The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 Episode 17

The Rothman Disintegration

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2012 on CBS

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  • one of the best episodes

    i dont get why u ppl complain.i love al the episodes of tbbt and this is one of my favorite:)enjoy the show and stop complaing!!!
  • Yet another fine episode.

    While the series as a whole will struggle to reach the high point of the Halloween episode, I certainly think the writers have stepped up significantly over the earlier shows lacklustre performances.

    ___Spoiler zone ahead___

    I love the way the writers get Kripce to wind Sheldon up so well but in this episode, I felt they made a fundamental error about the "contest" for the spare office.

    Raj asked what the two were equally "bad" at and they replied "sports".

    Sorry guys but as I've mentioned before, fans of this show who write reviews, are likely to be "geeks" as well and since I'm guilty as charged, it annoys me that the writers can make silly mistakes like this.

    If you remember, not that long ago, when Sheldon tried to become Kripce's friend to gain favour, they ended up rock climbing which, to my mind, would indicate that Kripce IS a sportsman of sorts.

    Therefore his abjectly pathetic showing on the basketball court was obviously wrong.

    I also felt the basketball scene went on too long.

    However, the scene stealers this episode were Amy and Penny with the enormous and very expensive picture causing chaos with the girls.

    Given that Amy herself mentions their heterosexual nature, I'm wondering how far this can be taken before it becomes untenable.

    I really believe the writers should concentrate on getting some Humanity into Sheldon.

    Anyway a fine, if not great, episode and I'm looking forward to next week.
  • better than the some prevoius...

    sheldon is funny as always... episode is good compared to some prevoius one..s
  • Sheldon and Kripke compete for the recently unoccupied office.

    I got excited for this episode after the previews because of the basketball scenes. After the episode, all I can say is that was probably my favorite part, if I liked any. The episode was just "eh" and not that exciting. However, it was nice to see Kripke again. The girls' subplot was random but still boring. Amy's love for Penny is a little scary but it can be funny. Penny's initial reaction at the large painting was great. However, nothing much happened. Hope next week is a vast improvement as it is the last of six straight new episodes.
  • Was it good? No. Was it bad? No. Then what is it? It's Just Okay

    When a new office space is made available, Sheldon goes head to head with his nemesis, Kripke, for the right to move in. Meanwhile, Penny is unsettled by painting given to her by Amy. Eh, this was just an okay episode of "The Big Bang Theory". I think that this is probably the weakest episode of the season so far. There were have been some pretty weak episodes but they unfortunately not as weak as this one. So yeah, this episode wasn't that good and it's disappointing for a person like me who enjoys the show a lot but it wasn't a bad episode either. It was also very good to see Kripke again... too bad Kripke appeared in the weakest episode of this season though. I've gotten some laughs not really any huge ones. Funniest part of the episode is probably when Sheldon explains the game "Rock Paper Scissors Lizards Spock etc." to Kripke and then explained it one more time (although, that scene was a little bit of a filler since Sheldon took a while to explain it). As for the subplot with Amy showing her love to Penny by giving her a painting of Amy and herself was just very creepy and not very funny. I admit, I got a few chuckles out of the subplot but that's it. Amy continues to be the most annoying and unfunny character of this show right next to Bernadette. Amy and Bernadette are EQUALLY the most annoying and unfunny characters of this show (no offense to the fans but it's true sadly). Sheldon winning the office was very nice though and the ending was kinda funny. Overall, this was just an okay episode of "The Big Bang Theory"... I know the writers can do better than this though. 6/10
  • Another poor episode, in a poor series

    The basketball to some extent apart, this was extremely weak. Going back to essentially catch phrases - "I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested", for example, and in this case "rock paper scissors lizard spock" - not once but three times - is a sure sign that the writers are running/have run out of ideas.

    Not as bad as last week, which was one of the worst episode in what has been a very disappointing series, but I am so, so sick of Amy. She's not remotely funny, just relentlessly annoying, and Raj & Howard are rarely funny now, either. Howard has barely had a good line since he hooked up with Bernadette.

    After the weak start to series 2, this came back with a vengeance, but all of this series and a lot of series 4 have been pitifully poor. It desperately needs the writers to find a new gear, and to really shake up the show, which I'm afraid is currently in "jumped the shark" territory.
  • I can't take it anymore...

    the geek humor is gone replaced by "Joe Smo" humor. The integration of the female characters has been poor; with a poor understanding the female humor bone by male writers. The heavy reliance of the Sheldon character has all of the other characters pushed off to the side when it was the opposite in the beginning of the series showing Sheldon as a sounding board to showing society's own quirks and regimens. It has turned into a one-trick pony with below average story telling.

    To quell my disappointment I've had to stop watching the show.