The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Episode 17

The Tangerine Factor

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 19, 2008 on CBS

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  • Cat's Dead

    Well, as far as season finales go, that was a decent one. Leonard and Penny have moved forward (though off a terrible premise - never as a rebound!) and Sheldon actually seems a little more human. There wasn't nearly enough of Raj (or Howard, but I honestly don't care all that much about him). I think in order for the next season to continue its forward motion, either the world needs to be built up or new semi-permanent characters need to be introduced (or both). An alright episode, but not one that would hook me for a second season.
  • A bit awkward...

    I think the writers wanted to extend the build up of Leonard and Penny's relationship a little longer, but then decided to just get on with it. It felt a little rushed. It was funny to say the least, but an event that has been anticipated since the beggining of the season came off as a little underwhelming an awkward. I don't know if this is just me and my oponion of their relationship, but It just didn't feel "right" like I thought it would.

    Regardless of the plot developments, it was still hilarious.
  • Season 1 Finale

    The season ends on a high note with Penny & Leonard getting together, this is what the fans have been waiting for since day one. Hopefully this show's comedy wont die out next season since the long season arc is now resolved with Leonard finally getting a date with Penny.

    I honestly wasn't expecting this so early in the series, but I'm glad they got together. And when Penny said yes to Leonard, I started cheering for joy, as did the audience. The Sheldon and Penny interactions were better than the interactions between Leonard & Penny to be honest, and I'm glad they spent some time together in this episode, with Shedlon trying to find his place to sit in Penny's apartment. I felt as though we could have gotten some more things to hold us over for the next 3 months. How about a cliffhanger with Sheldon, Raj or Howard for that matter? Either way, I was still satisfied witht his finale, and I can't wait for the season to come.
  • Nerds. ♥

    Penny's break-up spurs Leonard to summon the courage to ask her out, and each goes to Sheldon for advice on their upcoming date. As always, I lvoe the start. I'm in love with Sheldon, I know he ain't no Jensen Ackles or Zachary Levi - but he has got something about him which makes my knees weak. I love the whole storyline with Penny and Leonard, I also love the way Howard is such a creep. Leonard finally has the guts to ask Penny out, which was a very cute scene. I love the way the others are throughout this episode, makes me laugh all the time, especially the scene where Penny scares Sheldon - which makes me cry with laughter everytime I watch it. I love the ending, I can't wait until season two, great eding to season one.
  • Penny broke up with her boyfriend so Leonard takes his chance!

    Penny broke up with her boyfriend so Leonard takes his chance!

    First off Sheldon attempting to learn chinese was hilarious and his reason was awesome! Penny breaking up with her Boyfriend - well pretty stupid reason in my opinion but a brilliant break up all the same!

    I'm not sure if I really like the relationship between Leonard and Penny. I mean I know the whole series has really been building up to it but it kind of doesn't sit right for me. Maybe it's cause Penny and Sheldon always fight and I always ship the people who fight loads, yes probably that one!
  • Great.

    This was one of the best episodes of the very funny first season of the big bang theory I have to admit I didn't like this show at first but it slowly grew on me and you learn to love the characters Sheldon is the best, the big bang theory finale was great they didnt make a cliffhanger and there were some memorable scenes in it like Sheldon choosing which seat to sit in I thought it was very very funny. I cant wait for next season it should be as good as the first, just hope channel 4 keep it.
  • The conclusion of an original, creative, witty, hilarious new comedy series.

    Yay! Penny and Leonard! I kind of wish Sheldon went out with someone though. Sheldon is such a great character, and I love the whole concept that this show has with Sheldon being the complete nerd that he is, pointing out every little thing as if it was important. His speech and thought are the most amusing, and I think it would be very interesting to see him go out on a date with someone one time. And I dunno, maybe Howard and Raj can be featured more next season. It's kind of a shame their characters are a little more dull, but I think they have the potential to get some character development.

    Great ending to a hilarious new series. It's been a pleasure watching The Big Bang Theory and I love it.
  • Sheldon tries to learn Mandarin (which trust me, is difficult) and Leonard opens the box on Schroedinger's cat

    'Okay the cat's alive, let's go to dinner'

    We all knew the series was leading up to it and finally Leonard asks Penny out and she says 'Yes'. I was so glad they didn't leave this hanging for season upon season but as per usual it was not the most entertaining thing about the episode (although you can't deny it will give a slightly different feel to season 2). Sheldon is this series funniest character and once again he doesn't disappoint, he's like Phoebe was in friends, which is to say that he is the odd one out in the group. Only the fact is that being a stickler for the details (light years is a unit of distance, not time) makes him that much funnier. When he was learning Mandarin to complain about the tangerine chicken I sympathised with how hard he was finding it, as i've had a little experience of it and it is one of the most difficult languages in the world. However the lines he came out with because of using the wrong tones were hilarious, especially 'your monkey sleeps inside me'. LMAO

    The most important thing to Sheldon's character though is the fact that although he doesn't express it well in words he gives good advice. His Schroedinger's cat story was like Leonard put it genius and although he couldn't get to the point very well I still understood what he was on about in the end. Seems like Leonard acted on it as well. Mind you the funniest part of that scene was him trying to find the perfect seat in Penny's apartment, I applaud the writers for mixing a meaningful speech with that physical comedy.

