The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 17

The Toast Derivation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2011 on CBS

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  • Having Fun Wrong

    It was a nice bonding episode, both for the guys and for the girls. It had a lovely balance of humor and actual story as well, which many episodes don't ever come close to accomplishing. It wasn't the best episode, but it also wasn't terrible, either. I enjoyed it, actually (and the cameos are always beautiful).
  • Stupidist Sheldon

    If Sheldon is so smart he should know that Pizza IS Chinese, and why the first Harry Potter was changed by stupid Americans, he should be saying Philosopher's Stone, since the stone wasn't based off of Nicolas Flamel and it's based off the Stone's chemical and alchemist properties.
  • 2/24

    Dear Chuck Lorre,

    Can you please go one episode of either Two and a Half Men or The Big Bang Theory without a self-pleasuring reference? Please. That is all.

    Now that we got Stuart's horribly unfunny line about needing images for his shower at Sheldon's, we can get to this episode. As much as I have hated on the main core of this show (outside of Sheldon, of course) as of late, you saw how necessary they are here tonight. The show's recurring guests all stopped by and did not deliver a single laugh. Zach may have been close to getting me on few occasions, but his poor Michael Kelso impression was the only reason for that.

    Not a downright terrible episode, but come on Bang, as Mark Jackson says, "You're better than that!"
  • I keep laughing a lot

    In this episode Sheldon gets up set beacuse of when he realizes Leonard is the center of their group of friends and man Sheldon wants to be the center of attention or to get want he wants or people to listen to him more or something Sheldon is funny and them everyone leaves to go to Raj's house and them some how Sheldon bring a new group of people and somehow he got LeVar Burton and them it ends with 2 guys singing to a karaoke maybe it's a karoke game or on a game vision poor sheldon maybe next time but the episode was great
  • LeVar Burton: I am SO done with Twitter!

    So Sheldon is forced to go it at Raj's because Leonard is now dating Pryia, and he hqates it cause it out of his routine. So at the Cheesecake Factory, Penny & amy make him rtealize Leonard is the nucleus of his group of friends, so he decides to make another group with him sas the center.

    MEanwhile Bernadette & Amy come to take Penny for a girls night out to help her get over Leonard, and pressure her until she decides to go eith them. So at Raj's, the dudes are telling Pryia everything Sheldon did sinc the show premiered, and thye relaize they miss him.

    SO Sheldon invited Kripke, Stuart & Zack, and he, as he states "I am not happy", when the 3 decide to do sth else on that evening. Sheldon then goes to Raj's and decides to put up with it cause he is with his real firends. Then LeVar Burton (who Sheldon invited iva Tiwtter) arrives to Sheldon's place only to find Zack, Kripke & Stuart (who got out of the shower) singin I'm Walking On Sunshine & leaves.

    Title Reference: Sheldon always talks about the origins of the term "toast".

    Overall: It was a hilarious episode, especially Sheldon's. It was great to see those characters interact as you ususally don't see them together. So yeah, it is an absolute 10/10.
  • 417

    Good episode of Big Bang Theory tonight, these interactions may be new with all the recurring character joining in, but it was for the most part enjoyable. We got the return of Kripke (even if he wasn't that funny, he interactions with Sheldon were still good), comic book store guy, and Penny's ex-boyfriend? He seemed a bit out of place, but it was still enjoyable overall.

    I know the Amy character isn't very popular amongst Big Bang fans but I really like her. I was a bit skeptical about her at first when she appeared in the season 3 finale, but now I think she's a wonderful addition to the cast, as she is the one that made me laugh the most tonight. Sheldon was great as usual, Leonard scenes were kept to a minimum (thank god), and we got some development with the rediscovery of the snowflake.

    I've been noticing a lot of focus on Penny & Leonard lately, I wonder if the writers are building up for the finale, if it's one thing I could do without, it would be Raj's sister. I'm so indifferent toward her, she's not particularly funny or edgy, she just bounces off of other characters. Overall, good episode with some great interactions.
  • I laughed all through it

    amazing episode. I liked every single plot line. the girls night out was funny. Im liking both amy and bernadette probably more in scenes with Penny then with the boys. and Penny is missing Leonard. its really funny how amy is the one always commenting on it. from her its both a keen observation and a small exageration, very clever move. boys sans Sheldon were neat too. even the way they missed him. and I too think leonard is the glue keeping them all together. and Sheldons evening was awesome. I love Zack. and Start. and kripke. and the karaoke - best rendition of Don't go breaking my Heart I have heard. ever. I like how the episode showed that while they not necessarily understand or fully tolerate each other they really have a very close bond.
  • THE BIG BANG THEORY - THE TOAST DERIVATION: A sad reminder of what once was. . .

