The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 24

The Roommate Transmogrification

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 19, 2011 on CBS

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  • About what I expected for a season finale since this show is starting to look more and more like Friends meets Two and Half Men more and more this season...

    1.*sighs* I knew Priya wouldn't last: just like with Friends and all other comedies where love starts to take center stage, there were signs that even though this girl was overall 'okay' and nice for the character she was paired with, her little 'quirks' would be enough to make the audience not like her and more to the point, prove as good 'reasons' for her departure, when and if it happened. (Like the episode where Sheldon had to join 'Girl's Night Out'. Fans really started hating her (if they didn't already for getting in the way of Penny/Leonard--even though Penny has done FAR more to ruin it than anyone else) because she had the nerve to challenge the roommate agreement (which is honestly, very out of hand and one can't honestly blame her since he's dating Leonard...) but more to the point, mess with Sheldon, the show's most favored character. I knew she was doomed since then on. I'm not surprised how it ended for her either: I expected her to go out looking like the bad guy (not loving Leonard enough to be honest with her parents and being overall embarrassed about dating a white guy when that shouldn't matter).

    2. The ending only made me groan. Yet MORE unnecessary drama headed for the Penny/Leonard saga. Quite frankly, I'm getting tired of the 'will they/won't they' BS with this pair and the overall hypocritical stance Penny ends up talking more often then not. (It's okay for her to date/sleep with/see other guys but the moment Leonard does, she looks down on him or gets upset.) The way the two are written is just annoying to watch and quite frankly, after the crap that was Ross and Rachel on friends, I'm not so sure I want seasons on end of this crapola from another, particularly far more fun and entertaining show. 3. What's up with this show becoming less about the fun humor and misadventures between nerds with 'light' love drama (mostly thanks to Penny and Leonard) and more of a center focus on the drama and love via romance and relationships? Amy is the only one of the new girls that seems to have a true 'nerd' vibe to her that matches the old tone of the show and makes her a welcome addition. 4. Speaking of the love drama: I find it annoying that the show seems to be grasping at ways to FIND love drama just for the sake of it: what's with the Bennie/Howard BS in this episode? It's like they went out of their way to make drama for that couple, which sucks since (I may be in the minority) I rather like Bennie and am quite happy she came along, as Howard's women chasing got old, fast.

    5. ...Thank goodness for Sheldon. In an otherwise declining stance and meaning the show once had, he's the only guy that seems to be sticking to the status quo. Even with the addition of Amy, who I thought I wouldn't like, he still is good ole Sheldon and their interactions are actually funny and interesting considering the pair are so abnormally intelligent and nerdy. 6. What's with Raj becoming more and more of an A-Hole lately? What, with Howard toning down thanks to Bernie, did he decide to step up and take the role? I can sort of understand when it comes to Leonard, since Priya is his sister (and even then, it got out of pocket sometimes) but seriously, the whole Bernie thing and his overall demeanor--this really sucks because he was one of my favorite characters in the show. And I'm sure with the entire thing with Sheldon liking him more as a roommate and sleeping with Penny, it's only about get worse, more so between him and Leonard. The show is about to take a more drama filled turn and quite frankly, it sucks.