The Big Bang Theory

Season 2 Episode 17

The Terminator Decoupling

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 2009 on CBS

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  • The episode confirms the remarkable chemistry between Sheldon and Penny

    The best part of this episode revolves around Sheldon, and his paranoid over protectiveness. The segment where Sheldon instructs Penny on how to retrieve his USB and his documents is wonderful and hilarious to say the least. This episode, indeed confirms, that Penny and Sheldon's chemistry extends beyond their on screen interactions.

  • You Forgot Your Flashdrive

    I loved that we were outside the established locations for this episode, though I wish they'd gone two-parter and let us see some of the conference rather than skipping the entire outing. Sheldon on a train was bound to happen and Raj is a step closer to being able to talk to women without being drunk. It was a small step, but one I appreciated. The episode was rather dragged out, but it wasn't bad. It was actually quite entertaining.
  • Sheldon on a train. Whee!

    I have to admit that I had higher expectations for this one. The gang meeting Summer Glau seemed interesting, and what could have been a great episode turned out to be average at best.
    Sheldon´s usual paranoid weirdness was remarkable (as it usually is), and the Penny/Sheldon interaction was the highlight of the episode. Raj, the indian casanova, came in a close second, and the rest of the cast seemed a little out of place. Leonard was completely underused, and Wolowitz persuit of Summer Glau was missing some of his creepiness.
    Fun to watch, and even though Sheldon got to take the train, The Terminator Decoupling was not one of the seasons finest.
  • 217

    Better than the last episode in a lot of ways. We got some originality here, and this episode was made memorable due to the very funny plot formula. The gang in a train for 11 hours trying different methods to hit on a TV star. Meanwhile Sheldon & Penny have amazing interactions. And this episode clearly proves that Sheldon & Penny together in a plot equals hilarity.

    Summer Glaue was pretty funny here, but she definitely bounced off the main cast. This was one of those times where Howard was really funny, even Raj brought a few laughs. Of course most of the laughs came from Sheldon & Penny tonight, regardless, overall this was a hilarious episode and it just wrapped together perfectly in the end there.

    Memorable episode, likable characters, and funny one liners and you've got yourself a great TBBT episode.
  • The guys run into Summer Glau on a train. The rest of the summary is not needed because the fact that friggin' Summer Glau is in the episode should be enough to win. It is.

    The guys run into Summer Glau on a train. The rest of the summary is not needed because the fact that friggin' Summer Glau is in the episode should be enough to win. It is.

    This episode doesn't have the good writing it has usual. I would rate it 6/10. Fortunately they had Summer Glau who is the only person who rates 14 on a scale of 10 so combined this episode scores a 10. They should thank Summer for gracing them with her presence. I think I'm gonna check out the Terminator show now.

    Too bad Sheldon and Summer never got to speak to eachother.
  • Summer Glau makes a appearence.

    The gang is thrilled when they see Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' Summer Glau is also aboard their train to San Francisco for a scientific symposium. Meanwhile, Sheldon frets over having forgotten a paper he wants to present to George Smoot. This show has been great lately the writers are on good form. It was great seeing the gang on a train with Summer it was really funny when Leonard went to talk to her. Sheldon gettiing called Moonpie was hilarous and it was even better when he lost his temper. Overal another histerically funny episode another 9.5 out of 10.
  • a filler episode, i only liked the scene of Penney teasing Sheldon.

    regular episode, not that strong if i need to say!!! i mean it kinda funny but not big bang funny :s
    i liked when Penny started to teas Sheldon she really got him, i never saw Sheldon that angry !!
    but the hottest thing about this episode was the appearance of the beautiful terminator , Raj stupid he thought he was drunk but he wasn't, and Korthabali was Sheldon for the terminator !!
    but overall i didn't thought that this episode can be compared with the previous episodes of this season it lacked a lot of stuff, and it only can be typed as a filler episode!!
  • Me encanta esta serie por capitulos como este

    Capitulos como este son los que me animan a seguir viendo esta serie que da mucho de que reir, sobre todo por las obsesiones y locuras del Sheldon, cuando se queda enfocado en un solo tema como lo fue que se le olvido su pendrive con el trabajo que queria mostrarle al ganador del Nobel, asi mismo, su obsesion por irse en tren y contar toda la historia del tren, el tipo parece un robot! demasiado comico, asi mismo como Leonard sigue sintiendose atraido por Penny pero la trata con la indiferencia que se merece, de igual forma, la locura de Howard hacia las mujeres, y la inhibicion de Raj con las mujeres, es demasiado comico como Sheldon le explica a Penny paso por paso que debe hacer y Penny lo le presta atencion y se pone a conversar de otras cosas, demasiado comico, ojala siga esta serie asi de comica por mucho tiempo mas
  • Howard hits on Summer Glau

    We do get to see a little bit of everyone in this episode. Every one played their typical characters- not trying to veer into alternative roles. We see Sheldon at his annoying self trying to make Penny miserable with his scientific jargon infused talk. Raj again proves that he needs alcohol to speak with women. Howard shamelessly hits on women way beyond his league. And, Leonard with his classic sarcastic attitude.

    We see Summer Glau making sort of an Cameo here, and we also see the actual Nobel prize winner George Smooth who asks Sheldon, if he is on crack. I don't watch Sarah Connor Chronicles-whatever - so I don't really know how important Summer Glau is on TV. But here, she played a unimpressive role. The episode was good in the sense, we had a fair share of good lines, and some classic Sheldon Vs. Penny stuff.
  • The gang sees Summer Glau on a train to San Francisco.

    What worked in this episode was how they went back to the simple formula of Sheldon's geekiness irritating the rest of the cast, especially Penny. We also got more insight into Raj and Howard's characters as they have been underutilized in this second season. Simon Helberg really excelled here and almost edged out Jim Parsons for performance of the night.

    The writers of The Big Bang Theory utilized Summer Glau well, as far as celebrities portraying themselves is concerned. She's obviously very attractive, but she showed no personality whatsoever here. Don't expect Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to get any ratings bump from this.