The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 Episode 5

The Russian Rocket Reaction

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2011 on CBS

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  • Hypocritical women

    The episode was fine. It gave laughs and did the job expected with the show. Which is good in my opinion. What bothers me is seeing Bernadette crap on Howards dream of space travel. In saying so I wonder how it would look if Howard asked Bernadette to drop her job since it keeps her at risk of catching all sorts of crazy diseases on a daily basis. Just a thought.
  • Fair Episode


    The episode was okay, was a little confused at Wil Wheaton being nice and that Leonard was keen on attending the Party as the Episode overlooked the whole Bowling episode which pretty much saw Wil Wheaton break-up Penny and Leonard (like Sheldon never mentioned it or even the game where Wheaton cheated him either when explaining his hatred).

    Apart from that it had it's moments, just found it hard to separate in my mind the why's and expectations I had of the whole episode as I watched.

  • Still love the notions but tiring of the love potions


    Seeing this episode a bit later than most, as I am traveling overseas, I had time to review a few ideas (and spoilers) before I entered the lab.

    The episode is great because the raison detettre of the series still resonates but... the "sitcom factor" is destroying the uniqueness that actually was the genesis of the programs success.

    Sidelining the funky-science quirkyness of the core group and their interaction with "world-wise" Penny - or even the individual nuances of the guys (e.g. Sheldons "D&D" throw-backs("mortal enemy" and many other things)- or Raj having oral problems with girls (pun intented) - or Leonards constant attempts at normalicy... ;-) in favour of plebian bf/gf matters (Howard and Bernadette) is "dumbing down" the series.

    A great idea was under utilised - as were the abilities and dynamics of the STNG actors with the cast.

    As noted - the core is still there and the writers can still produce but the material seems to edge toward mediocre themes at times - divergent to thedilithium plated thematic of yore.

  • Sadly, this show is losing its magic for me.


    I loved the Big Bang Theory because it was all about Penny's social skills versus the guys' awkward genius. With a lot of the crazy, weird fun things genius scientists do when they're off in their own little world thrown in. That's what made the show so brilliant and original. But now it's all about relationships, just like pretty much every other sitcom out there. They seem so obsessed with pairing everybody up, they even threw Penny and Raj, the two last single people in the cast, into bed together. It's not that I don't like Amy and Bernadette (Priya I can do without), I actually really like the characters and it's fun when they have weird girls' nights with Penny. But aside from those scenes Penny has now been pretty much sidelined as the focus has shifted to the relationships. And I fell in love with the show because it was dealing with something fresh and new and different, that hilarious and compelling interaction between Penny and the guys, rather than a bunch of standard boy-girl relationships.

    This episode is a good example. The focus is on Howard and Bernadette's relationship, which was pretty ho-hum and standard stuff: boy wants to do something girl doesn't want him to do. And the much more interesting bit of Sheldon's enmity with Wil Wheaton was relegated to B story status, and it just wasn't exploited to its full potential, it was treated like a throwaway joke. I mean come on, if you have Sheldon, Wil Wheaton and Brent Spiner in an episode, you should take advantage of that. It was also a disappointment, seeing as how the conflict between Sheldon and Wil was building, and then they just let it drop. There's no climax or payoff. Meanwhile, Penny hardly plays a role in the episode, beyond one short scene where she asks Bernadette if she really loves Howard, and being present when Sheldon is talking about his Mortal Enemy List.

    I understand that shows have to evolve if they are on the air for several seasons. But the trick is to hold on to the heart and soul of the show that people fell in love with in the first place while adding new facets that don't take away from the core. And sadly, in this case, they're taking away from what I love about the show.

  • 505


    I was waiting for Wil Wheaton to trick Sheldon in some way so I was a little bit miffed when that did not happen. I will say that this was probably the best episode of the season thus far, so there's that. Sheldon had some good material tonight, especially the bit with his enemies list being on a floppy disk.

    The show may be losing its touch a bit, but I actually laughed during the episode and it has had signs of improvement week to week this year. I do question though if it will ever return to the quality duringits heyday.

  • Great episode but I wouldn't say it's the best


    I thought that this was a great episode of "The Big Bang Theory". It wasn't my favorite episode but it was most certainly enjoyable and I really liked it for the most part. My main issue was that Sheldon was annoying me a little in this episode. There were many funny parts that made me laugh hard. Leonard trying to make his deal on the rocket in the very beginning of the episode was very funny. Sheldon having a floppy disk filled with his enemies was so incredibly hilarious. Everything in this episode was very funny. Well, almost everything... it did have its flaws. Raj's part in this episode was pretty funny. I watched this episode a few days ago and I forgot most of the funny parts but I did laugh a lot. It was very funny when Will became Sheldon's best friend at the end and then the old man became one of Sheldon's new enemy. Leonard making his deal at the very end of the episode with the old man definitely made me laugh super hard. Overall, this was a great episode of "The Big Bang Theory" but it wasn't the best episode I've ever seen and Sheldon was a little irritating... enjoyable for the most part though. 8.5/10

  • Howard gets a chance to work for NASA, and fly into space. Needless to say, Bernadette isn't too happy about it. Meanwhille, Sheldon forbids Leonard from going to a party hosted by his mortal enemy Wil Wheaton.


    I liked this episode. The fight between Howard and Bernadette was very uninteresting and forced. Of course you're going to fly into space if you're given the oppertunity, and Bernadette, being a scientist herself, should have been more understanding. A very boring and stupid part of the episode indeed. Amy and Penny were hardly in this episode, while the Leonard vs. Sheldon vs. Wheaton premise was hillarious!

  • Scored this 9.5 for the opening and ending scenes alone.


    Loved the opening! I also like that fantasy is making more of a foothold into the geek/nerd verse in Big Bang. Loved all the jokes, but mostly the back and forth between Stewart and Leonard at the start and between him and Brent Spiner at the end. It's really reminiscent of all the cons I've been to and had to haggle to get good prices for cool stuff. I've always liked it when Leonard plays the straight man to Sheldon's funny and this episode seemed kinda like a throw-back to the early seasons in that way.

    Howards' storyline was kinda annoying and this is something I don't like seeing again. Although, SPACE! It would be soo awesome to go to space, and I suppose part of the reason I didn't like the storyline was that I couldn't believe that Bernadette wouldn't let Howard go into space. Why would you stop him? It seems crazy.

    Overall cool ep. Loved the references, the jokes, the guest stars. (And speaking of Wil Wheaton, when is BBT going to get Felicia Day on as a guest, or bit part even?)

  • something's missing this season, it's fun yet I crave more from this. still my favorite show and I'll buy the DVD as soon as they release.


    this season's on an odd note for me, mainly because I'm not finding myself laughing as much at the episodes compared to season 4. this episode kind of surprised me since Wil Wheaton did something nice for Sheldon *Gasp* !!!!!! I'm still a bit befuddled at that. The Bernadette and Howard part was a bit boring and didn't catch my interest much. Looking forward to the latest episode and expecting some fun stuff. Overall good episode, but I need more.