The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 Episode 11

The Speckerman Recurrance

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2011 on CBS

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  • A high school bully wants to meet Leonard for a drink but Leonard becomes hesitant about it


    Leonard is hesitant when a bully from high school wants to meet for a drink. Meanwhile, Penny comes to realize she was a bully herself. I thought that this was good/decent episode of "The Big Bang Theory". It wasn't the funniest or greatest episode I've ever seen but it was still enjoyable. Both storylines were just decent but not great. I didn't really like the whole "Penny steals the donated clothes" storyline because that just shows how Penny doesn't care about people and can be selfish which is what lowered my score. Sheldon was also a little annoying in this episode which lowered my score as well. I also didn't like when the high school bully near the end of the episode called Leonard "Nancy" like he did in high school and all that stuff after when Leonard was kind to let him sleep in his apartment when the high school bully was drunk. The ending also wasn't good as well. I didn't get any huge laughs in this episode like I have been in this past season but the mildly funny parts was when Sheldon said "You would think a winner would make a decent cup of hot chocolate", the school bully saying how he would put Hersey's Kisses on Leonard's nipples and then Raj makes a comment "That's where the ladies want to lick them" (or something close to that), and a few more. Overall, this was a good/decent episode of "The Big Bang Theory" BUT I've much more funnier and better episodes this season than this installment. 7.5/10