    This show is on a long decline. It used to be my favorite show and I so looked forward to its airing. But, since the writers have worked to make every episode Sheldon centric it is no longer as amusing. Sheldon is a wonderful character but he is better as a spice than a dish.

    Many of the earlier characters had Sheldon reacting to the group while now. . .the group reacts to him? There has definitely been a shift in emphasis and the show is suffering for it. I'm also not wild about the new female characters. They are taking the show in a different direction. You know how on other shows when they run out of stuff to do they have a character have a baby? That is generally a sign that the show is not long for this world.

    Well, these ladies are the "baby" for this show. I think either the writers have just run out of inspiration or, very possible though I'm not privy to network gossip, some suit somewhere is getting their big peanut butter finger prints all over the show and forcing a change in direction. Either way, the show is slipping. I find it almost unfortunate they have a multi year renewal as the show is just a shell of its former hilarity.

    The thing that gets me is that with "Two and a Half Men" Lorre found his formula and stuck to it and I still find each episode funny. Why did he abandon what worked so well with "The Big Bang Theory?"
  • The Toast Derivation...

    There is something wrong with The Big Bang Theory of late. Finding it's strengths in the first two seasons, it had no trouble making anyone laugh with an amalgamation of nerd-centric humor and pop-culture references. It took no time at all to become a charming, appointment viewed sitcom that I genuinely looked forward to week to week. To say the fourth season has been lackluster feels a lot like an understatement, given the quality of recent material put onto the screen, with this week's The Toast Derivation being no exception. Trying to make an episode that centers around Jim Parsons sounds like a great idea in theory, but the execution was barely entertaining. Considering The Big Bang Theory was awarded a three season pick up back in January, you as a viewer would expect quite a bit more than you're getting from this show right now. The recycled jokes are acceptable to some extent given that they are what bought you, or at very least me, to come to watch this show in the first place. However, what is missing from this episode is any whiff of originality that week in, week out made me return to this show. The minute long advert for the video call functions of an iPhone actually delivered some of the funnier parts of the episode which only goes to show you how far this once great sitcom has fallen in recent weeks.

    It may just be an over bearing sense of nostalgia that is causing me to feel this way about The Big Bang Theory of late, as I'm sure that there are plenty of people out there that will take something from this weeks showing. That being said, am I really in the wrong for wanting to laugh more than once at an episode? Is wanting this show to end up nothing like the tired and run down Two and a Half Men a bad thing? I don't think so.
  • BBT continues to go downhill.

    There`s really no other way to put it, Big Bang Theory is having a very disappointing season. The show is becoming increasingly rusty mainly because the characters are not so fresh anymore and there are doing the big mistake of having additional characters to make things worst. Over the first 3 seasons, the show has been very dependent on Sheldon and that worked well because he was one of the funniest characters on TV. But when Sheldon himself is not so fresh and his one liners feel so forced, then BBT is very ordinary. Leonard has never been funny, Raj has gone totally annoying, so has Howard. I cannot believe how Sheldon was unfunny in this episode despite having him unable to deal with a social situation, the show`s winning formula so far. Besides they thought it would actually be a good idea to give more screen time to Bernadette and Amy. They need to get rid of those as soon as possible and get on with focusing on the main characters on the show. Relationships worked well with probably with Leonard and Penny but long term relationship for Howard is annoying. I guess it was nice to have the gang miss Sheldon and the guest spot was funny but overall way more negative than positives.
  • There's just no pleasing some people anymore . . .

    I for one disagree with many reviewers on here. Last night's episode was one of the funniest episodes of the season. I loved the end when they all toasted to their friendship. And when Sheldon was picking out vintage video games. "Pick me, pick me!" I also got a kick out of when they were all talking about "this is what Sheldon would say" and then they all agreed that they missed him. And of course, Kripke and Zack singing Karaoke. There were also some funny one liners in this one, such as Sheldon calling Leonard a nosey-rosey, Howard's "it's like Beetlejuice, we said his name too many times" line, and Leonard's "of course I'll be back I live here!" line. No matter what happens on this show, someone will complain about it; too much Sheldon/not enough Sheldon. Too much science/not enough science. Group episodes/not enough group episodes. 10/10!