The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 24

The Roommate Transmogrification

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 19, 2011 on CBS

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  • Origami Napkin Swans

    Now that was a finale! Not a single thing I was pretty certain was going to happen did, except Pria and Leonard being on the rocks. It was entertaining in the right ways and shocking/dramatic in the right ways. I feel like it's just bumbled along for a number of seasons but this, this was great. Full of purpose and direction. Let's go, season five.
  • Season 4 Finale

    Well we got a pretty shocking ending to the season to say the least. The Big Bang Theory has clearly gone downhill but this was a quite satisfying finale. I really did not expect Raj & Penny to hook up. That is something I really never thought would happen.

    Now I'm looking forward too the future dynamics that arise because of this. Woo-hoo for Priya moving back to India! I'm sure everyone enjoyed that. Also the Bernadette & Howard relationship is in trouble; I personally am not a fan of this pairing, so I honestly hope they break up and Bernadette fades out like Leslie did.

    I felt like we could have used more Amy in the episode, but I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with me on that one. The closeout scene was perfect, really got me pumped for the fifth season. Hopefully the show proves to be better next season. Good finale.
  • About what I expected for a season finale since this show is starting to look more and more like Friends meets Two and Half Men more and more this season...

    1.*sighs* I knew Priya wouldn't last: just like with Friends and all other comedies where love starts to take center stage, there were signs that even though this girl was overall 'okay' and nice for the character she was paired with, her little 'quirks' would be enough to make the audience not like her and more to the point, prove as good 'reasons' for her departure, when and if it happened. (Like the episode where Sheldon had to join 'Girl's Night Out'. Fans really started hating her (if they didn't already for getting in the way of Penny/Leonard--even though Penny has done FAR more to ruin it than anyone else) because she had the nerve to challenge the roommate agreement (which is honestly, very out of hand and one can't honestly blame her since he's dating Leonard...) but more to the point, mess with Sheldon, the show's most favored character. I knew she was doomed since then on. I'm not surprised how it ended for her either: I expected her to go out looking like the bad guy (not loving Leonard enough to be honest with her parents and being overall embarrassed about dating a white guy when that shouldn't matter).

    2. The ending only made me groan. Yet MORE unnecessary drama headed for the Penny/Leonard saga. Quite frankly, I'm getting tired of the 'will they/won't they' BS with this pair and the overall hypocritical stance Penny ends up talking more often then not. (It's okay for her to date/sleep with/see other guys but the moment Leonard does, she looks down on him or gets upset.) The way the two are written is just annoying to watch and quite frankly, after the crap that was Ross and Rachel on friends, I'm not so sure I want seasons on end of this crapola from another, particularly far more fun and entertaining show. 3. What's up with this show becoming less about the fun humor and misadventures between nerds with 'light' love drama (mostly thanks to Penny and Leonard) and more of a center focus on the drama and love via romance and relationships? Amy is the only one of the new girls that seems to have a true 'nerd' vibe to her that matches the old tone of the show and makes her a welcome addition. 4. Speaking of the love drama: I find it annoying that the show seems to be grasping at ways to FIND love drama just for the sake of it: what's with the Bennie/Howard BS in this episode? It's like they went out of their way to make drama for that couple, which sucks since (I may be in the minority) I rather like Bennie and am quite happy she came along, as Howard's women chasing got old, fast.

    5. ...Thank goodness for Sheldon. In an otherwise declining stance and meaning the show once had, he's the only guy that seems to be sticking to the status quo. Even with the addition of Amy, who I thought I wouldn't like, he still is good ole Sheldon and their interactions are actually funny and interesting considering the pair are so abnormally intelligent and nerdy. 6. What's with Raj becoming more and more of an A-Hole lately? What, with Howard toning down thanks to Bernie, did he decide to step up and take the role? I can sort of understand when it comes to Leonard, since Priya is his sister (and even then, it got out of pocket sometimes) but seriously, the whole Bernie thing and his overall demeanor--this really sucks because he was one of my favorite characters in the show. And I'm sure with the entire thing with Sheldon liking him more as a roommate and sleeping with Penny, it's only about get worse, more so between him and Leonard. The show is about to take a more drama filled turn and quite frankly, it sucks.
  • Very interesting.

