The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 Episode 22

The Stag Convergence

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2012 on CBS

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  • After 2 weeks of returned form, could it be 3 in a row...?

    And the answer is.... not even remotely. Straight back to dire, with not even a single smile raised in the whole episide.

    I get it - this was the heartfelt, romantic one, the one that addresses Howard's past and sets up the wedding and everything comes out well in the end. And, Howard makes such a wonderful speech about how he's a much better man (incidentally pointing out all the things that used to make him funny). And that's great if this a soap opera, but it's supposed to be a comedy. Remember when it used to actually be laugh out loud funny? Remember when it used to be funny?

    Sheldon at a bachelor party! Raj makes a drunk speech! How funny would those things be? Well, as it turns out, not at all.

    Dreadfully depressing episode... I really thought they'd got a clue again, but this was just dismal - all set up and no punchline. Even Sheldon wasn't remotely funny, and there's normally a couple of Sheldon minutes to get me through 20+ minutes of filler each episode.