The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 11

The Santa Simulation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2012 on CBS

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  • Best part of this episode

    Six words - "HO, HO, HO, ya big DORK!!!" *BOOM*
  • Good, but not great...

    Definitely some witty humor in this one, and overall an enjoyable episode, however a negative recurring factor is the re-use of several previous jokes to the point of annoyance, including (but not limited to) Sheldon's resentment of Christmas, (Season 2, Episode 11: "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis") Leonard's family's unusual Christmas traditions, (same episode) and Stuart's health/depression issues, (various episodes) just to name a FEW. Needless to say, as has been evident for several episodes, not nearly enough effort was put into this season as was in previous ones. The Big Bang Theory will forever remain one of my absolute favorite sitcoms of all time, regardless of how the writing quality decreases. Ultimately, the characters are still the same ones we fell in love with at the start of the series, if a bit more matured, and always will be, so long as the writers are careful and respectful enough to write intelligently and attentively for them. I personally believe that they were a little TOO careful this season, and that's why the series has minimally suffered. Nevertheless, I will always be a loyal viewer. Or maybe not. BAZINGA!
  • Poor episode

    Believe it or not, I am a big, enthusiastic fan of the series. I started watching a month or so ago, and have seen all but five episodes on four TV channels in the NY area. This has to be one of the worst, most depressing episodes of the entire series! I just watched the episode a second time, and I see more clearly why the episode so alienated me: it is perhaps the only episode where there is no interaction or struggle against a force OUTSIDE of their little group. The humor of the show is derived from the smart nerds rubbing against normal society. None of that in this episode. The boys are playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons amongst themselves, and Sheldon is complaining about how, when he was a child, he fruitlessly implored Santa Claus to restore to life his dead grandfather, thus leading to an animus towards Santa Claus. The girls go off bar hopping, and they take Raj along. There is an awful scene where Raj and Amy compare notes on how they were rejected throughout their lives. It was impossible for me to enjoy all this negativity. Raj's sexual innuendoes were particularly blatant and disgusting to me , as was Sheldon's attacks on Santa. I'm not religious and I despise the Amy character, yet I still find the episode offensive. Two pluses: Sheldon's singing and the bell-ringing.
  • Hilarious

    I loved this episode very much. Jim Parsons was great in it. The santa theme was great. I loved Raj's scenes with the girls. I wish they have more Girls' Nights with him. The jokes were great, story was great. Loved it!
  • Best episode of the series so far

    Still not laugh out loud, but had a delightfully geeky D&D game, a Sheldon dream, some extremely well-modelled dresses, glimpses of the old-school Howard and some pretty decent dialogue including finally someone commenting on Raj's camp phraseology. The girls night out part was a bit flat, but this was the first episode for 2 or 3 years which wouldn't have been outclassed amongst the first 2 series. More like this!
  • The Santa Simulation

    Sheldon doesn't like christmas was not a huge shock but it was the best episode so far i loved every second of it and i really couldn't stop laughing TBBT keep doing what your doing cause its working. And Kaley your the hottest actress out there i love you.
  • Short and too simplistic episode

    Well, that has been some short and rather simplistic XMAS episode. Compared to what we have seen in the past this does not meet earlier episodes.

    Most of the story line we have already seen in the past. Sheldon hating Christmas, Amy being hated by her peer group, Leonard not having Christmas as a kid, Raj is not having a girl and sends signals of homosexuality, Stuart having a hard time in the comic book store.

    What was new though is that Shelly implies on killing Santa for losing his grandpa.

    But what else was there?

    I particularly kept looking for "fun", "laughter" or at least a "smile" - but could not find anything of that.