    All in all, I loved it, especially:

    * The jaw-dropping surprise ... though it was expected judging from its previous scene. Too Monica and Chandler in my book.

    * Cliffhanger(s).

    * The opening scene - love their wit and Sheldon's fitting (by mere serendipity) remarks, which are funny because they're true.

    * The way Penny's each time more merged with the group ... in more ways than one. You can tell how close they are to each other.

    * It was pretty much an ensemble - they all got screentime and appropriate storylines, and wonderful interaction.

    * Nice to see how much Leonard had to put up with, sometimes you take those things for granted ... oops, I just started wondering what Saw trap would Sheldon be put in ... but I digress...

    But there are some things I didn't like, TBH (which aren't sufficient to give the episode less than its well-deserved ten, though), such as:

    * Amy being reduced to a laptop character, just like Raj's parents. It's getting old.

    * 'Heard but not seen' stopped being funny since Maris (Frasier), to say the least.

    * Why doesn't Howard simply GET a PhD? He can make enough time and he can surely pay its tuition - what sort of expenses does a man who lives with his mum have?
  • Penny: Hey, Sheldon, did you change your Wi-Fi password again? Sheldon: Yes, it's "Penny, get your own Wi-Fi." No spaces.

    SOooo, Bernie gets her PhD on microbiology, making everyone mock Howard even more for not havign one. And it gets worse when she gets a very lucrative job and buys nice stuff for Howard like a rolex (Bernie: I just want my baby to have nice things).

    Meanwhile Pria is videochatting with her parents so she tells Leonard to hide in the room, but when he overhears that she is moving back to India in some weeks, he spillsd the beans on her parents, and she leaves the apartment. Meanwhile2 Raj moves in with Sheldon cause he dislikes overhearing Leonard & Pryia. Sheldon is skeptical at first but then loves the way of life of his new roommate. Penny joins in for dinner, and drunkly tells Raj she regrets breaking up with Leonard, and then sleeps with Raj.

    The next moring Sheldon finds Leonard on his couch, and tells him he doesn't want him back, Howard appears to talk with someone about his relartionship problems and then everyone sees Raj & Penny come out of the room togehter, and that's were they leave us till fall.

    Title Reference: RaJ & Leonard switching apartments.

    Overall: It was a pretty gtood episode. I like the fact that every relationship is in trouble, leaving us wondering all summer. Shedlon was at his best here too. So yeah, good finale. 9/10.
  • Still the funniest show out there if you ask me.

    Still the funniest show out there if you ask me.
    I've watched this episode 3 times now and I still laugh every time. Sheldon was at his best (as always so I shouldn't even be mentioning this). Props to Jim Parsons for an excellent job portraying Sheldon and all his weird traits! When it comes to acting it's those silly roles that usually are the most difficult and he just does it brilliantly. I literally couldn't stop laughing in the beginning when everyone's mocking Leonard and Sheldon laughs at his own jokes like 10 seconds afterwards. The sound of that laugh was just so wrong!
    The jokes about Howard not having a PhD and now being a 'trophy wife' were hilarious as well.
    The ending will make for some interesting interactions between the characters in the first new episodes which makes the wait for the next season even worse. I really want to know how Leonard will react to Raj sleeping with Penny (we can assume they didn't just sleep next to each other because they were clearly not wearing any clothes so something must've happened). Especially since he wasn't seeing Penny anymore but dating his sister! So really he hasn't got a good reason to be upset with Raj.
    To sum up, a great episode, leaving me wanting more.
  • 424

    Well, I knew it was going to happen when Penny and Raj were drinking together, but it was still pretty shocking. This is one event that I never thought we'd see and this is the kind of crazy thing that you expect from a season finale. Good job there Bang.

    Now, onto the rest. Can we please kill off Bernadette? I don't see how anyone could enjoy this character. I am not a big Pria fan, but I'd rather have her around than the future Mrs. Wolowitz.

    Sheldon had some good lines tonight, but this was another disappointing episode from the show's one truly great character.

    Not the funniest episode, but it was actually one of the best written of the season. They got us to care about the future of these characters. Nice job. Next season please go back to focusing on the core five though.