The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 20

The Tenure Turbulence

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 2013 on CBS
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    The Big Bang Theory "The Tenure Turbulence" Review: Meerkats, Assemble!

    After several weeks of very good episodes, "The Tenure Turbulence" felt like a step backward, as so much of its humor—if we want to call it that—relied on the tired tropes that I thought we'd finally put behind us.

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    Competition between the guys increases when a slot for a tenured professor opens up and they start to schmooze the tenure committee members that include Mrs. Davies from Human Resources who Sheldon has crossed paths with before.

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    • Losing their touch

      The crew seem to be losing their touch. This new episode was thoroughly predictable. Like the quarrel between Howard and Sheldon over the parking lot, the story line had no developments. Even the scene of Leonard in the gym was slow and non humorous.

    • Bustin' out all over!

      Thoroughly enjoyable show this week with Penny's breasts being the outstanding feature (pun very definitely intended).

      The guys were competing for a tenured position at the University and used any means possible to "smooze" the tenuresip board.

      The black female HR officer appeared again (hopefully she will in future eps) and Sheldon in his "unaware that he's doing it all wrong" manner does his usual inapropriate best to win her over, including a "Roots" DVD and one of the funniest, cringe worthy attempts to give her a "street" inspired handshake.

      However and I'm gonna mention them again with no apology, the stand out features appeared when Penny whipped off her coat to reveal a dead heat in a Zeppelin race, . her boobs.

      Amy reckoned there was tape holding them up and IMHO if anti-grav hasn't been proved yet, this pair were certainly a demonstration of possible new technology in action.

      They were so high that Raj was hypnotised and if she tried jogging in that dress, she'd amost certainly have given herself a couple of black eyes. More, please! (I'm not even remotely PC, if you haven't already guessed).

      Even Sheldon was so shocked that he asked his Amy to "get her breasts out", with little hope of success.

      However, the line of the episode has to be Kripke about kids reaction to him "I don't know why but they just waff and waff and waff" The man is brilliant and I'm pleased he seems to be getting more air time.

      Eventually, all the boys (apart from the Doctor free Howard, of course) were short listed but I wonder if electing Leslie Winkle in front of them might lead to a better (funnier) outcome.

      I'm really hacked off that there's yet another three week break and I don't know how the audience across the "pond" stands for it.

      Roll on the 25th.moreless

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      • Raj: (talking about professor Tupperman's memorial) I'm here to pay my respects to Professor Tupperware or whatever his name is.

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      • Sheldon presents the (African-American) HR Director a box set of Roots on DVD, and doesn't understand why it is offensive.
        Roots was a television miniseries in the 1970's that was based on a novel by Alex Haley, which depicted the history of an African-American family, beginning with the story of Kunta Kinte, a slave in the South.