The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 Episode 20

The Transporter Malfunction

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2012 on CBS



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    • Sheldon: 50% of all marriages end up in divorce, but 100% of make-your-own-sundae-bars end up in happiness.

    • Sheldon: I opened your toy… discovered it was broken, and didn't tell you.
      Leonard: Why would you open mine?
      Sheldon: I didn't. That was a lie. I opened my own toy… and it was already broken, so I switched them.
      Leonard: Then you should talk to Stuart.
      Sheldon: I can't, because that was a lie. Yours… was broken in an earthquake, and that's a lie.
      Penny: What is the truth?
      Sheldon: My Mr. Spock doll came to me in a dream and forced me to open it, and when the toy broke, I switched it for yours. Later, he encouraged me to do the right thing and I defied him, then I was attacked by a Gorn.
      Leonard: Okay, that I believe.

    • Penny: I got a little residual check from my commercial, and I thought, hey, how about I get the guys a little thank you to pay them back? So, Sheldon… (pulls toy out of bag) ta-daa!
      Sheldon: (gasps) A vintage mint-in-box 1975 Mego Star Trek Transporter with real transporter action! Hotdarn!
      Leonard: (awestruck) Where did you get that?
      Penny: That's from Stuart at the comic book store.
      Leonard: You went to the comic book store by yourself?
      Penny: Yeah, it was fun. I walked in and two different guys got asthma attacks. Felt pretty good.

    • Sheldon: This calls for an expression of gratitude.
      Penny: Ooooh, am I about to get a rare Sheldon Cooper hug?
      Sheldon: No, not this time; then they wouldn't be special. (points fingers like a gun and makes a clicking sound) Thanks, Penny!

    • Bernadette: I think we found someone for you to cuddle with. (reaches into her purse and hands Raj a Yorkshire Terrier puppy)
      Raj: Oh, my goodness! Aren't you the cutest little Yorkie ever! You got him for me?
      Howard: Her. We thought you two would hit it off.
      Raj: I think we already have! Thank you guys so much! (to the puppy) Let's go see if you fit in my man purse.
      Bernadette: (to Howard) "Metrosexual" my ass.

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