The Big Bang Theory

Season 7 Episode 9

The Thanksgiving Decoupling

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2013 on CBS
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Thanksgiving plans include dinner at the Wolowitz home but Sheldon is less than pleased about the location. Penny’s past comes back to haunt her.

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  • Good character development, and the return of a few recurring characters, and a big surprise

    I liked this episode a lot. At the beginning of the episode Sheldon is annoyed because he doesn't want to go to Thanksgiving at Howard's mum's house. He's bitter and obnoxious about it, as expected, but he ends up having a good time and becomes more pleasant.

    We see character devlopment in Sheldon in this episode. Firstly, I noticed in the earlier seasons Sheldon's mother seemed to be the only person who could control him, but now Amy seems to be able to get him to behave too.

    The second piece of character development was the storyline of him bonding with Bernadette's father (something which Howard is envious of, being his son-in-law), and talking about his own father. The reason Bernadette's father took a liking for Sheldon was because it turned out Sheldon knew a lot about football (from his own father). I've always been curious to know how his father's death effected Sheldon. I've also been curious about Sheldon's brother. Did he become a macho alpha male like his father, or did he end up like Sheldon? Sheldon's sister seemed pretty normal when we saw her, so I'm thinking his brother might be too. It was nice to see him get one of those father-son experiences that he (and many other boys that end up becoming "nerds") missed out on. This show has always had more of a focus on the mothers (not that that's a problem, Leonard and Sheldon's mothers have me in stitches every time they're on the show), so I found this episode good.

    The Raj/Amy/Bernadette storyline was my favourite. It was very funny, and the type of thing I'd like to see more of in this show. Not too much to say about it really, but it was great.

    There was a massive surprise. Turns out Penny is married! I think Leonard was very harsh in this episode, although he did apologize to Penny at the end. I fully understand that Leonard would be annoyed that his girlfriend is married, but he was way too up-tight about it. He seems very threatened by Zack(?).

    I felt sorry for Howard, especially when he was talking about how his father left and people ignored him. Sheldon did apologize at the end though (whilst laughing about Bernadette's shortness and tantrums lol).

    It was nice to see some recurring characters back. Penny's ex-boyrfriend, Bernadette's dad, and Howard's mum all make returns in this episode. Howard's mum is a classic recurring character in this show, but we've been seeing (well, hearing) less of her since Howard moved out obviously, so it was funny to have her back again for an episode.

    The only thing that confused me was that I thought Howard got along with Bernadette's dad. I remember an episode where they were going on a trip together, and they both bonded over the fact that neither of them wanted to go, but were forced into doing so by their women. Although I can't remember if something happened after that to make him not like Howard again.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this episode.moreless
  • Not bad but writers really need to stop with the constant sheldon stuff

    this whole season has felt like 'sheldon and friends'

    before the show had episodes for each of them or all but this latest one is all about sheldon and it's not working imho.

    sheldon being a complete asshole to everyone

    sheldon treating amy like dirt

    sheldon being racist

    sheldon being a complete jerk when drunk

    sheldon being the centre of attention

    sheldon being sheldon some might say but of late he would of never gone this far, like in last weeks when leonard found the dvd, and sheldon used as an excuse to torture him..

    and i swear if there is any god awfull teachable moments from him i'm done with this show.moreless
  • It had it's moments

    But the episode was toeing the line of innapropriate half the time and leaving teh line in dust the other half. The writers are not as funny as they think they are. Lately they come off as racist mysoginist douchebags more often then is heatlhy. They are lucky to have such a wonderful cast
  • The only tv show that really makes me laugh!

