrassment of an episode! The overly sappy song that they played made me cringe and almost made me want to put a gun to my head! Worst episode ever!!!!!
  • A much needed return to form.

    The premier was great then for some reason the writers went off the rails with the depressing, lack of comedy or poorly thought out 'plots'.

    This episode basically skips over last weeks 'shamy' issue they seem back to normal..

    another 'cruel day dream'

    other that awesome episode..

    if i had one complaint it was sheldon making a mistake of such magnitude and yet he or anyone else didn't fully vet his methods.. yes they tested it and he got lucky but surely with such a big thing they would of asked for all his 'research' ?

    EDIT apparently sheldons discovery is disproved in 7x10 in december and he is sad about it.... oh wait... he hated the fact he got 'lucky' in his mistake to find the theory and didn't want the plaudits... YET NOW he's bitching and moaning about it not nice way to retcon sheldon i'll edit this after seeing episode if i'm wrong)
  • Not as good as usual

    I liked the episode but didn't find as much humor as usual. It mainly revolved around Sheldon's discovery of a new material but when he discovers that he misread part of his basis for the discovery he totally deflates and decides he is unworthy of the accolades being thrown upon him. This is even after his paper has caused others to verify the basis for his discovery. I suppose for as obnoxious as he normally is, and is part of the time in this episode, it does show some moral fortitude. There is also some Sheldon and Amy interaction with Sheldon totally Sheldon and oblivious to Amy's desires. The sideline of Penny and Leonard is ok as well but it was sweet near the end when she brought out her box of memories of Leonard. And finally Howard's song to Bernadette was a sweet moment as well and fortunately the gang chimed in making it at least modestly humorous. So not bad, just not outstanding either.
  • Good song, great episode

    At first I was going to give this an 8 but decided to go with 9.5 simply because as cheesy as Howard's song was, it was actually pretty good. I really enjoyed this episode.
  • Fame!

    sheldon is not even conflicted that he won accolades from a mistake he made - he hates it. He hates that he made a mistake, because he was all 'mister big-shot' and then he discovered that he's just 'mister accidentally lucky' Jim Parsons still masterfully skates that thin line between total asshole, and likeable thoughtless geek
  • Best episode so far this season

    I found the previous episode a bit depressing and intense with lots of arguing and not so much comedy, but this episode made me laugh a lot, and it was definitely a lot more up-beat. Also some very cute moments, especially Howard's song to Bernadette, and Penny's box of "Leonard things" (which reminded me of an episode of Friends where Rachel had kept a box of "Ross things", even after they broke up).

    Sheldon comes across as overly nasty in some episodes, but in this episode they showcased a positive personality trait of his, which was nice. He makes a scientific discovery, but he finds out he made it by accident. I think most people would just take the credit anyway, but instead Sheldon feels he doesn't deserve all the praise he receives, and wants to let everybody know it was still an accident. Sheldon always makes me laugh a lot, but now I like his character more too.

    I liked Bernadette in this episode too. When she first came onto the show she was quite different. She used to have less angry outbursts, and she used to always casually through about borderline disturbing facts about her job which would freak people out (that always made me laugh). It was a bit like having "old Bernadette" back in this episode, with her casually celebrating about the deadly raccoon virus and everybody else being a bit frightened by it.

    Amy was good this episode, although as usual she pandered to Sheldon at the end of the episode telling him she was embarrassed that he made a mistake (maybe she genuinely held this opinion, but I doubt it, I think she just said that to make him like her more).

    The musical number was really nice. The lyrics to the song were very funny too, especially when they had everybody harmonizing about how Howard would still live with him mom without Bernadette.

    Raj probably had the smallest part in this episode. There was a scene at the beginning where he tried to help Penny think of ways she could romance Leonard. At the end of the episode, Penny came up with an idea for a gift, and although it was thoughtful, she felt bad because Leonard had already bought one for himself. However, she takes out a box of things representing events in her and Leonard's relationship (including an 11-page "thank you" letter that Leonard wrote her after the first time they had sex, and a pregnancy test lol).

    Overall, I enjoyed this episode very much. I think it's the first episode this season that I truly loved. I hope they can keep this up.
  • It's all so worn off...

    Already the teaser is utterly disappointing. All worn off jokes (Sheldon is weird, Amy complains about Sheldon being weird, Penny doesn't get it, Bernadette makes her 1 millionth virus joke, Raj doesn't care, Howard being all romantic) which we have all seen a thousand times before.

    Further I am fed up with all this repetitiveness like . the gang posing to be eating at "the cafeteria" (over the seemingly same sandwiches and dry salads every time) while they are actually not eating. Jokes about deadly super viruses, sex, the metric system and Sheldon making a mistake and publishing it, Howard singing for Bernadette.

    We have ALL seen ALL of that. It's all so redundant and worn off.