The Big Bang Theory

Season 3 Episode 22

The Staircase Implementation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 17, 2010 on CBS

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  • Rocket Fuel

    This episode is actually a very sweet flashback/background type episode for the series. It was wonderful to see how it all started (and know that Glen has been running regardless of whether it's from walkers or Sheldon) and where we've come from with the series. It was also a surprisingly tender moment with Penny and Leonard (they're totally getting back together at some point). And of course, knowing how the elevator broke was glorious. Pretty nice episode.
  • I haven't laughed like this in a while, excellent episode:) Please keep the show alive, as we all need this kind of excellent clean humour with such a wonderful cast. All FIVE are exceptional and gifted, thank you guys :)

    This episode has the makings of an excellent writer. The humour evolves and inebriates us all to an exillirating ending.

    The elevator scene got me in hysterics. Wife had to come into our theater room to see what was going on, and she got broadsided with laughter. ( I record the show while watching just in case someone important calls and I have to answer, well....doesn't everyone? :)))) Anyway, it saved the moment.....again :)

    Leonard and Penny added the suspense to Sheldon's culmination for the elavator scene which Raj and Wolowitz were an integral part as well.

    All are to be commended for this wonderful episode.

    Thanks guys :)

    Keep the SHOW we all are hooked :)

    We ( ok...ok....I gotta have )...have a Sheldon/Leonard/Penny/Raj & Wolowitz FIX every week... to keep us going until the next show.
  • 322

    The season 3 penultimate episode definitely proved to be one of the funniest episodes of the series. I guess the only way you'll really laugh is if you're in to pop culture and if you knew what was going on in 2001. The wacky hair in the flashbacks was a little over the top especially since 2001 really wasn't that long ago.

    I loved the iPod/Microsoft reference, the Firefly reference, and Sheldon discovering where his "spot" is, was also very enjoyable. It was just a great flashback episode, and it definitely stands out from the rest of the episodes. Also find it comforting that Penny & Leonard are friends and are over the post-breakup phase.

    Superb episode with great one liners and just fantastic Sheldonisms. Good job, TBBT.
  • I havent laughed this hard since the Pilot

    The Tale of How Leonard met Sheldon was sheer briliance in both performances and dialogue. and costumes. Raj channeling Don Johnson in Miami Vice, Howard sporting a sexy Jewfro and Leonard being all curly and lovable while Sheldon was exactly the same had me in tears. the opening sequence set a tone and pace that the whole episode managed to keep. Leonard telling the story to Penny was a nice touch and their interaction - also know as mani-pedi, didnt overshadow the main plot but still managed to be entertaining enough. seeing the boys meet and finding out why they are still friends was long time coming and it was just the right moment for it. getting a better understanding of the whole agreement and seeing how truly socially inept Sheldon was and that what we see now is really an improvement was one hilarious ride. best part for me? the graffiti on the wall
  • staircase implementation

    It has been quite some time since I have given an episode of The Big Bang Theory such a high score, but the show deserved it tonight even if they had just about every cliche in the book (the characters having wacky hair in the flashbacks for example.)

    The episode was funny, and poked fun at a lot of the topical elements in 2001 such as the introduction of the iPod and the TV series Firefly (although I would've loved to hear Sheldon's take on the Y2K nonsense.)

    Good episode, but one that I do not think I will enjoy as much in repeats.
  • How Leonard Met Sheldon

    This was a funny episode and explained alot (like how the elevator got busted and why the two boys have remained friends.) Basically after a fight with Sheldon, Leonard tells Penny how he came to room with Sheldon and why they have stayed roomates despite everything. I kinda like the idea that maybe Sheldon is Leonard's wall against the stupid things he is prone to do (like telling like committing espionage just to get lucking. - ok you can add the word "unknowningly" into that sentence but still by points stands.) And in return Leonard has given Sheldon a social outlet he would never have gotten on his own. I think its a fair trade.

    Plus the geek sci fi jokes were funny, especially by Sheldon. Mentions of Star Trek TOS & TNG, Firefly (Which should have lasted for years) and Babylon 5.

    Oh yeah and the was Leonard's fault and Sheldon saved his life.

    And friendship was born.
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