The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 15

The Spoiler Alert Segmentation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2013 on CBS

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  • AMAZING!!!!!

    I love this episode, one of the best!

    And to the people saying that Penny is out of character because she read Harry Potter, she could have watched the movie.
  • A very good episode

    I gave this one a 9 rating as I found it quite humorous without going too far over the top as some episodes do. Another funny thing is my MIL, who is 88 and unfamiliar with what goes on with TV shows these days, watched it with us. I was a bit afraid I'd be embarrassed with some of the things that happen on BBT but this one was rather sedate in those respects which was good under these circumstances. Now as for the episode, I enjoyed the Sheldon and Penny conundrum when their significant others wanted to move in. Sheldon was particularly funny in the situation. Um, um, um was all he could muster! And then the Raj and Mrs. Wolowitz story line was even funnier, at least to me. Anyway, a good episode that was fun without going way over the top as some do.
  • A Raj episode

    The series has inadvertently hit the wall this season with the writers trying to cope with their own lack of experience in relationships, take for example the totally unbelievable Howard/Bernadette marriage, or Leonard being unable to stand up to Penny. "But it's a situational comedy" is not going to cut it this time, it's time for a serious refresh.

    The positives in this episode: is Howard's Mom actually Kathy Bates from Misery? It very much seems like so when Raj goes over to check on her one afternoon - and he never leaves!
  • Goodbye, it was fun while it lasted

    The first Big Bang Theory episode I didn't bother watching to the end.. and the last one I'll watch unless it 'happens to be the only thing on'. 0% funny, 100% crass. Did the creative and original writers leave? I could just about recite the script a line ahead of the actors. I felt embarrassed for them having to play out the scenes on occasion.

    Lame fat joke followed by lame h0m0phobic implication followed by lame nerd joke followed by lame medical or potty joke. (You're kidding, won't let someone type h*mo)

    I say - end the show now, while the memories are still fond ones, and give Penny a spin off.
  • Another Banging episode!

    Penny clearly loves Leonard and she has taken interest in what he likes, read/ watched Harry Potter, and has made Star Trek and Stars Wars references in past episodes. Yet she seems too uptight when taking the next step (moving in) with Leonard. Its about time Amy yelled at Sheldon, I wonder if he evolves (past his man child behaviour?)

    You finally get to see a small (LARGE) glimpse of Mrs Wolowitz. She has some hilarious lines, and the kidnapping of Raj = priceless. As Howard said ''we'll see him at his Bar mitzvah'' lol

    Overall a hilarious episode.
  • Penny not given enough credit

    Enjoyed this episode - everyone keeps pointing out how 'out of character' that Penny reads Harry Potter.

    Harry Potter is not that difficult to read, the book has made it's way into popular culture and it makes sense that Penny would reference the dating/gossip-y part of the novel.
  • cringe worthy and should of been a flash back episode or at least should of been done way sooner...

    seriously, the writers messed up here..

    surely by now leonard would know sheldon doesn't understand the idea of spoiling ?

    penny i can she read harry potter wow..

    and there i was expecting leonard to spoil something for sheldon would make sense right ? but no nothing of the sort only stupid amy started gushing over moving in...

    worse episode ever...