    Great episode! I like the writers found an improvement putting the Indian talking. Now they can explore that kind of metrosexual personality. Genious and refreshing!
Johnny Galecki

Johnny Galecki

Leonard Hofstadter

Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons

Sheldon Cooper

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco


Simon Helberg

Simon Helberg

Howard Wolowitz

Kunal Nayyar

Kunal Nayyar

Rajesh Koothrappali

Melissa Rauch

Melissa Rauch

Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz

Carol Ann Susi

Carol Ann Susi

Mrs. Wolowitz

Recurring Role

Casey Sander

Casey Sander

Mr. Mike Rostenkowski

Recurring Role

Brian Thomas Smith

Brian Thomas Smith

Zack Johnson

Recurring Role

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    • Zack: I'm not sure about this, I heard splitting affects the children.
      Penny: Zack, we don't have any children!
      Zack: Are you sure? Cause you didn't even know we were married until this morning.

    • Penny: Sheldon you can have a nice Thanksgiving anywhere. I spent one in Vegas.
      Leonard: You did?
      Penny: Yeah. Back when I was dating Zack. Actually it was more fun than I thought. We gambled, went to one of those cheesy wedding chapels. We had a really good turkey dinner which was surprising since we were at a strip club.
      Leonard: What? You went to a chapel?
      Penny: Yeah.
      Leonard: Why?
      Penny: We had one those silly fake weddings.
      Leonard: Penny, you know those are real. Right?
      Penny: No, they're not.
      Leonard: Yeah, they are.
      Penny: No, they're not.
      Leonard: Yeah, they are.
      Penny: No, they're not.
      Sheldon: He right.
      Amy: They're real.
      Penny: They it didn't seem real.

    • Bernadette: Hey. Howie says that you've been making fun of him all day. Now both of you apologize right now.
      Sheldon: She's so tiny. It's funny when she's mad.
      Amy: All right mister. I think you owe Howard and Bernadette an apology.
      Sheldon: Perhaps you're right. I'm sorry for my behavior. I've had alcohol and it's caused me to be inappropriate.
      Howard: Don't worry about it.
      Amy: Thank-you.
      Sh: Isn't she great?
      Amy: Sheldon.
      Sheldon: Now how about you get us a couple of beers?

    • Mike: I don't know what's scarier. The bathroom clowns or the woman who put them there.
      Sheldon: All I know is you can only fit one of her in a car. And there's the clown that came out of her.

    • Penny: You know neither of us thought this was real. I mean, we were married by an Elvis impersonator.
      Zaxk: Of course it was an impersonator. We could never afford a real Elvis.

    • Sheldon: My father loved football. He always made me watch it before I was allowed to do my homework.

    • Leonard: How am I the bad guy? She the one who married someone else. I'm the victim.
      Howard: Sounds like Zack's the victim. You're the sleeping with his wife.

    • Penny: All right. Thank you for having us.
      Howard: What's with you?
      Leonard: Well, she's mad at me because she just found out that she's married to Zack.
      Howard: Really? That dumb ass you used to date? That's hysterical.
      Penny: I can't believe I felt bad for opening this in the car.

    • Bernadette: Why don't you keep my dad company?
      Howard: He doesn't want me in there. I'm just the creepy little guy who has sex with his daughter.
      Bernadette: Don't be silly. He loves you.
      Howard: Does he?
      Bernadette: Ok, he cares about you a lot.
      Howard: Really?
      Bernadette: I do crap for you all the time. Now get out!

    • Raj: It wouldn't be a Thanksgiving without an Indian providing the food.

    • Leonard: It would actually be nice to not hear Sheldon complain about my cooking all day.
      Sheldon: Excuse me. Every year you prepare a terrible meal and every year I criticize it. Do our traditions mean nothing to you?

    • Sheldon: I've been told that a bald refusal of an invitation is rude and one must instead offer a polite excuse so I'd love to go but unfortunately that sounds awful.

    • Sheldon: But if her food is delicious, Thanksgiving is ruined and it's all on you.

    • Penny: That would explain why the sky was also on its side.

    • Raj: Why would you push a cow over? They're sacred.
      Penny: Oh, stop it. I've seen you eat a million hamburgers.
      Raj: An animal can be both sacred and delicious.

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