The Big Bang Theory

Season 7 Episode 3

The Scavenger Vortex

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2013 on CBS

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  • Mix it up!

    It was a very entertaining episode. After the episode premieres that were only so-so, it was refreshing to be just entertained without heaps of secon-hand emarassementI enjoyed the whole episode. I liked that while everyone underestimated Penny, she held her own. But the best part was Amy and Howard bonding over their love for Neil Diamond.
  • Crazy Bernadette

    Probably Bernadette's best episode, she was absolutely mental in this one. Was a brilliant episode and Raj at the end was amzing
  • This Show has truly jumped.

    There was very little to this episode. All of the characters have become predictable and boring. It also seems like they are forcing the acting pretty hard these days.
  • I wish i could unsee this episode..

    started off ok then amy and howie found neil cringeworthy, worst 'acting' ever i litterally was thinking of switching over to something else and even bernie's yet another nasty psycho side come out to play... i think i'd rather have 'saw' on my team...

    and penny threatened raj which made it worth.. but only just..

  • Started off a little slow

    but then it really took off. I wasn't sure at the very beginning where this episode was headed and how good it would be but it ended up being quite humorous. I kept noticing at the dinner table that Bernadette would get zoomed in with an odd expression on her face. I didn't know exactly why they were doing that as she would say nothing. I can only assume it was for the highly motivated Bernadette later when the hunt started. Raj's antics were great and Sheldon's reaction to Raj was perfect, "He's a born showman!" remark. Finally the hunt was fun and particularly Lenoard and crazy Bernadette as well as Amy and Howard and Neil Diamond. All in all it turned out to be a darn good episode.
  • Funniest episode since The Einstein Approximation

    I don't remember laughing this hard on a TBBT episode so many LOL moments that 21 minutes can't fit in... It's a riot and as much as I love Sheldon since he's my favorite everyone is given the chance of a spotlight the past three episode. Great job TBBT team looking forward to a fun-filled season.
  • Good old TBBT is back!

    Best episode TBBT had in years! Seriously last 3 seasons were kind of blah - too much of Amy and Bernadette. But this epsiode is truly amazing! Those pairing worked perfectly!
  • leonard willow

    hilarious - first time i've ever seen Amy so happy - excellent job writers! and i'm truly madly in love with bernadette; she's a scream - literally. each of the cast played to their real strength, and this ep was a winner.
  • :D great one!!

    the funniest episode in a long while... penny's RUN. RUN TO INDIA made me laugh so hard as well as bernadette being hilarious!!
  • Best of the season yet

    I still haven't stopped laughing at this episode. I don't even know where to start!! I love Bernadette when she is been a raging mad lady, she was hilarious shouting at Leonard. Oh Amy and Howard liking the same music was so funny and you can't take anything out of Sheldon and Penny scenes. They have always been the best scenes in these entire series, they have a great chemistry on set and they bounce of each other so much. Top episode and clearly the funniest so far even if the first too have been quite good as well.
  • Everybody's a Winner!!

    The episode was a masterclass and had that unique flavour which BBT is quite famous for.. The best thing which has happened to this series is that now Raj can talk.. He is overdramatic in every situation and its clearly very funny, amy farrah fowler and bernadette have their usual annoying presence but the rest of the cast more than makes up for it, this episode had sarcastic remarks, funny interactions between Sheldon and Penny and a great ending.. All in all one of the best episodes of big bang!!