    So overall a decent episode but I didn't laugh as much as some previous ones and as it was obvious that Leonard would get with Penny in the end it wasn't quite as enjoyable as I would have liked. Although he has got a good girl there who likes sex in public places, maybe that will come back up again.

    Lastly I'm never even thinking of buying a slightly used Ipod from Ebay ever again after this episode.
  • Imagine going to Sheldon for advice regarding a personal relationship? Yet, that's what Penny and Leonard both did when Leonard finally asked Penny out. Surprise! Sheldon, staying true to his usual arrogant, cerebral self, actually dispenses some wisdom.

    This show is a masterpiece. The writers are brilliant. I laugh so hard every time I watch every episode. The problem it that it is not possible to list every humorous detail because it is just one laugh after another.

    This was the season finale and Leonard finally got the courage to ask Penny out. Penny, while portrayed as not very bright, is not as dumb as the stereotypical blonde looks because after too many loser type jocks, the audience can see the light bulb go on when Leonard asks her out and she says, "yes." Nor is Leonard as lame as the stereotypical nerd either because whereas she previously has only thought of him warmly emotionally, when he kisses Penny, she is caught off guard and surprised when she experiences a pleasant physical sensation.

    It was long overdue. They could only stretch that unrequited love thing out for so long without it getting tired and old.

    Does that mean the story ends? I don't think so. I think these writers are so incredibly talented that they can easily keep writing even if Leonard and Penny become a couple - the real humor lies in the bewilderment the characters experience when trying to communicate with one another in spite of the fact that their diversity creates a huge credibility gap.

    And the warmth (which no good comedy should be without) comes from the fact that diverse people need each other and enrich each other's lives.
  • Leonard finally gets the courage to ask Penny out

    This was a well-balanced episode, between Penny, Leonard and Sheldon. Penny breaks it off with her boyfriend because he wrote in his blog about their sex life. Later, when she goes over to makeup with him, she finds him with another women. Leonard finally gets tihe courage to ask Penny out, and she agrees. But Penny has some second thoughts about this and goes to Sheldon for advice. She's afraid if things don't work out well on the date she will lose her friendshiop with Leonard. He asks her if she's ever heard of Shroedinger's Cat. This was a well-known physics "thought experiment" in which a cat is placed in box with a poison capsule that is set to go off at some random time. The only way to known whether the cat is dead or alive at any particular time is to open the box. This means that the only way Penny can know for sure what will happen is to try and go out with Leonard. Leonard also has some qualms and goes to Sheldon for advice too. All Sheldon has to say is "Shroedinger's Cat" and Leonard immediately says "brilliant!" I thought that was pretty funny. As they are going out on their date, Leonard asks Penny if she's heard of Shroedinger's Cat. Penny says she's heard all too much about that cat. Then Leonard lunges forward and gives her a passionate kiss. "The cat lives!" exclaims Penny as they leave her door. What happens next is left to next season.
  • Leonard gets a date with Penny, and the fun begins.

    This episode has a lot of good lines. It also reminds me about what it is like to be around beautiful women and not feeling worthy enough to ask them out and finding out they are like Penny.
    The one liners were good, the insecurity was or seemed real and I think this was one of the better ones of the year. Sheldon with the Chinese had it's moments as well. They had one bad episode this year, but all series have good or not as good ones.
    Penny going on her eating binge was hilarious, stuffing her face with large scoops of ice cream, putting a large dose of chocolate syrup right into the carton and then taking a direct shot of whipped cream to the mouth. I still am laughing at that one.
    With all the mediocre TV out there this one was one of the better ones in recent memory.
    I have seen that someone does not like positive reviews of this show. If you have an opinion, put it out here for all to read so that we can see why your opinion differs, but more than likely they will just disagree.
  • Penny breaks up with her jerk of a boyfriend and Leonard finally gathers the courage to ask Penny out!

    I LOVE this episode!!!! It is SO cute! It's been a year coming! I am so glad that Leonard finally asks Penny out. Leonard is a bit annoying as always but what else is new. I really hope this wasn't the season finale because it didn't really sum it up for me. I also hope this show gets a second season because it is so much fun to watch! I want to discover even more about the characters and watch Penny and Leonard as they date!

    I didn't think the review had to be this long but it said 100 words so here it is.
  • Penny agrees to go out with Leonard.

    This was another decent installment of one of the few comedies to produce a good episode on a consistent basis. I could've done without the 1980's clapping when Penny agreed to go out with Leonard though.

    Sheldon continues to be one of the funniest character on television. Nearly everything the guy says is hilarious. Although I wasn't crazy about this storyline, a lot of fans have been waiting for this "payoff" for some time. I say that in quotes because the producers are going to make us wait until next season to find out what happened. The argument with Sheldon and the proprietor of the Chinese restaurant was great though. You can't go wrong in casting James Hong on a show either.

    This was a decent episode, but only average when you think of all the great moments this show has brought. While I was skeptical of this show at first, it has developed into a strong comedy and this has been a tremendous first season. Let's hope the second is just as good.