The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 Episode 1

The Skank Reflex Analysis

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2011 on CBS

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  • Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing

    Pretty decent damage control, considering. It felt like a bit of a cop-out, but still gave an acceptable amount of growth. It bounced around quite a bit, but covered its bases and was enjoyable to watch. Not a lot of laughs and occasionally tried too hard, but it wasn't bad.
  • Getting the old Sheldon back

    I have been somewhat let down by many season 5 episodes but just catching this one after recording it last night I was very pleased with it. I really enjoyed seeing what I would call the "old" Sheldon in this episode. He didn't have any interactions with Amy, which many times I find much too contrived, and he was up to his old Sheldon antics, the thinking cap, the paint ball leader, etc. Penny's and Raj's small affair ended up rather nicely as well. I mainly enjoyed the episode though as I said at the beginning, I liked seeing the classic Sheldon with all his idiosyncrasies and hang ups.
  • Disappointing. Not 'horrible' per se, but I expected better.


    Too soapy for my taste. Predictable and ... well, sort of ... actually, I may be biased about what I think was a terrible episode on another show by some of the same people who run this one and I'm biased.

    A couple of out of character bits too...

    For another show, I think this would've been a very good episode. For this one ... not at all. Didn't hate it, but it wasn't up to their usual standard IMO.

  • 501


    LOL, I could not stop laughing for this entire episode. It was a riot!

    But seriously, Big Bang's season premiere falls flat and really was everything we hate about this show: Raj making odd sex puns, the gang playing paint ball, finding a way to make guest star Christine Baranski boring.

    Howard's annoying girlfriend was only in one scene, but she still made me want to turn the show off.

    Sheldon has regressed so much from season one and relying on anyone else for laughs was probably a flawed strategy to begin with.

    Oh well.

  • Not bad but I expected more


    I was ansious to see this episode because of the way last season ended and also because of course I'm a big fan but at the end I was like aa mm really that's all ? I mean it wasn't a bad episode it had it's funny moments and all but well I guess I had imagine it totally different in my mind lets see how things work for the rest of the season

  • The season-finale was hillarious and opened up so many potential stories;


    And the gang followed up in its usual self. Some may call it easily-predicted and boring, but I think that's the beauty about this show. You know what will happen most of the times, but every time you still laugh like it was the first time you heard the joke or the ever so brilliant "*knock knock* Penny *knock knock* Penny *Knock Knock* Penny.

    One thing I don't like is that they sent away Pria, somehow Leonard becomes too drawn to Penny in that way, instead it would have been nice for both to have a normal-working and good relationship for a season or at least half a season. Cause we all know that they will end up having some magical night where they realize they want eachother again, but me.. I can't wait for it all over again.

  • Gop, Rop, e, a, Top...


    This episode was great, even Raj was bearable and Amy, who I started to really like in season 4 was very funny. Her secret language was hilarious as was most of her lines. So was Sheldon, specially his sacrifice.

    I always thought Penny sleeping with Raj was kinda funny although not as funny as the outrage of some of the fans. It's a televison show folks... get over it. I thought the aftermath was pretty nicely handled although it was kinda cheap.

    I felt this episode captured the feel of season 1 and 2 and I really hoped that continued this season, although after seeing episode 2 that hope was crushed.

  • Season 5 Premiere of "The Big Bang Theory" was a success


    Well... "The Big Bang Theory" returns with a Season 5 Premiere and it was excellent. The show is back and better than ever and I'm already going to tell that Season 5 is going to be hilarious just like the other seasons. Raj does make a lot of strange sex jokes in this show but it is just so dang funny on how he says it. The storyline was well done the plot on Penny and Raj sleeping together from the Season 4 finale was definitely well done. Sheldon and the guys doing their paint ball thing definitely made me laugh very hard. Also, is it just me or is Penny (Kaley Cuoco) starting to get hotter and hotter every episode. Penny is such a beautiful girl... I am not gonna lie. Anyways, enough of Penny being smokin' hot and all that, I want to discuss the rest of the episode. Penny talking to Raj about last season and how she just wants to be friends with Raj was very funny and Raj something like "I'm getting the beautiful feeling" when he and Penny hugged each other was very funny. Penny talking to the guys about the situation and them becoming friends again was very good. Overall, a bunch of parts in this episode definitely made me laugh very hard and I definitely recommend to anyone that needs a good laugh... fans of this show will enjoy definitely. 10/10